Chapter 3.0: Love, Poison, and other Things


• Percy started on his aspiration to become a serial romantic

• Scanlan became a Vampire (whether he becomes good remains to be seen)

• The twin are now Teenagers.

• Scanlan got himself a girlfriend, Elizabeth.

• Shilo gave birth unexpectedly to Jester.

• Percy is now an Adult

• There was a tie between Percy and Vex on the boolprop forum so now we have dual heirs!

04-27-18_10-28-36 AM.pngWe start off the chapter in the Vet clinic. This poor little kitty is Mojo and he is Jester’s Papa. Which is interesting because Jester is orange and neither of her parents are.

Vax: I feel and ominous presence behind me. What is this cold feeling?

04-27-18_10-49-12 AM.pngScanlan: Yes! I successfully transformed into a bat!

04-27-18_10-50-56 AM.pngIs it really that time? I’m excited to start the next generation, but It’s a little sad when the previous one ends.

04-27-18_10-51-33 AM.pngMalone: I’m just turning into an elder. I haven’t gone anywhere yet!

06-24-18_5-51-34 PM.pngSeasons is here so the Harwoods built a greenhouse to protect the plants, some of which were here since the days of the founder Pearl.

Percy and Malone went to the spice festival.

Percy: Well hello there gorgeous, care for a rose?

Lady: Oh….well sure I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful rose and a complement from a handsome stranger.

I learned from this encounter that Percy can do the Kiss hands interaction and that counts as a kiss. Which makes that aspect of the aspiration much easier.

Malone spent his time singing Karaoke and completing the  spicy challenge while his son was romancing the ladies. Percy too won the spicy challenge.

Percy: Ah rain, glorious rain!

The first rain of the game! After the spice festival Percy was invited to a bar by one of his friends.

06-24-18_6-21-18 PM.pngPercy: Ok that’s enough rain! I’m not dressed for this!

06-24-18_6-26-45 PM.pngCatarina: Hello little furball! I hope we will be great friends.

06-24-18_6-27-37 PM.pngMama Shilo giving her little one a bath.

06-24-18_8-55-37 PM.pngScanlan: I’m well on my way to making my own plasma juice!

I know one needs frogs or fish, but shhh! Don’t tell Scanlan that.

06-27-18_2-15-37 PM.pngSo I sent Percy to Selavadorada to meet some new ladies. I didn’t mean to take Malone, Vax, or Shilo with me. I was able to send Malone and Vax home.

Percy met several receptive ladies there. Some were married some were not. However none really caught my attention as a potential spouse. Or Percy’s for that matter.  He never rolled any wishes to spend more time with any of these ladies.

06-27-18_3-17-20 PM.pngVex however met Hector Mendoza and they became fast friends.

06-27-18_3-24-09 PM.pngStill having trouble editing my photos. Percy here just needs one more sim to kiss than he can move on to the next level of his aspiration.

06-27-18_3-27-39 PM.pngPercy: There the last kiss!

Penelope: Um…what do you mean?

Percy: Oh….just at last the sweet, sweet kiss of my fair maidens hand!

06-27-18_3-34-12 PM.pngPercy asked Penelope out on a date where there was many romantic interactions which ended with the to becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

I won’t bore you with all the pictures because Percy has to do this several times so I will just cut to the chase.

06-27-18_3-35-00 PM.pngPercy has to earn 3 gold on dates, which he just earned his first. Also 8 boyfriends or girlfriends which Penelope makes the 4th. So he’s halfway to completing his aspiration!

Percy and Vex didn’t just spend their time in Salvadorada meeting the locals they also worked on their archeology skill.

Percy had two more golden dates and snagged is last 4 girlfriends and thus completed his aspiration! Now I can focus on Vex’s aspiration.

06-27-18_9-28-26 PM.pngYou might wonder what Vex got up to this trip besides met a potential spouse. Poor, poor Vex’ahlia was minding her own business when a swarm of poisonous spiders descended upon her!

06-27-18_9-35-17 PM.pngVex: Sir, I was wondering if you can help me. I was bitten by several big black spiders with a red mark on them and now I don’t feel so good.

Sir: Oh yes those spiders are poisonous.

Vex: POISONOUS! Do you have an antidote?

Sir: No, but I can make it if you give me bone dust, or, you know order it on the internet.

06-27-18_9-37-15 PM.pngLuckily we had enough money to by the antidote.

06-27-18_9-37-53 PM.pngAnd Vex was saved from, I’m sure, what would have been a horrible death.

And with that I will close the chapter here. I hope you enjoyed the latest installment to the Harwood legacy, and happy simming!


Chapter 2.10: The Good Vampire


• Catarina got abducted, again

• Cleo passed away

• Percival had his teen birthday and became a Serial Romantic

• The Harwoods adopted a cat named Shilo

• Scanlan had his teen birthday and wants to become a Good Vampire

• Malin had her Young Adult birthday and moved out

02-24-18_11-47-31 AM.pngPercy and Oumaima are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Percy is becoming a lady killer.

02-24-18_11-55-52 AM.png Percival’s traits so far. He had a happy toddlerhood and he got socially gifted from completing his childhood aspiration. I decided to give him great kisser due to his aspiration.

02-24-18_1-04-42 PM.pngVax and Vex working on their aspirations. Vex is almost done, but due to a lot trait that I forgot about Vax wasn’t getting inspired instead he was becoming playful, so it took a while to complete part of his aspiration.

02-24-18_1-15-16 PM.png Another promotion for Catarina. I need to focus more on her aspiration. Hopefully Shilo can help out with that.


When Percy went to the Romance Festival this random dude threw some petals on him and started flirting.

02-24-18_1-30-46 PM.png Vex has completed her child aspiration, since their is only a few days left till she is a teenager she won’t get a new aspiration.

02-24-18_2-17-38 PM.png Percy & Scanlan: Hey Lilith!

Lilith: Oh, hey if it isn’t the Harwood boys! Are you here to ask for eternal life?

Percy: *points to brother* He is, I’m here for the ladies *gives smoulder*

02-24-18_2-18-06 PM.pngScanlan: So what can you tell me about vampire history?

Lilith: I don’t bore myself with such trivial things. I like to live in the here and now.

02-24-18_2-21-07 PM.pngPercy: Are you my Appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

Elizabeth: Oh, um you didn’t let Aunt Lilith bite you or anything….cause that could leave a funny feeling in your stomach?

04-22-18_7-06-01 PM.png On another night Scanlan invited Lilith over to his house.

Scanlan: Thanks Lilith for meeting me at my place.

Lilith: No problem, anything for a friend.

Scanlan: Do you mean that? Anything for a friend? Because you and your brother have inspired me, I would like to become a good vampire one day just like you two. Would you consider turning me?

Lilith: Are you sure. This isn’t a decision one should make lightly.

Scanlan: I’m positive.


Lilith: Well in that case I’ll make this as painless as possible.

04-22-18_7-16-00 PM.pngWhile Scanlan is becoming a member of the undead Percy shares a meal with his dad. They look more alike than I thought, but Percy still takes more after his mom.

04-22-18_7-31-37 PM.pngCatarina likes to show off her skills in the kitchen.


Catarina makes friends with Shilo.


The Hijinks festival came around and Malone invited his brother Malcolm out for some fun! Malone and Malcolm joined the pranksters and won! Since Malone already had a voodoo doll I sold the one he won.

