Chapter 1.0: Skilling Adventures with the Harwoods

Last chapter Kunzite, the third and final child was, born. The twins were skilling machines and Malachite was named heir.  Paolo got a promotion (I almost typed bro-motion, I kid you not!) to the bodybuilder branch of the athletic career. And Pearl switched from being in the entertainment career to the science career.

Let’s see what the Harwoods are up to now.

Pearl: “Hey would you mind being my own personal guinea pig. I need to try out a new invention I made. You know the geeks in R and D love test runs.”

Co-worker: “Um…you know…I’m no….”

Pearl: “Okay!” *freezes co-worker before she has a chance to say no*

Don’t worry I had Pearl unfreeze her immediately. She’s not evil you guys.

Since Kunzite has the same aspiration as his sister Garnet I had them both go to the park to chat up the locals. Garnet brought along her friends Minkz and Isiah for Kunzite to befriend while she worked on gaining 2 adult friends.

08-15-16_5-05-11 PMOh look it’s Randy Holliday! The D.J. that hates children. They actually had a pleasant conversation despite Randy’s dislike for kids.

08-15-16_5-26-44 PMGarnet: “Hey bro! I missed you. Wish you could have joined me at the park.”

Kunzite: “Hey I was at the park! You could have talked to me!”

Sorry kiddo they are twins plus best friends. Actually all three children are good friends with each other, but there is a special bond between Malachite and Garnet.

08-15-16_5-30-21 PM

Paolo: “Honey you need to hit the bag with more force than that! Common” you can do better!”

Pearl: “How about I punch you in the face?”

Paolo: “I’m just trying to encourage you.”

Pearl: “Yeah. Encouraging me to hit you in the face.”

Paolo now has to mentor sims for his daily work task. It’s slow going let me tell you.

08-15-16_5-31-15 PMThe monster strikes again! This was before I learned of a special light that keeps the monster away.

Kunzite: “What! You mean for the whole rest of the chapter I suffer through monster attacks when I could be sleeping!?”

Well just think you could be sleeping through the whole next chapter. Readers might even forget who you are.

Kunzite: “Uh…maybe the monster makes things more interesting?”

08-15-16_5-47-49 PMThis is just to display Kunzite’s special ability to walk through a room and make every thing break.

08-15-16_5-50-13 PMI think it’s a little unfair that sims can’t use the phone to purchase medicine like they can on the computer. Poor Paolo had to call in sick for work. And then his boss had the nerve to act like Paolo was faking it.

08-15-16_6-23-00 PMMalachite has to earn an A for the whiz kid aspiration. And he is so close!

08-15-16_6-28-49 PMThese two just being adorable.

08-15-16_6-46-40 PMGarnet: “Hello. I heard there were some new kids in town and I just came by to say hi!”

Madeline: “Careful bro she’s a legacy sim. She’s just using you to complete her aspiration!”

These two are Madeline and Myron Hartley (created by stinortor) and they are from the #legacyloves in the gallery.

08-15-16_7-00-49 PMGarnet has now completed the social butterfly aspiration with the friendship of Myron here. She is now working towards artistic prodigy.

I do want to keep an eye on Myron because he is adorable. And I am aware that I use that adjective way too much.

08-15-16_7-24-06 PMThe next morning Kunzite manages to set himself on fire as well as most of what little house they have.

Kunzite: “But Mal makes it look so easy.” 😦

Mal: *yells from across the lawn* “That’s because I know what I’m doing dude!”

Paolo goes to the gym to work on his daily task. I’m having a hard time with this one he needs to mentor several adult sims to get the task completed. Maybe he just needs more friends.

08-17-16_6-47-42 PMI broke down and got Mal (really the whole Harwood family) a chess set. I think sims achieve mental skill much faster with it and also Kunzite gets to use his social skills.

08-17-16_7-15-49 PMKunzite: “Oh mom will you be my best friend? None of the other kids have high enough friendship levels with me.”

Pearl: “Of course we can be best friends honey!”

Kunzite is now on the final tier of the social butterfly skill.

08-17-16_7-19-41 PMThe Garden Gnomes come for a visit to help Pearl with her ever growing garden.

08-17-16_9-40-08 AMThis explosion marks the third and final emotion potion that Mal had to make for his aspiration. And he finally received an A form school. Now all he needs is to master out the mental skill before his birthday in 2 days. He’s level 8 or 9 by now so hopefully he can achieve it.

08-17-16_9-42-32 AMKunzite: ” Hey Garnet, how is playing with toys supposed to help you with the artistic prodigy aspiration?”

Garnet: “Well using you imagination gets the creative juices flowing.”

Kunzite: “Oh”

08-17-16_9-47-35 AMKunzite: “Happy Birthday mom!”

Pearl: ” Thanks pickle!”

08-17-16_9-48-13 AMPearl: “Yes that’s right ladies and gents. I am finally joining my husband in adulthood.”

08-17-16_9-49-37 AMPearl: “Yeah! I still got it!”

08-17-16_11-45-25 AMPearl painted Paolo’s portrait. I might have her re-due it, but it’s not too bad.

08-19-16_8-13-50 PMAnd Pearl got very inception with her portrait.

Here is our little overachiever completing her second aspiration before her brother can complete his first.

08-17-16_11-01-16 AMFather and son bonding. Also new couch. My pictures somehow get a little out of order and I don’t know why; so annoying!

08-17-16_11-00-40 AMMal finally completed his aspiration, and with no time to spare because it’s the twins birthday.

Make some good wishes you too!

8f8221d5-0420-49f4-b047-203bbf44e36dMal adds Lazy to his traits.

Paolo: “What?! How can a child of mine be lazy!”

Mal: “I’m not you dad. I’m my own man!”

1b5aca04-3a2a-4ff8-b808-ba15644f84bdHowever Garnet does add active to her traits.

Paolo: “That’s my girl!”

Garnet: “That’s young woman now dad!”

Paolo: “NO! Nope! You are forever my little girl!”

I think the twins should switch aspirations. I mean Mal was the whiz kid and Garnet was the social butterfly. But maybe the twins like to switch off every now and then.

Also dear readers this is where I leave you. Will the Harwoods EVER get off the lawn? Will Paolo get over the fact that his son is lazy?

Kunzite: “What about me! There’s still hope for me!”

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