Chapter 2.8: The One Where Things Happen


♥ Malia and her husband Antony had twins: Dominic and Annabeth

♥ Percival and Malin worked on their aspirations

♥ Cleo ran away, but came back.

♥ Catarina gave birth to twins Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia while Malone ran out of the room in a panic.

♥ The Vet Clinic got a little bit of an upgrade.

♥ And Catarina got abducted by aliens.

12-27-17_11-16-23 AM.pngVax: Welcome back one and all! I declare that I am the cutest among my siblings! That is all…

12-27-17_12-03-51 PM.pngScanlan’s birthday is up and I’m rather happy about it since now I only have two toddlers to contend with now.

12-27-17_12-13-42 PM.pngLook at that smile! Scanlan is a Cat lover like his momma and he is an artistic prodigy.

12-27-17_12-26-53 PM.png And because he is awesome he soon completes his first milestone!

12-27-17_8-32-28 PM.png Catarina comes home with a promotion!

Malin and Percival go to the park to work on their respective aspirations. Malin meets Nephrite her cousin while Percy tries to make some friends.

12-27-17_9-15-39 PM.png And Malin completes her aspiration. I don’t believe I gave her another one.

12-28-17_10-45-54 AM.pngVex: Kitty you’re my best friend!

12-28-17_10-47-28 AM.pngStart off the morning right with a childhood phase.

Percy: My looks are not important I wish people to judge me on my actions.

12-28-17_10-47-45 AM.png

While Percy is expressing himself by wearing a ridiculous costume, Vex expresses her creativity by spilling paint everywhere.

12-28-17_10-48-40 AM.pngCatarina: Young lady do you know how hard it is to clean paint off of hardwood floors!

12-28-17_11-03-45 AM.pngMalin: Oooohhh hamburger cake!

12-28-17_11-27-53 AM.pngMalin received the squeamish trait and the Chief of Mischief aspiration. Since I just completed that aspiration with Malone I’m not even going to bother with Malin.

12-28-17_11-33-50 AM.pngVax working on his communication skill. He and Vex have mastered that skill with a few sim hours with this guy.

12-28-17_11-43-11 AM.pngPercy befriended this lady and now he just needs one more child friend and he will have completed his aspiration.

Hey Percy where is your bear suit?

Percy: Drats I knew I was forgetting something!

01-06-18_10-36-30 PM.pngPercy: I find I can express myself better if no one can look at me.

01-06-18_11-32-36 PM.pngMalin: You know Percy it would be easier to finish your project without the bear suit.

Percy: This suit is an extension of my soul taking it off would be like ripping a piece of my soul away. Leaving me but a shell of my former self.

Malin: It was just a thought no need to get so emo about it.

01-07-18_5-33-43 PM.pngPercy who is apparently over his phase invites his cousin Dominic, who is now a child, over to get to know him better.

Dominic: Hey Percy what is that saucer like thing? It’s getting closer…

01-07-18_5-36-07 PM.pngCatarina: Oh no! Not again.

Yes I did give Catarina a lean potion, and I don’t like it 😦

01-07-18_5-36-39 PM.pngDominic: Do you think your mom is going to be okay?

Percy: I think so. I mean this has happened before and she has come back. Also grandpa Malachite was abducted and he came back…with aunt Malin.

Dominic: Do you think your mom is going to bring home a baby?

Percy: Unlikely.

01-07-18_5-44-37 PM.pngMalone: Your castle is coming along nicely son. I think we’re going…um…you’re going to get a A+ on this project.

01-07-18_5-46-06 PM.png With the completion of his project Scanlan finished his aspiration! Now he is working on Rambunctious Scamp.

01-07-18_5-51-05 PM.pngHey look Doc is back…and he’s eating our food!

01-07-18_5-51-30 PM.pngCatarina: Doc you can’t be on the counters eating our food! I don’t want to be haunted by my mother in law! She scares me!

Part of Catarina’s aspiration is that she has to correct 2 misbehaviors of her pets. She was able to complete one but not the other since Cleo doesn’t misbehave anymore. And our house is full so we can’t get another pet to train yet.

01-07-18_5-56-44 PM.pngCatarina meditating on why she is being abducted so many times.

01-07-18_6-07-53 PM.pngSo Malone was stressed from doing too many chores because of his lazy trait and one of the ways he wanted to unwind was to run on the treadmill. His stressed moodlet from chores went away, but he got another one from working out cause he’s lazy! *facepalm*

01-07-18_6-09-09 PM.pngMalone: What can I say? I’m a man of many contradictions.

01-07-18_6-16-34 PM.png Percival invited Dominic over again and was able to complete his aspiration!

01-07-18_6-16-56 PM.pngThe Two cousins looking super adorable.

01-07-18_7-03-10 PM.pngTwinsie nap!

01-07-18_7-08-10 PM.pngAnd birthday time! First up Vax.

01-07-18_7-19-22 PM.pngAnd then comes Vex.

01-07-18_7-29-15 PM.pngVax looking super adorable. He, like his aunt Malin, received the squeamish trait along with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

01-07-18_7-37-10 PM.pngVex is a bookworm which appropriately fits her whiz kid aspiration.

01-07-18_7-38-21 PM.pngAnd I almost forgot but it’s Catarina’s adult birthday.

01-07-18_7-38-36 PM.pngShe looks the same. I might change her look though.

I wanted to show these pictures side by side, but my photo editor crapped out on me. However I’m happy to report that the kids are not clones of each other. And, I think, as they age into teens we will see more differences.

I will leave you here but first here are some Bonus Pics.


Here are Malia and Antony’s Twins Dominic and Annabeth. I’ve contemplated on changing their names however I’m tired of the Mal name theme of generation 2 and I quite like their names.

The twins room got a bit of a makeover.

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