04-22-18_10-29-12 PM.pngMalone met his cousin Jadeite at the festival. Jadeite is Kunzite and Madeleine’s daughter.


The next day after school Scanlan feels the change come upon him!


Scanlan: Hey mom, dad just so you know I’m now a vampire so I can’t go out in the sun and garlic is a HUGE no anywhere, especially food.

Catarina: Ok dear, any other food restrictions I should be aware of?

Malone: Well son that’s one way to get through puberty.

04-23-18_8-42-13 PM.pngScanlan: Ah Plasma Juice. I can’t wait till I can make this stuff myself.

04-23-18_8-51-21 PM.pngProject time!

Scanlan: So what do you have to build.

Percy: A bridge/

Scanlan: That’s not fair. I have to build some sort of electricity conductor!

Percy: Should have taken art as an elective.

04-23-18_9-30-38 PM.pngIt’s the twins birthday! First up…Vax!

04-23-18_9-33-46 PM.pngThen Vex!

04-23-18_9-31-02 PM.pngMalone: Woo! No more kids in the house!

04-23-18_9-44-11 PM.pngVax’ildan received the foodie trait. And wants to be a best selling author.

04-23-18_10-05-03 PM.pngVex’ahlia wants to be a master mixologist with the perfectionist trait.


Scanlan puts the moves on Elizabeth and she is much more receptive to him than Percy. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

04-25-18_8-50-30 PM.pngCatarina: Shilo, what have I told you about sitting on the table?

04-25-18_8-50-50 PM.png Good Kitty!

04-25-18_8-55-00 PM.png Wait….what?! This was a complete shock to me! I had no idea that Shilo was expecting!

04-25-18_8-55-41 PM.png And like any good mother to be she catches up on some z’s before the little one comes along.

04-25-18_9-00-30 PM.pngBefore Shilo can welcome in the new addition to the family. It’s Percivals birthday!

04-25-18_9-13-48 PM.pngPercy adds romantic to his traits. He is ready to romance the ladies…and possibly some men, around town.

04-27-18_9-13-42 AM.pngWelcome Jester to  the family! Jester is a girl and she is rather cute.

Jester is a very affectinante cat!

04-27-18_9-16-55 AM She is also a Prowler and territorial.

This is where I will leave the chapter. Don’t forget to check out the heir poll on Before you go check out the extra bits.


The Candidates: Percy (top), Scanlan (left), Vax’ildan (middle), and Vex’ahlia (right)

Extra Bits:

04-22-18_10-09-38 PMAkeem Harwood, Marion and Malcolm’s son.

02-24-18_2-29-16 PM.pngCian Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s son.


Dominic and Annabeth  Blankenship, Malia and Antony’s twins.


Chapter 2.9: The Aspiration Objective


→ Scanlan had a birthday and is now a Cat loving child

→ Percy went through and un-bearable stage in his childhood

→ Malin is now a teen

→ Catarina got abducted…again.

→ Vax and Vex had their childhood birthdays

01-07-18_8-52-43 PM.pngMalone: Ah another excellent painting finished.

Vex: Are you sure you want to put that piece there? Oh.My.Plumbob….what is that?

Scanlan: What’s What?

Vex: *quickly rearrange the pieces before her brother notices.

Really Catarina! I mean REALLY! It’s her third time, but I’ve never had a sim get abducted this many times. And what are they doing to her?

Catarina came back just in time to see her beloved Cleo pass into the next world. Percy was actually quite distraught but he got over it.

Malone: Hey everyone I know we just had a tragedy just happen but it’s Percival’s birthday. So come on let’s cheer him on!

Percy: Thanks dad, but if you really wanted to cheer me up you would have made an actual cake and not a lo-carb one. Are you trying to tell me something?

01-07-18_9-41-14 PM.pngPercy looks a lot like his mom, in my opinion anyway. He aspires to be a serial romantic which gives him the alluring trait. He also is a dance machine. I gave him a tattoo which I do for all of the kids, except I think I forgot to give one to Malia and Mallory last generation…oops!

01-07-18_9-44-16 PM.pngPercy: Gotta look good on the dance floor to attract the ladies!

01-07-18_10-04-28 PM.pngMalone goes over to visit Mallory and runs into her husband Sebatian Kennedy, who was a childhood friend of Mallory’s.

01-07-18_10-23-46 PM.pngPercy: Okay sis I won’t be so easily fooled by your tricks as Scanlan.

Vex: We shall see brother…we shall see…

02-12-18_10-06-21 AM.pngPercy: Well hello neighbor, fancy seeing you here at the park.

02-12-18_10-11-30 AM.pngEvie: Huh wha….

Percy: Ah…what’s going on?

Evie: Thought I saw a  goblin.

Percy: Um…so….did you?

02-12-18_10-13-03 AM.pngEvie: *sighs* No unfortunately.

Percy: So would you like to exchange phone numbers….you know in case you see a goblin you can tell me all about it.

Evie: Are you making fun of me?

Percy: Wouldn’t dream of it.

Evie: Well in that case sure….would you like to hang out with me?

Percy: Sure.

The two had a rather successful date. Both getting their first kiss, and Percy asked Evie to be his girlfriend. She said yes of course. No one can resist the allure of an alluring sim 😉

02-12-18_10-33-07 AM.pngBack home Malone adopts this little fluff ball Shilo. I’m trying to get Catarina to complete her aspiration.

02-12-18_10-39-47 AM.pngShe is so cute!

02-12-18_10-42-32 AM.png Catarina comes home with a promotion.

02-12-18_12-43-24 PM.pngDating in the 21st century. Percy actually completes his first milestone of getting a girlfriend  and having 2 successful dates.

Now it’s on to more romancing. He and Ibraham just share a high five and then Ibraham has to leave. Percy was much more successful with Oumaima here.

02-12-18_8-51-16 PM.pngHe invites her over to his house to put the moves on her. He doesn’t want Evie to surprise him.

02-12-18_9-06-58 PM.pngScanlan: Oh don’t mind me I’m just hanging here!

02-12-18_9-48-37 PM.pngThe next day Percy invites a friend from school over. 02-22-18_9-32-34 AM.pngOh they sure do grow up fast!

02-22-18_9-51-19 AM.pngCataria has a few days off from work so Malone took her to the Geek festival to spend some quality time together….where they were both on seperate computers….

Don’t worry they had some quality time in the rocket ship…*wink…wink*

02-22-18_9-53-35 AM.png Malone took home one of those fancy computers.

02-22-18_10-06-57 AM.pngBack at home Percy and Vex are utilizing the made over front porch. The front porch was looking a little bare and I wanted to make it more homey.

02-22-18_10-16-41 AM.pngAfter finishing his homework Percy invites Izumi over for a make out sesh.

02-22-18_10-53-35 AM.pngI sent Catarina over to the Vet Clinic since I haven’t been there in a while. Nothing super exciting happens.

02-24-18_8-58-16 AM.pngVex: Oh man that was a close one!

Please don’t burn down the house Vex’ahlia!

02-24-18_9-13-20 AM.pngCatarina: I’m warning you cat…don’t sit on counters or tables. You wouldn’t want the wrath of Peyton Harwood on you!

