Chapter 0.3: Precious Pearls


Welcome back to another chapter of the Harwood Legacy! Last time Pearl met and married Paolo Rocca, and they are super adorable together! They had the twins Malachite and Garnet, both of whom are creative. Paolo is almost done with his aspiration of bodybuilder and Pearl is slowly but surely completing hers. So let’s get back to it! Today we will do without a title page because my computer is going to crap out on me!

08-14-16_9-25-56 PMWe’ll start off this chapter with the twins working on their aspirations. Malachite challenges Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis to 3 chess games thus completing one of the two challenges on the wiz kid aspirations first tier.

And in the back ground Garnet is working on her social butterfly aspiration.

08-14-16_9-24-33 PMGarnet: “Oh…hey, how are you?!”

Isiah Latham: *gives Garnet the stink eye* “….”

Garnet, just like Pearl, makes people a little uneasy the first time they meet her. I don’t know why she’s perfectly likable, but sims don’t seem to know how to deal with the over-exuberance in which Garnet and Pearl seem to exude.

Despite the stink eye Isiah is giving Garnet they become fast friends and soon there after Garnet completes the first tier of the social butterfly aspiration.

08-14-16_9-37-41 PM

This picture is just too adorable not to put in the chapter. Garnet is making silly faces while socializing with Isiah and playing on the pirate ship. Man I love the sims 4!

Also she reached level 5 of the social skill by the time they have to go home. She is just flying through this aspiration!

Malachite also pulls some precious faces as he cheats his way through chess. Olivia doesn’t catch him though, so maybe he has a future as a thief?

08-14-16_9-45-39 PMWhen Malachite is done with his chess games he comes over to play with Isiah.

Mal: “What are your intentions with my sister!”

Isiah: “Who? Me? Were just friends buddy and we share a common trait as creative sims.”

Mal: “Well ok…I mean you are creative like me as well so you can’t be all that bad. But if you hurt my sister I’ll make sure this cannon shoots more than just bubbles!”

Isiah: “Oooookaaaayyyy then.”*nervously laughs*

08-14-16_9-17-21 PMMeanwhile Paolo works on his aspiration. I believe he is level seven athletic at this point.

08-14-16_6-26-55 PMBefore the day is done a very pregnant Pearl helps the twins with their homework.

08-14-16_10-10-19 PMPaolo starts to read to his son for Mal’s aspiration of an adult reading to him for 4 hours, however Paolo reads for like 5 seconds and then puts the book down. This also happened with Pearl so I eventually buy a new book shelf and place it in a different location and that fixed the problem.

08-14-16_10-10-43 PMPearl quits her job in the entertainment branch and joins the science career instead. I feel like the science career fits Pearl better and it allows her to actually work on her aspiration.

08-14-16_10-13-33 PMAnd speaking of working on her aspiration! Pearl waters and weeds her garden and comes up with some breakthroughs for the science career. I will eventually get some pots for her plants, but not until I actually build them a house!

08-14-16_10-25-04 PMAnd the monster under the bed makes his first appearance in this legacy. Luckily the twins were able to get full nights rest before it woke them up in terror. Hopefully this won’t become an issue like it did in my undocumented 100 baby challenge. Those poor kids got up several times a night due to the monster.

08-14-16_10-29-51 PMHey Pearl whats up?

Pearl: First the bathroom walls are down. Secondly Paolo got food out of the fridge and it didn’t magically close like it usually does. and Thirdly I’m in labor. I think I’d like to go to the hospital this time around.

Pearl:”Now you freak out. I give a home birth with no doctors and no modern medicine and you are totally non pulsed. But now that we’re in a place literally crawling with doctor’s and nurse’s you take time to do the pre-parental panic! I mean we already have two kids!

Paolo” “We’re at a hospital! Hospitals freak me out!

Pearl is not amused.

Pearl: “Oh hey I’m here to sign in”

Sonja: “Okay just give me a moment I’m trying to reach a high score in blick block.”

Pearl: “Okay…well no rush…I mean I’m just about to give birth and all.”

It seemed to take forever for Sonja to even acknowledge Pearl. I think my game is just laggy 😦

08-14-16_10-38-07 PMWhile pearl goes through the painful process of giving birth a thought runs through my head…Where is Paolo?

08-14-16_10-41-54 PMI found him in the hospital gym working out.

Paolo: “Hey I told you hospitals freak me out! Hey at least I’m still in the building and I didn’t run home!”

I actually had a sim do that once, he showed up with the mom and then peace’d out.

08-14-16_10-47-33 PMEveryone meet baby boy Kunzite Harwood!

08-14-16_10-51-42 PMThe lot loads back and this is what I find on my return. Pearl seems to have forgiven Paolo for not being there at the birth of their third and final child.

Paolo: “Hey I was there in spirit.”

08-15-16_8-52-53 AMKunzite is only slightly more difficult to take care of then the twins were. He seems to soil his diapers more often, but that’s about it. I also picked the name Kunzite because, not only does it fit with the name theme for this generation but also because of Sailor Moon!

So with the birth of the third and final child I now can find out who is going to run this legacy next. Drum roll please!……The heir is Malachite!

I used a random name picker to determine who was going to be heir.

Pearls first day at work was a success. She was promoted to Apprentice Inventor!

08-15-16_9-35-01 AMLook who also got promoted. Paolo is now on the bodybuilder path of the athletic career. Although I have to say for a sim who reached his maximum body potential he still looks rather skinny. Maybe because he boxes instead of weight lifts? Or he is just naturally skinny.

With the two promotions I was finally able to at least build Paolo and Pearl a room. I attached the bathroom and made it bigger. I wont bother to show you the bathroom because it looks the same just a little bit bigger. Also Kunzite is in his parents room so he doesn’t wake up the twins.

08-15-16_9-58-38 AMThe twins being super cute! And also they are BFF’s now which completes the second tier of the social butterfly aspiration for Garnet.

08-15-16_10-32-18 AMGarnet: “Hello there baby. You are very squirmy aren’t you?”

The look Garnet is giving her little brother is amusing. She cant decide if she is giving him goo gaga face or “if I touch him is he going to fall apart” look.

08-15-16_10-38-40 AMGarnet goes to the park to make some friends for her aspiration. She meets Minkz Dumas and they become fast friends. Garnet learns that he is a kleptomaniac.

08-15-16_10-53-02 AMWhile Garnet is making friends, Malachite is collecting quite the following. He is working on his mental skill; I believe he has to reach level 5.

Later that day is Paolo’s adult birthday. Everyone was at home however Garnet and her friend Isiah were the only two to celebrate with Paolo.

08-15-16_11-21-45 AM

Pearl: “Hey there good lookin’!”

I think Pearl is still in the third tier of Freelance Botanist. She’s already grafted 3 plants and federalized 5 plants so now she just has to get to level 6 gardening skill.

08-15-16_11-31-09 AMIts Kunzite’s birthday and he grew up in ok clothes, but I think I can do better, so time to change little man!

Kunzite-TraitsSo Kunzite here gaind the Cheerful trait like his mom. He got his mom’s hair color and dad’s eye color. He looks a lot like Malachite, although I don’t think he looks exactly like him I will put up pictures of all three kids together.

Anyway here they all are. I will leave you here. I think this is a good length.

Next time will there actually be a house or will the Harwoods still be lawn living? What kind of heir will Malachite be? Find out next time!

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