Chapter 0.1: I am Pearl…The world is my Oyster

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Hi! Its so good to see you! It’s been a while since I have written a legacy, but I’m back at it again so without further ado here is my newest legacy!

There will be no name theme for the legacy as a whole, but the first generation defiantly will have a theme. And you’ll have to keep reading to find out what it is!


I have decided to do an extreme start to this challenge; which, by the way, had me sweating the first sim week…let’s be real I’m still a wreak, but that’s what makes it fun!…right?! *nervous laughter + shifty eyes o.0*

Oh yeah the rules! I’ll be using Pinstar’s Rules.

Gender Laws: Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional: To be eligible to be named heir a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children my never be named heir.

Heir Law: Random: The title of heir is randomly selected from the pool of all eligible children. Every time the eligible pool changes size the heir must be re-rolled using the new pool.

Also I’ll be having at least 3 kids per generation.

Pearl-TraitsHere is our beautiful founder Pearl Harwood.

Pearl here is a Freelance Botanist because I figured gardening would be a good way to bring in extra funds. Loves the outdoors…because lawn living, creative because I just love creative sims, and Cheerful because she’s going to need all the help she can get not to feel completely mad that she’ll be living on a lawn for a good while.

3 So like every good little Freelance Botanist does Pearl scopes out the local community gardens in hopes of boosting her aspiration.

08-07-16_10-43-34 AMPearl: “Oh…hey! Hi! How are you I’m Pearl, I’m new in town!”

Sonja: ” I don’t care who you are! If you don’t get your hand out of my face I’m gonna cut you!”

08-07-16_10-43-46 AMOh wow! Yup…Thaaaat looks like it hurts.

Pearl: ” Oh I’m so sorry I got a little carried away in my enthusiasm of meeting new sims in a new place!”

Sonja: “Just put the hand down lady…and back away slowly.”08-07-16_10-45-02 AM After calming herself down and getting her hand out of poor Sonja’s head the two had a lovely little chat.

08-07-16_10-48-08 AMThen Pearl proceeded to water some plants netting her 6/10 for watering plants in the first tier of Freelance Botanist.

9Next up painting. After selling the painting she only made about a§16 profit after paying herself back for how much the painting cost in the first place.

Then Pearl went on a spree of collecting minerals, frogs, and other goodies to sell in order to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table.

Pearl: “Oh Hello! How are you? I’m Pearl!”

Bill: ” Umm…..Okay I guess?”

Bill Joseph was a little unsure of the very cheerful Pearl, however no one can resist Pearl’s insouciant manner. Bill and Pearl became quick friends. However there was more collecting to be done if Pearl was going to be able to afford the Knight of the Octagon Table before the day was over.

08-07-16_11-19-27 AMLuckily Pearl was able to collect enough simoleans just in time! In fact she was only left with §16. The exact amount she sold her first painting for.


Pearl: “Nope…that wasn’t me…move along!’

08-07-16_11-21-30 AMPearl: “Well I guess I should get a job. Can’t live off of 16 simoleans forever.”

I decided Pearl should go into the Entertaining career. At the time it made sense in my head…You know she’s Cheerful yet Creative; however I’m regretting that decision.

08-07-16_11-27-03 AMAnd so as the first day comes to a close Pearl finds herself a bench to curl up on and dream sweet dreams.

08-07-16_11-33-44 AM

Well only a few hours into her nap Pearl was invited out by a sim she meet earlier in the day whom I can’t remember now. However Pearl introduced herself to Mr. Le Chien but she wasn’t feeling what he was putting down so Pearl went into the club to dance the night away.

However dancing wasn’t really all that fun so Pearl soon found a couch to sleep on.

08-07-16_12-01-44 PM

Mortimer: ” You call that music? It sounds like a herd of cats slowly dying!?

Pearl: “Oh sorry about that, but you know what they say! Practice makes perfect.”

Mortimer: “Well I wish you wouldn’t “Practice” in my vicinity. Also I find your cheerful manner disturbing.”

Pearl continued to practice for most of the day. Annoying Mortimer in the process. 08-07-16_12-28-34 PM

The day came and went but by the end of it Sonja invited Pearl out to a dance party. However Pearl just wasn’t feeling it.

Pearl: ” I really have to pee!”

Well go find a bush or something.

Pearl:” A bush! You must be joking!”

Pearl:” I won’t forget this humiliation!”

The next day consisted of Pearl trying to survive on what little she had. Also in the last picture I’m pretty sure she is plotting my demise.

Pearl: ” You may have made me cheerful, but right now I’m seething!”

Poor pearl didn’t even get to eat the salad she made because she had to go to work.

08-07-16_12-54-50 PM

Though She didn’t end up getting a promotion Pearl was able to afford a bed, so no more community lot surfing.

Pearl: “I’m too tired to care at this point.”

08-07-16_1-22-21 PM

Another days work another invite to a party. Pearl was in a pretty good mood so I decided I would use this opportunity to do some spouse hunting. At the start of the party there were only 3 dudes and 2 of them were married.

08-07-16_1-23-32 PM

So I sent Pearl to chat up the only single guy at the party.

Pearl: ” Hey! I’m so much taller than you when I stand on this part of the hill!”

Randy Holliday: “Uh…that’s really great?”

Pearl: ” I think you are a great DJ. I my self am very creative, what about you are you creative?”

Randy: “I hate children. Don’t want the little noise makers.”

Pearl: ” Oh…well…by then.”

I literally wrote in my notes: Randy Holliday ⇒ Hates children ⇒ NOPE!!

After that discouraging conversation I had Pearl collect some more things to sell and then she wanted to light a bonfire so of course I obliged her.

Then another single sim appeared and I had her introduce herself to him. Everyone meet Wayne and despite his unpleasant expression on his face he is a young adult; at first I thought he was an adult. But per usual he left mid conversation. At this point Pearl was half way through her first week and she hadn’t meet any one who could be a potential spouse.  At this point I was starting to get a little worried.

08-07-16_1-38-28 PM

So the party was a bust and Pearl was hungry so I sent her to the park for some good ol’fashioned hot dogs.

08-07-16_1-41-22 PM

She met Wolfgang Munch who proceeded to mock her.

Wolfgang: *mocking voice* “Ohh…I’m Pearl I’m a legacy sim and I live on a lawn…and I don’t even have a romantic interest yet.”

Pearl: ” Well fine…no hot dogs for you then!”

Pearl was finally able to harvest some plants. Here she has a glow fruit, cherry tree, and two mushroom plots. Still no promotion for Pearl however with her job and all of her collecting she was able to able to afford a refrigerator and a shower. Also she now has 10/10 plants watered now all she needs to complete the first tier of her aspiration is to get to level 4 of gardening.


The next morning Pearl really had to pee. To the bush with you woman!

Pearl: “What’s with you and bushes!”

Well there is a bush right next to your plot of land, and that means I won’t have to deal with a loading screen to send you to a public restroom.

Pearl: “Oh…well…”

08-07-16_2-06-40 PM

Pearl : “I didn’t quite make it.” 😦

I just love her pouty face here. She was able to take a shower before going to work so that’s a plus.

So at that fail, I will end the chapter here. Will Pearl find her one true love? Will she be able to afford a toilet so she won’t have to go in the bushes any more? Well you’ll have to wait for the next installment of The Harwood Legacy.

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