02-24-18_9-13-27 AM.pngShilo: *Hisses at the mention of Peyton’s name*

02-24-18_9-16-46 AM.pngDon’t look so sad Scan-man, it’s your birthday!

02-24-18_9-34-01 AM.pngScanlan receives the Lazy trait just like his grandpa Mal and his dad. His aspiration is to be a Good Vampire which gives him the gregarious trait as well. Scanlan aslo has the creatively gifted trait for completing his child aspiration along with Happy Toddler trait.

Look at how cute these two are! Now Percy has 3 strong romantic relationships.

02-24-18_10-03-34 AM.png Here is Percy’s progress so far.

02-24-18_10-15-29 AM.pngCatarina: Here you go Shy have a treat.

02-24-18_10-15-43 AM.png Catarina: Oh my….what happened!

02-24-18_10-15-48 AM.pngPoor Shilo! Catarina fed her the saltwater taffy treat and she got swamp mouth! Catarina took her to the vet clinic where she examined her. She is fine now.

02-24-18_10-39-48 AM.pngIzumi and Percy are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

02-24-18_10-42-58 AM.pngCatarina: Hey cat I’m serious you need to get off the counter!

Shilo: *gives Catarina a pitiful stare in her cone of shame*

Catarina: Don’t you dare give me that look! If Peyton gets a hold of you your going to need a whole lot more than a cone of shame!

02-24-18_11-23-57 AM.pngPeople at the house gathering around the kitchen can only mean one thing….PAR-TAY TIME!

02-24-18_11-24-11 AM.pngIt’s time for Malin’s YA birthday!

02-24-18_11-37-12 AM.pngHere she is in all of her alien glory! She is now a Kleptomaniac with fits nicely with her Chief of Mischief aspiration.

02-24-18_11-39-51 AM.pngMalone took her portrait which will be hung on the wall to be immortalized with all the other Harwoods.

So I will end her good readers! Hoped you enjoyed the latest instalment to the Harwood Legacy and happy simming!

Chapter 2.8: The One Where Things Happen


♥ Malia and her husband Antony had twins: Dominic and Annabeth

♥ Percival and Malin worked on their aspirations

♥ Cleo ran away, but came back.

♥ Catarina gave birth to twins Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia while Malone ran out of the room in a panic.

♥ The Vet Clinic got a little bit of an upgrade.

♥ And Catarina got abducted by aliens.

12-27-17_11-16-23 AM.pngVax: Welcome back one and all! I declare that I am the cutest among my siblings! That is all…

12-27-17_12-03-51 PM.pngScanlan’s birthday is up and I’m rather happy about it since now I only have two toddlers to contend with now.

12-27-17_12-13-42 PM.pngLook at that smile! Scanlan is a Cat lover like his momma and he is an artistic prodigy.

12-27-17_12-26-53 PM.png And because he is awesome he soon completes his first milestone!

12-27-17_8-32-28 PM.png Catarina comes home with a promotion!

Malin and Percival go to the park to work on their respective aspirations. Malin meets Nephrite her cousin while Percy tries to make some friends.

12-27-17_9-15-39 PM.png And Malin completes her aspiration. I don’t believe I gave her another one.

12-28-17_10-45-54 AM.pngVex: Kitty you’re my best friend!

12-28-17_10-47-28 AM.pngStart off the morning right with a childhood phase.

Percy: My looks are not important I wish people to judge me on my actions.

12-28-17_10-47-45 AM.png

While Percy is expressing himself by wearing a ridiculous costume, Vex expresses her creativity by spilling paint everywhere.

12-28-17_10-48-40 AM.pngCatarina: Young lady do you know how hard it is to clean paint off of hardwood floors!

12-28-17_11-03-45 AM.pngMalin: Oooohhh hamburger cake!

12-28-17_11-27-53 AM.pngMalin received the squeamish trait and the Chief of Mischief aspiration. Since I just completed that aspiration with Malone I’m not even going to bother with Malin.

12-28-17_11-33-50 AM.pngVax working on his communication skill. He and Vex have mastered that skill with a few sim hours with this guy.

12-28-17_11-43-11 AM.pngPercy befriended this lady and now he just needs one more child friend and he will have completed his aspiration.

Hey Percy where is your bear suit?

Percy: Drats I knew I was forgetting something!

01-06-18_10-36-30 PM.pngPercy: I find I can express myself better if no one can look at me.

01-06-18_11-32-36 PM.pngMalin: You know Percy it would be easier to finish your project without the bear suit.

Percy: This suit is an extension of my soul taking it off would be like ripping a piece of my soul away. Leaving me but a shell of my former self.

Malin: It was just a thought no need to get so emo about it.

01-07-18_5-33-43 PM.pngPercy who is apparently over his phase invites his cousin Dominic, who is now a child, over to get to know him better.

Dominic: Hey Percy what is that saucer like thing? It’s getting closer…

01-07-18_5-36-07 PM.pngCatarina: Oh no! Not again.

Yes I did give Catarina a lean potion, and I don’t like it 😦

01-07-18_5-36-39 PM.pngDominic: Do you think your mom is going to be okay?

Percy: I think so. I mean this has happened before and she has come back. Also grandpa Malachite was abducted and he came back…with aunt Malin.

Dominic: Do you think your mom is going to bring home a baby?

Percy: Unlikely.

01-07-18_5-44-37 PM.pngMalone: Your castle is coming along nicely son. I think we’re going…um…you’re going to get a A+ on this project.

01-07-18_5-46-06 PM.png With the completion of his project Scanlan finished his aspiration! Now he is working on Rambunctious Scamp.

01-07-18_5-51-05 PM.pngHey look Doc is back…and he’s eating our food!

01-07-18_5-51-30 PM.pngCatarina: Doc you can’t be on the counters eating our food! I don’t want to be haunted by my mother in law! She scares me!

Part of Catarina’s aspiration is that she has to correct 2 misbehaviors of her pets. She was able to complete one but not the other since Cleo doesn’t misbehave anymore. And our house is full so we can’t get another pet to train yet.

01-07-18_5-56-44 PM.pngCatarina meditating on why she is being abducted so many times.

01-07-18_6-07-53 PM.pngSo Malone was stressed from doing too many chores because of his lazy trait and one of the ways he wanted to unwind was to run on the treadmill. His stressed moodlet from chores went away, but he got another one from working out cause he’s lazy! *facepalm*

01-07-18_6-09-09 PM.pngMalone: What can I say? I’m a man of many contradictions.

01-07-18_6-16-34 PM.png Percival invited Dominic over again and was able to complete his aspiration!

01-07-18_6-16-56 PM.pngThe Two cousins looking super adorable.

01-07-18_7-03-10 PM.pngTwinsie nap!

01-07-18_7-08-10 PM.pngAnd birthday time! First up Vax.

01-07-18_7-19-22 PM.pngAnd then comes Vex.

01-07-18_7-29-15 PM.pngVax looking super adorable. He, like his aunt Malin, received the squeamish trait along with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

01-07-18_7-37-10 PM.pngVex is a bookworm which appropriately fits her whiz kid aspiration.

01-07-18_7-38-21 PM.pngAnd I almost forgot but it’s Catarina’s adult birthday.

01-07-18_7-38-36 PM.pngShe looks the same. I might change her look though.

I wanted to show these pictures side by side, but my photo editor crapped out on me. However I’m happy to report that the kids are not clones of each other. And, I think, as they age into teens we will see more differences.

I will leave you here but first here are some Bonus Pics.


Here are Malia and Antony’s Twins Dominic and Annabeth. I’ve contemplated on changing their names however I’m tired of the Mal name theme of generation 2 and I quite like their names.

The twins room got a bit of a makeover.

Chapter 2.7: Family

Last time Malcolm, the youngest of generation 2, aged up into a young adult and moved out. He also married Marion Bheeda. Percival and Malin aged up into children. Catarina gave birth to baby boy Scanlan. Catarina and Malone are expecting their third child. Malon completed his aspiration, finally! And the family had to say goodbye to Peyton Harwood.

12-13-17_10-03-52 AM.pngMalin: Hey Percy where are we?

Percy: We’re visiting my aunt Malia, your sister.

Malin: It’s so weird I have siblings I haven’t met yet.

12-13-17_10-04-42 AM.pngWhile Percy and Malin were visiting Malia and her husband Antony we learn that Malia had twins! One’s a boy named Dominic and the other is a girl named Annabeth.

After saying high to Malia’s part of the family Percy and Malin go to the park to work on their aspirations. Percy met his great aunt, Garnet, and uncle, Kunzite. I think now he needs a BFF and then he’ll be on his last tier.

12-13-17_10-17-26 AM.pngGarnet helps Malin out with her aspiration.

Garnet: You know your father is my twin.

Malin: What was he like, I didn’t really get to know him

Garnet: Well there was this one time an experiment blew up in his face….

You know, I just realized that Malin has the same child aspiration has her father.

12-13-17_10-41-40 AM.pngPercy: Hey Cat you’re a good friend.

Cleo: Ya know their is a real cat right here needing some attention!

12-13-17_10-41-21 AM.pngCleo: Yo kid is your arm supposed to go like that? Doesn’t look too comfortable.

12-13-17_11-18-27 AM.pngMalone invites his siblings Mallory and Mallon and his new sister in law Marion out to the flea market. And Kunzite also shows up!

Malcolm leaves right away but he does chat with Mallory for a while before haggling with the vendor.  Malone finds a snowglobe in the box ‘O’ junk on the sidewalk. Malone also purchases a chair.

12-13-17_11-33-35 AM.pngAfter an afternoon of haggling Malone plays basketball with Mallory and Marion. Actually he did this before he bought the chair, but I wanted this picture to be on it’s own.

12-13-17_12-14-19 PM.pngMalone wanted to paint a sad picture and it was cute so I kept it. I of course have NOT enabled the emotion aura.

12-13-17_12-18-47 PM.pngMalin makes a mess, but at least it’s outside.

12-13-17_12-27-11 PM.pngAutonomous kisses are super cute! And Catarina is getting huge!

12-13-17_12-28-00 PM.pngI got a notification saying that Cleo was running away, but not to worry cause she’ll be back soon. Well game, guess what? I was worried!

12-13-17_12-33-59 PM.pngPretty much right after I get the notification that Cleo ran away Catarina went into labor!

12-13-17_12-34-54 PM.pngOff to the hospital with you! And of course the obligatory pre-parental freak out.

12-13-17_12-35-41 PM.pngMalone: Okay I’m much calmer now I think I can do this!

Catarina: *heavy sigh* You think YOU can do this! I’m the one in labor!

12-13-17_12-37-45 PM.pngMalone: You know what on second thought….I’m outta here!

12-13-17_12-39-55 PM.pngMalone: Yeah, I feel much more comfortable at this distance!

12-13-17_12-39-25 PM.pngWhile Malone was having an epic freak out Catarina gave birth to twins!

12-13-17_12-39-41 PM.pngCatarina: You know little one your father is actually a cool dad…just not today apparently!

12-13-17_12-44-48 PM.pngSo welcome baby boy Vax’ildan (left), and baby girl Vex’ahlia (right). Vex and Vax are named after the twins Vex’ahlia, a half-elf ranger, and Vax’ildan, a half-elf rogue, on Critical Role.

Catarina took some vacation time form her regular job to work in the family vet clinic, which is doing pretty good so far! We even spent some money training Supriya to let her know we value her as an employee and her continuing education as a vet.

12-14-17_10-59-55 AM.png The business is now a three and a 1/4? stars. I also put the chair Malone got at the flea market in the waiting room ( I recolored it as well). The bookshelf and refrigerator are new as well.

12-14-17_11-06-00 AM.pngWe found Chloe as well!

12-14-17_11-10-31 AM.pngHomework corner! And everything is breaking!

12-14-17_11-10-54 AM.png Percy did NOT like having new siblings. He got over it of course.

12-14-17_11-11-08 AM.png Malin completed tier two of the Whiz Kid aspiration and is now on the last tier!

12-14-17_11-13-33 AM.pngPercival: Hey Malin, do you want to be best friends?

Malin: Sure why not? Being bestfriends with your nephew is totally normal.

12-14-17_11-16-27 AM.pngSee Percy got over his dislike of having new siblings. He even wants to help out!

12-14-17_11-20-08 AM.pngMalin is busy working on emotion potions. The poor gal is sick to boot!.

12-14-17_11-21-25 AM.pngPaolo! We haven’t seen you in a while!

12-14-17_11-24-18 AM.pngScanlan is still here and he is still cute.

12-14-17_11-28-29 AM.pngCatarina: I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday!

Malone: Thanks babe!

We threw a little party for Malone. Marion was so excited she decided to do push ups. Malone looks the same.

12-14-17_12-08-29 PM.png Malin is now an A student. I mean she is a whiz kid, was there ever any doubt?

12-15-17_9-18-16 AM.pngMalia also met the twins! So generation one and three have twins.

12-15-17_9-27-31 AM.pngCatarina: Ohhhhhh what are those pretty lights?

12-15-17_9-27-39 AM.pngNo! Catarina! No! Don’t go into the light!

12-15-17_9-27-56 AM.pngCatarina: But it’s so pretty!

12-15-17_9-28-07 AM.pngWell it’s too late now!

12-15-17_9-48-48 AM.png While Catarina is abducted by aliens, Malone hires a gardener to help him garden. The plants were overrun by bugs!

12-15-17_10-16-22 AM.png Malin created the three emotion potions she needed for her final tier of her aspiration. Now she just needs to get to level 10 of the mental skill.

12-15-17_10-42-21 AM.pngAnd the twins make duplicates of themselves!?

12-15-17_10-53-11 AM.png Vax’ildan got Catarina’s green eyes! He is also inquisitive.

12-15-17_10-53-38 AM.pngAnd Vex’ahlia is the third child this generation to get Catarina’s red hair! All the toddlers look alike so I’m REALLY hoping it’s just due to being toddlers and once they become children we will see more differences. Vex is a charmer.

Extra Bits:

12-14-17_12-14-46 PM Dominic Blankenship, Malia and Antony’s son.

12-14-17_12-16-14 PMAnd Annabeth Blankenship, twin to Dominic.

Chapter 2.6: Mischief Managed

Last time we saw the Harwoods they were expanding their vet clinic. Malin aged up into a cute toddler. Catarina gave birth to Percival while Malone took a nap. We had our first pet fatality, Doc. And then Grim paid us another visit at took Malachite to the afterlife.

11-12-17_3-43-06 PM.png I just wanted to show that Paolo was the world’s best grandpa! I love how the parenthood pack (or was it an update) gives more info on familial relationships.

11-12-17_4-05-37 PM.png Well enough of that it’s time to celebrate Malcolm’s birthday!

11-12-17_4-39-44 PM.png And here he is the handsome devil! I love how he turned out. I think he is the best combination of his parents. Anyway his traits are Romantic, Insider, and Snob. His aspiration is Angler.

12-11-17_10-48-30 AM.png Here are all of Malcolm’s traits.

11-12-17_4-28-36 PM.png And during Malcolm’s birthday Percival aged up into a toddler. Percival has the wild trait. I’m so happy he has his mom’s red hair! With this hair style he kind of looks like Chucky from the Rugrats cartoon.

11-12-17_4-52-25 PM.png Eeep! Toddlers! It’s a little strange to think that Malin is Percival’s aunt.

11-12-17_5-01-42 PM.png I got the Harwoods a Roomba (don’t remember what they’re called in game) so that they’re not constantly having to pick up pet hair. But what’s even better is that Cleo will ride the Roomba when it’s moving.


11-12-17_5-02-53 PMMalcolm teaching his sister some skills.

11-12-17_5-06-18 PM.pngPercy decided to run around in his birthday suit! First time one of my toddlers decided to do that! I just love his expression too!

11-12-17_5-12-27 PM.pngPercy: That’s the best thing ever!

I forget what was on the card, but his face is just too precious!

11-12-17_5-37-28 PM.pngSo I invited the sim Malone was trying to set Malcom up with and we aged her up. Her name is Marion Bheeda.

11-12-17_5-49-28 PM.pngThey went on a date which wasn’t hugely successful. I think Malcolm was still sad from his dad’s passing. But I have hope!

11-12-17_5-52-34 PM.pngPercival: Good kitty.

I feel a little bad for Cleo because between two toddlers and managing Malone and Catarina’s aspiration she doesn’t get a whole lot of attention.

12-11-17_11-24-22 AM.pngLiving room up date! I’m pretty pleased with how the house is coming together.

12-11-17_11-26-04 AM.pngCatarina: You know, this fish tank has got me a little frisky. What do you say we get a little more frisky in the bedroom!

Malone: Best. Purchase. Ever!

12-11-17_11-28-51 AM.pngWell we have another nooboo on the way!

12-11-17_11-41-10 AM.pngSo I moved Malcolm out of the house cause I figured I’d let the master command mod do it’s thing. I moved Mallory in as well and now Peyton is visiting to see how her kiddos are doing.

12-11-17_11-44-56 AM.pngPeyton: So how do you like the house?

Mallory: It’s pretty nice, but it only has one room. We’re going to have to turn the study into a bedroom.

Peyton: Wow only one bedroom! This house seemed so much bigger.

Peyton also visited Malia but she wasn’t at home.

12-11-17_11-55-13 AM.pngSince Mallory’s other portrait was a medium size I invited her over to take another picture.

12-11-17_12-03-35 PM.pngMalcolm also has a portrait now.

12-11-17_12-13-44 PM.pngPercival asked his uncle Malcolm to read him a story.

12-11-17_9-31-12 PM.png Malin’s birthday!

12-11-17_9-45-29 PM.pngMalin is a Whiz Kid and active. Somehow she skipped having her father’s lazy trait and inherited her grandfather’s active trait.

12-11-17_10-09-16 PM.pngMalcolm invited Malone out to bear night, which was the perfect opportunity for Malone to practice his mischief skill.

12-11-17_10-14-45 PM.pngThe two brother’s did catch up on old times as well. Malone didn’t stay too long at the bar because he get’s super tense around bears apparently. I thought I took a picture of his moodlet, but alas I didn’t.

12-11-17_10-15-07 PM.png While her husband was out at the bar Catarina got herself a promotion!

12-11-17_10-24-29 PM.png I got a notification that Paolo’s spirit was fading away, so I took the opportunity to strengthen all of the ghosts spirits. And then I locked the mausoleum doors so the family doesn’t spend all their time crying.

12-11-17_10-52-10 PM.pngSo you know how I said I would let the master command mod do it’s thing, well I was too impatient so I had Malcolm and Marion get married. But I promise I won’t interfere again!

12-11-17_11-12-25 PM.pngWhile Catarina was practicing her mixology skill she went into labor! I sent her to the hospital alone.

12-11-17_11-13-05 PM.pngWhy you ask? Because Malone was helping Malin with her homework. Though Malone did queue up an action to go to the hospital.

12-11-17_11-15-43 PM.pngWelcome baby boy Scanlan! Scanlan is named after Scanlan Shorthalt, the Gnome bard from Critical Role.

12-12-17_12-35-47 PM.pngMalone watching his wife teach his son some valuable lessons.

12-12-17_12-50-33 PM.pngMalone invited this guy over to practice his mischief skill on only to have it backfire on him.

12-12-17_10-17-54 PM.png And with that Malone reached level 10 of the mischief skill and completed his aspiration! He is now working on successful lineage.

12-12-17_11-12-51 PM.png I decided to get spa day and I’m so glad I did!

12-12-17_11-14-43 PM.pngPeyton: I’m comig my love. I will see you soon!

12-12-17_11-15-23 PM.pngPeyton is survived by Five children:  Malia, Mallory, Malone, Malcolm, and Malin (yes I’m including Malin as one of hers). And two grandchildren: Percival and Scanlan.

12-13-17_8-05-23 AM.png Malone took the death of his mother particularly hard. Not that he wasn’t sad at losing his dad, but he seemed more downcast at losing his mother. Maybe it’s because both of his parents are gone now.

12-13-17_8-06-42 AM.pngEvery chapter needs a Roomba riding cat!

12-13-17_8-33-39 AM.pngTrying for baby #3!

12-13-17_8-37-27 AM.pngAnd we have success! Malone looks very pleased with himself.

12-13-17_8-38-52 AM.pngImmediately after finding out she was pregnant Catarina went down to the house gym to work out. She did this when she found out she was pregnant with Percival as well.

12-13-17_8-46-58 AM.pngAnd Scanlan aged up! He has the silly trait. And I was surprised again at the red hair! With Malon’s black hair I wasn’t sure we would get any redheaded children and now we have two! Scanlan looks exactly like Percival, I hope it’s just as toddlers and as they age up their faces will look different.

12-13-17_8-48-33 AM.png Father and son bonding moment.

12-13-17_8-49-21 AM.pngThis pregnancy is harder on Catarina. She didn’t throw up at all during her last two pregnancies.

12-13-17_9-19-48 AM.pngIt’s Percy’s birthday! And look, Palo came to celebrate!

12-13-17_9-32-36 AM.png Percival is a social butterfly with the outgoing trait. I forgot last chapter to mention who he was named after so I’ll do that now. He’s named after Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, the human gunslinger from Critical Role.

12-13-17_9-53-45 AM.pngAnd I will leave you with a look at the updated boy’s bedroom.

Chapter 2.5: Legacy Life

Hello there! Let’s get caught up to the Harwoods, shall we? Last time Malone got married to Catarina Lynx and his mother, Peyton, was none too pleased with her son’s marriage partner. Malachite gave birth to the first alien baby of the legacy, Malin. And the vet clinic is growing.

11-12-17_1-18-36 AM.pngWe start off the chapter with Catarina playing with her cat Doc and as you can see Cleo is still not trained off the counters. Peyton will not be pleased.

11-12-17_1-33-09 AM.pngIt’s Peyton’s birthday! I wonder if she knew that Cleo was on the other counter not too long ago, because she placed her cake on the opposite counter.

11-12-17_1-52-22 AM.pngPeyton: Hello, I would like to retire now. Why? Because I can! *hangs up*

11-12-17_2-15-53 AM.pngLook the vet clinic got an update! And Mallory is bringing in one of Catarina’s cats Josie. I miss you Mallory!

11-12-17_2-21-26 AM.pngAfter Malone helped Mallory she came back with her other cat Bartholomew Jr. Supyria has Bartholomew Sr. as a pet.

11-12-17_2-21-46 AM.pngThe other side of the waiting room.

11-12-17_2-21-53 AM.pngHere is where the clinic is at business wise so far. Not great, but it is an improvement. The game named my vet clinic Hindquarter Hideaway, which I think is perfect because it’s all starts with the letter H and the Harwoods own it. Alliteration, I kind of love it.

11-12-17_2-34-32 AM.pngWe have a visitor! Grim is here who could he be here for?

11-12-17_2-36-14 AM.pngDoc our first Pet fatality. I was a little bummed by his death but he was taking up space for Harwood babies so I wasn’t too sad.

11-12-17_2-39-01 AM.pngHe does get a spot in the mausoleum though.

11-12-17_2-56-34 AM.pngPeyton adores little Malin.

11-12-17_2-58-26 AM.pngMalone consoling his wife he also has ulterior motives.

11-12-17_3-01-25 AM.pngWhich were successful. First baby of generation 3 is on it’s way!

Catarina: Hey honey, I have some exciting news….WE’RE EXPECTING!

Malone: Yeah, I know.

That was really his reaction. Catarina tells him about the baby, he smiles and tilts his chin up. Cool as a cucumber that one.

11-12-17_3-06-31 AM.pngPeyton’s initial reaction was quite different.

11-12-17_3-06-39 AM.pngThough she quickly recovered, and is quite happy at the news. Maybe she is warming up to Catarina.

The cat toys are pretty awesome!

11-12-17_10-09-22 AM.pngPeyton: Hello! Anyone home? Mallory?

Mallory calls up her mom invites her over, but she isn’t even here!

11-12-17_10-09-35 AM.pngPeyton: Well I guess I will take a look around. Looks like Mallory hasn’t done anything with the place since she moved in. I’ll have to have a talk with her about that.

11-12-17_10-10-06 AM.pngPeyton: I really need to have a talk with her!

Peyton decides to hang out for a while hoping her daughter will show. So she does a little gardening and feeds her daughter’s cat, who apparently is magical and can walk through walls.

Mallory never shows so Peyton goes home.

11-12-17_10-20-18 AM.pngJust showing the wall of birth certificates.

11-12-17_10-48-27 AM.pngI made over Malone’s room to incorporate Catarina’s aesthetic (or at least tried to).

11-12-17_11-17-33 AM.pngMalin had her birthday! She rolled the clingy trait. I’m surprised by the blond hair, but pleased it’s something different. And of course I think she is adorable to boot!

Father, daughter bonding time! It’s sad to know that Mal won’t see his daughter grow up 😦

11-12-17_11-48-35 AM.pngSeeing as Catarina’s aspiration is Friend of the Animals I had her do a shift at the clinic. She still works in the culinary career, but at this point I believe she gets like 3 days off.

11-12-17_12-29-17 PM.pngCatarina autonomously decides to workout.

11-12-17_12-45-33 PM.pngGhost Doc comes for a visit!

11-12-17_12-54-24 PM.pngMalone is still working through his aspiration of Chief of Mischief.

11-12-17_1-00-22 PM.pngHe runs into his sister Malia!

11-12-17_1-04-24 PM.pngAnd then dares her to run through the neighborhood necked!

Malone: Don’t worry! I didn’t look, that would be gross!

11-12-17_1-15-01 PM.pngMalia then invited Malone to her apartment for her birthday.


11-12-17_1-23-55 PM.pngWhen he got home Catarina went into labor and they rushed to the hospital.

11-12-17_1-24-55 PM.pngWhere he proceeded to freak out.

11-12-17_1-25-28 PM.pngThen took a nap! I guess all that freaking out takes a toll on a person.

Which leaves his wife giving labor on her own. It’s probably a good thing Malone missed his wife’s heart getting pulled out and her temporarily crashing.

11-12-17_1-32-05 PM.pngWelcome baby boy Percival! The naming theme this generation will be Critical Role! A D&D show where a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors get together and play dungeons and dragons.

11-12-17_2-06-08 PM.pngPercival totally freaks out when meeting dad for the first time. But Malone is in heaven.

11-12-17_2-13-42 PM.pngCatarina spends some quality time with Cleo.

11-12-17_3-13-33 PM.pngGrim comes for another visit.

11-12-17_3-13-45 PM.pngThis time taking Malachite to the great beyond.

Mal: Yeah, this looks like a great sopot *pat’s the ground*

11-12-17_3-14-17 PM.pngMalone and Malcolm are devastated. Even Cleo will miss Mal.

11-12-17_3-15-23 PM.pngPearl comes by to welcome her son into the afterlife.

11-12-17_3-16-16 PM.pngPeyton was in the bathroom potty training Malin, but even she senses her soulmates passing.

11-12-17_3-29-30 PM.pngMalone becomes Malin’s main caregiver now.

I will end it on this sad note. Next time we will have Malcolm and Percival’s birthdays, and of course cute toddler picture. But until then Au Revoir.

Chapter 2.4: What Happens in Space Doesn’t Always Stay in Space

Last time the Harwoods lost Paolo to old age though he and Pearl live on in ghost form. Malone joined the Political career. The family also moved to Brindleton Bay where they opened up a vet clinic. Malachite had his elder birthday and was abducted by aliens.

We start off the chapter with Mallory completing her spaceship and adventuring into space.

Malachite: Be careful of aliens! They like to prob it’s most unsettling!

Mallory: Yeah, didn’t need to know that dad.

11-11-17_1-18-41 PM.pngShe collected this little guy. I didn’t name him yet.

11-11-17_1-23-07 PM.pngOh dear it looks like someone is expecting. I didn’t think elder men could get pregnant by aliens.

11-11-17_1-24-51 PM.pngMalone: Yeah, I’m quitting. I want to help our furry friends on a more regular basis.

11-11-17_1-28-34 PM.pngMal: I don’t understand what’s going on right now! What did those aliens do to me?

11-11-17_1-37-23 PM.pngMalone: Oh, Hey Catarina. I was in the neighborhood and I thought I’d stop by.

Catarina: That’s nice of you, but how did you know where I live.

Malone: Oh…uh…I was at the bar down the road and I mentioned bumping into a the vet clinic to the bartender and he told me you lived here.

Catarina: Yeah the bartender giving out my address is not creepy at all, but I’m glad you’re here!

11-11-17_1-40-15 PM.pngBest Friends!

11-11-17_1-43-42 PM.pngCatarina has four cats in a one bedroom house. I think Malone’s flirting game might be hindered by the litter box by the front door.

11-11-17_1-47-43 PM.pngSo we moved this impromptu date to the park.


It’s quite a successful date. The best friends become boyfriend and girlfriend.


And then engaged!

11-11-17_2-00-26 PM.pngCatarina: Um…who is the obviously underaged girl talking to my man!

11-11-17_2-00-33 PM.pngCatarina: Seriously, who is she!


Relax Catarina he’s just trying to set up his brother Malcolm. It’s what any good legacy brother does!

11-11-17_2-33-42 PM.pngSo I was going to wait until Catarina and Malone got married before moving Catarina into the household, but I couldn’t wait. This means though that Mallory had to move out. Mallory is now living in Catarina’s old house with her two cats Josie and Bartholomew.

11-11-17_3-17-04 PMWelcome Catarina Lynx to the household. She is a bookworm, Foodie, and Cat lover. She has Friend of the Animals aspiration.  The Cats we moved in are Doc (blue-collar) and Cleo (pink collar).

11-11-17_3-32-52 PM.pngI wished this litter box exits in real life! The lasers obliterate the poop so no clean up!

11-11-17_3-34-43 PM.pngMalcolm: Hey kitty, get it, get the laser!

11-11-17_3-39-16 PM.pngMalone and Catarina posing for their couples picture.

11-11-17_3-43-01 PM.pngI have to clean up the gallery a little, but here Malone and Catarina join the wall of fame as it were.

11-11-17_3-50-27 PM.pngPeyton: Finally husband you get to experience what it’s like to be pregnant. I never thought I’d live to see the day!

Mal: Pregnant? I’m not pregnant it’s not possible, this is just old age gut.

Peyton: Whatever you have to tell yourself love.

11-11-17_4-01-53 PM.pngMalia came to visit!

Malia: Dad is there anything you want to tell us? (pointedly looks at his belly)

Mal: No…can’t think of anything

11-11-17_4-05-12 PM.pngI forget what her name is but she and Malcolm meet!

Peyton: Catarina, please tell me you are cooking food for the cat and not yourself.

Catarina: Oh, um…no the food is for me. Why?

Peyton: You’re cat’s butt is on my cutting board, it’s unsanitary. Please train your cat’s not to sit where we prepare our food. *gives a glaring disapproval face*

Catarina: Oh…ah…sure thing Mrs. Harwood.

11-11-17_4-24-31 PM.pngPeyton: Babe you totally are pregnant.

Mal: Honey, that’s just not possible.

Peyton: Many people said aliens didn’t exist, yet you were abducted. Who’s to say what’s possible anymore.

11-12-17_12-27-20 AM.pngThe wedding is finally here! And I forgot to put the walls up for the picture, other than that it’s a lovely picture.

All in all it’s a very lovely ceremony where the guests actually came and watched the vows take place.

11-12-17_12-32-47 AM

Peyton looks a little dubious about the marriage.

Peyton: I still need some convincing that my son chose the right woman. She after all ate a meal where her cats butt was sitting on the food she prepared. This Catwoman has some proving to do before I’m sure she is the one for my son.

11-11-17_11-56-20 AMMal does a few paintings so we can pay the bills on this place and upgrade the vet clinic.

11-11-17_12-22-07 PM.pngSpeaking of the vet clinic. Here’s the outside with a little bit of landscaping.

11-11-17_12-31-01 PM.pngThe inside. We now have two operating tables and a coffee machine for the waiting room.

11-11-17_12-33-39 PM.pngNow both vets can work at the same time.

11-11-17_12-56-53 PM.png Peyton finally completes her second aspiration! I don’t think I’m going to have her try for a third. She is almost an elder and I just want her to enjoy her retirement.

11-12-17_1-01-19 AM.pngMalachite has gone into labor. Very soon we will have our first alien baby of the legacy!

11-12-17_1-04-40 AM.pngPeyton: This is a strangely satisfying experience. Does that make me a bad person?

11-12-17_1-10-45 AM.pngWelcome baby girl Malin Harwood. Her name follows the naming theme that all of Malachite and Peyton’s children have, however she is not eligible for heir-ship seeing as Malone started as heir before Mal was even abducted. 11-12-17_1-13-51 AM.pngAlso this alien bassinet is adorable, so I’m keeping it!



Chapter 2.3: Life Happens

Well hello there! Last chapter Malia aged up and married her good friend Antony (yes I know I was spelling it Anthony, but it’s actually Antony.) Malone went to the Hijinks festival and took home a voodoo doll. And Malcolm aged into a child.

10-24-17_9-39-47 AMPaolo: So kid you know what you wanna do with your life yet?

Malone: Not a 100%, but I know I want to help people.

Paolo: You have a strange way of helping people; pulling pranks on them and all.

Malone: Most of the people like the pranks I pull, and those that don’t…well…I’m giving them an avenue to vent their frustrations.

Paolo: If you say so kid.

Mallory celebrates her YA birthday with friends and family. And she is, I think, the best combination of her parents genetics. Malia looks more like Payton and Malone looks more like Malachite.

10-24-17_10-37-12 AMMallory entered the Science career, and because she had really good grades she starts at level 3 Junior Tinkerer. I think the science career is a really good fit for Mallory and her Nerd Brain aspiration.

10-24-17_10-41-32 AMTo help with Mallory’s logic skill I got the Observatory.

Nothing super exciting happened at her first day of work, except one of her co-workers died.

But when Mallory came home the family was in the midst of turmoil. Paolo, beloved husband to our founder Pearl, rad ass dad and grandpa finally passed to the great beyond to be with the love of his life.

10-25-17_10-21-41 AMThe whole household took Paolo’s death hard, especially Mallory who thought she had brought death home with her. She decided to take care of Pearl’s garden; which her grandpa loved to spend time in.

Malachite and Peyton decided to turn Paolo’s room into a room for Malone.

10-24-17_12-25-58 PMAnd Mal spent much of his time grieving in a closet.

10-24-17_12-26-20 PMPaolo and Pearl can now rest in peace together.

10-25-17_10-07-08 AMA few days later Malachite had his elder birthday.

10-25-17_10-23-25 AMThe family decided to do a minor makeover in the kitchen.

10-25-17_10-29-57 AMFrom his mother’s garden Malachite decides to retire from his career as a writer.

Mal: Yeah boss, I’m sure. I have much to occupy my time. And hopefully soon I’ll have some grandchildren running around.

10-25-17_11-09-13 AMSo I forgot to mention Mallory’s final trait (which is Geek), but luckily I took this handy picture of all of her traits including the ones for being a responsible and good mannered sim when she was growing up.

10-25-17_11-14-49 AMI love how sims personalities are expressed in their portraits. Malia is a very confident, athletic sim and Mallory is very a elegant yet nerdy sim.

10-25-17_11-45-49 AMAnd another birthday party, this time for our heir Malone.

Malone received the lazy trait as his adult trait. He also got good manners, responsible, and compassionate (from empathy). Now Chief of Mischief really doesn’t suit him.

10-26-17_10-17-03 AMMalone entered the Politician career, eventually he would like work for a charitable organization.

10-26-17_10-20-40 AMThis voodoo doll has no right looking as cute as it does!

10-26-17_10-22-48 AMSo here is where Malone is at with his aspiration. I believe after he completes this set he has one more tier to go.

10-26-17_10-23-32 AMMalcolm working on his child aspiration, only needs to get to level 10 mental skill and he’s done, hopefully he’ll be done before is birthday.

10-26-17_10-35-07 AMFinally able to afford the rocket ship Mallory needs for her aspiration.

10-26-17_11-03-57 AMThis is the first fireplace I have had in the sims 4! I have always thought them to be a waste of space and kinda unnecessary, but they give off a great moodlet when it has a fire going. Plus this living room is kinda sparse so it needed some pizzazz.

10-26-17_11-52-48 AM Malcolm completed his aspiration just in time for his teen birthday!

10-26-17_11-57-55 AMHe completed it the day of his birthday. And since I was playing his birthday right around halloween, Malcolm gets a zombie cake.

10-26-17_11-59-33 AMPeyton: No! My baby’s growing up!

Malcolm_teenMalcolm received the snob trait and angler aspiration. He, like Mallory is a good combination of his parents.

11-10-17_9-25-39 PMAs you can see by the equipment behind Malone…I have the Cats and Dogs expansion! So after moving the family to Brindleton Bay and buying a lot for my Vet clinic this was all that I could afford. But that will soon  change!

And I know I wasn’t supposed to move my legacy family off the lot they started on, but I really didn’t want to start a new legacy just to explore Brindleton Bay and I really wanted to explore Brindleton Bay!

11-10-17_9-30-43 PMMalone: Welcome Supriya to the Hideaway Clinic, you ready to get started?

Supriya: Um…are you sure this is the right place? *looks around nervously* This is pretty much an empty lot.

Malone: It won’t be for long, trust me.

11-10-17_9-36-32 PMThough Malone hired a more experienced Vet he was eager to take on the first client; who happened to be Supriya’s husband Justin. I think Justin is his name.

11-10-17_9-39-23 PMSupriya took on the next client and both clients ended up surprisingly satisfied with their vet visit.

11-10-17_9-45-19 PM So I didn’t realize that when I sent Malone to the clinic that his family technically wasn’t home, even though they are standing in front of their new house. So every one but Mallory had a bladder fail.

11-10-17_9-46-57 PMHere is their new house. I’m quite pleased with how the build turned out. I’m not really great with building especially landscaping.

11-10-17_9-51-00 PMSo I’ll give a partial tour now and the rest later. Here is the Kitchen, dining room, and living room. As you can see Malone is busy ready the mischief book to level up his skill.

11-10-17_9-51-32 PMAnd Mallory is winding down by watching a movie in the home theater.

The master bedroom and bathroom.

11-10-17_10-02-41 PMWell we will have to resume our house tour at a later date as our welcome wagon has arrived.

The Vet clinic also received a minor makeover. We actually have walls around our equipment!

11-10-17_10-50-57 PMMalone: Aw hey gramps, it’s so good to see you. I was worried the move might have disturbed your eternal rest. I miss you!

Paolo: Don’t worry kid it’s nothing your grandma and I couldn’t handle. And we miss you too, but don’t worry we’ll visit.

11-11-17_9-43-04 AMThese two are just too cute.

11-11-17_9-49-52 AMSo I sent Mal to open the clinic and he decides, all on his lonesome, to use a flirty introduction on one of the clients!

11-11-17_9-50-25 AMNeedless to say this guy was smitten. And he gave us a good review on the service!

Malcolm found a fishing spot near the local doggie park. Brindleton Bay is gorgeous!

Malone goes to this bar to clog the drain and happens upon bear night. Malone does not look impressed with the bears. Also his pranks backfire on him.

11-11-17_11-03-32 AMMalone goes to the competing Vet clinic in town to check out the competition only to find his one employee there. He didn’t seem to mind though.

11-11-17_11-05-06 AMMalone: Oh hey, I uh run a vet clinic at the other side of town if you ever want to check it out?

Catarina: Is this a pick up line? I mean not that I mind, but it could be better.

Malone: No I really rund a vet clinic, but if you wanna go out sometime just give me call.

Mal: Oh hey, what’s that light? Wait…why am I flying…Hey I do NOT consent to this!

11-11-17_11-51-24 AMMal: Oh crap!

Tune in next time to see what happens next? Will Malachite survive his stay with the aliens? Will Malone run a successful vet clinic?

Chapter 2.2: Hijinks and Weddings

Last time the Harwoods added some updates to their house. Malia, Malone, and Mallory had their teen birthdays, and Malcolm had his toddler birthday. And Malone started to work on his aspiration Chief of Mischief.

Malone is up to more shenanigans, this time at the Romance Festival. I can’t wait till he completes this aspiration.

Mallory spent the day hanging out with this guy, I believe his name is Sebastien, at the gym. Their just friends for now.

07-22-17_6-39-59 PMIt seems that not too long ago it was Malcolm’s toddler birthday and now he is turning into a child.

Malcolm_childLook at this cutie! He is a whiz kid with the insider trait.

Mal_asp Malachite reached level three in the critic career, or past that, so he quit and now he is doing something else though I can’t recall what at the moment.

08-06-17_9-21-12 PM It’s an assembly line of school projects! Good thing we have three adults in the house to help out!

08-06-17_9-31-21 PMAnother festival means more hijinks. And of course Malone joined the Pranksters. Purple rather suits him.

08-06-17_9-38-43 PMAnd the pranksters won, by one point I believe.

08-06-17_9-39-59 PMMalone here has a Voodoo doll, this could be dangerous!

08-06-17_9-57-32 PMSchool projects are finished and on display.

08-08-17_8-31-26 AMA gathering of people can mean only one thing, PAR-TAY!

08-08-17_8-50-30 AMMalia’s birthday to be specific.

After her birthday Malia and Anthony go out on a date. They are too cute, it’s quite nauseating.

The next day Malia asks Anthony out on another date and proposed to him.

08-08-17_10-18-05 AMPaolo went to Kunzite’s house and greeted his new grandson. I can’t remember his name though 😦

08-08-17_11-19-45 AMMalone: Hey grandma, it’s nice to meet you.


Malone Harwood! Pranking your grandmother isn’t nice!

08-08-17_11-34-53 AMMalia and Anthony exchanged their I do’s.

08-08-17_11-37-22 AMMalone: Congratulations Malia, this is quite the party you have thrown.

Malia: I know I’m pretty amazing!

08-08-17_11-39-27 AMMalia: Of course an open bar helps.

08-08-17_11-40-41 AMMalia: Wait don’t take a picture, can’t you see I’m having an emergency!

08-08-17_11-44-55 AMWith a bath upstairs Malia’s emergency was easily taken care of, and she resumed her hosting.

08-08-17_11-55-17 AMSimply gorgeous!

08-08-17_10-47-42 PMBefore Malia moves out we have to capture a picture of her amazingness.

08-08-17_10-55-52 PMMallory: Ughhh why is everyone so happy all the time?! Just leave me alone for a while!

08-09-17_12-36-26 PMOf course Malone can’t meet anyone without pulling a prank on them. However he has more friends than enemies, go figure.

08-09-17_12-38-22 PMMalone: My greatest wish is to find my soul mate, like Malia found in Anthony.

Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be….at least for now. Will Malone find love? Will I ever complete his dreadful aspiration? Will Mallory get out of her funk? Maybe one day till then *”Have a Day!” #darinandamy #davorpals.

*from Darin and Amy have to do a Morning Show