Chapter 2.9: The Aspiration Objective


→ Scanlan had a birthday and is now a Cat loving child

→ Percy went through and un-bearable stage in his childhood

→ Malin is now a teen

→ Catarina got abducted…again.

→ Vax and Vex had their childhood birthdays

01-07-18_8-52-43 PM.pngMalone: Ah another excellent painting finished.

Vex: Are you sure you want to put that piece there? Oh.My.Plumbob….what is that?

Scanlan: What’s What?

Vex: *quickly rearrange the pieces before her brother notices.

Really Catarina! I mean REALLY! It’s her third time, but I’ve never had a sim get abducted this many times. And what are they doing to her?

Catarina came back just in time to see her beloved Cleo pass into the next world. Percy was actually quite distraught but he got over it.

Malone: Hey everyone I know we just had a tragedy just happen but it’s Percival’s birthday. So come on let’s cheer him on!

Percy: Thanks dad, but if you really wanted to cheer me up you would have made an actual cake and not a lo-carb one. Are you trying to tell me something?

01-07-18_9-41-14 PM.pngPercy looks a lot like his mom, in my opinion anyway. He aspires to be a serial romantic which gives him the alluring trait. He also is a dance machine. I gave him a tattoo which I do for all of the kids, except I think I forgot to give one to Malia and Mallory last generation…oops!

01-07-18_9-44-16 PM.pngPercy: Gotta look good on the dance floor to attract the ladies!

01-07-18_10-04-28 PM.pngMalone goes over to visit Mallory and runs into her husband Sebatian Kennedy, who was a childhood friend of Mallory’s.

01-07-18_10-23-46 PM.pngPercy: Okay sis I won’t be so easily fooled by your tricks as Scanlan.

Vex: We shall see brother…we shall see…

02-12-18_10-06-21 AM.pngPercy: Well hello neighbor, fancy seeing you here at the park.

02-12-18_10-11-30 AM.pngEvie: Huh wha….

Percy: Ah…what’s going on?

Evie: Thought I saw a  goblin.

Percy: Um…so….did you?

02-12-18_10-13-03 AM.pngEvie: *sighs* No unfortunately.

Percy: So would you like to exchange phone numbers….you know in case you see a goblin you can tell me all about it.

Evie: Are you making fun of me?

Percy: Wouldn’t dream of it.

Evie: Well in that case sure….would you like to hang out with me?

Percy: Sure.

The two had a rather successful date. Both getting their first kiss, and Percy asked Evie to be his girlfriend. She said yes of course. No one can resist the allure of an alluring sim 😉

02-12-18_10-33-07 AM.pngBack home Malone adopts this little fluff ball Shilo. I’m trying to get Catarina to complete her aspiration.

02-12-18_10-39-47 AM.pngShe is so cute!

02-12-18_10-42-32 AM.png Catarina comes home with a promotion.

02-12-18_12-43-24 PM.pngDating in the 21st century. Percy actually completes his first milestone of getting a girlfriend  and having 2 successful dates.

Now it’s on to more romancing. He and Ibraham just share a high five and then Ibraham has to leave. Percy was much more successful with Oumaima here.

02-12-18_8-51-16 PM.pngHe invites her over to his house to put the moves on her. He doesn’t want Evie to surprise him.

02-12-18_9-06-58 PM.pngScanlan: Oh don’t mind me I’m just hanging here!

02-12-18_9-48-37 PM.pngThe next day Percy invites a friend from school over. 02-22-18_9-32-34 AM.pngOh they sure do grow up fast!

02-22-18_9-51-19 AM.pngCataria has a few days off from work so Malone took her to the Geek festival to spend some quality time together….where they were both on seperate computers….

Don’t worry they had some quality time in the rocket ship…*wink…wink*

02-22-18_9-53-35 AM.png Malone took home one of those fancy computers.

02-22-18_10-06-57 AM.pngBack at home Percy and Vex are utilizing the made over front porch. The front porch was looking a little bare and I wanted to make it more homey.

02-22-18_10-16-41 AM.pngAfter finishing his homework Percy invites Izumi over for a make out sesh.

02-22-18_10-53-35 AM.pngI sent Catarina over to the Vet Clinic since I haven’t been there in a while. Nothing super exciting happens.

02-24-18_8-58-16 AM.pngVex: Oh man that was a close one!

Please don’t burn down the house Vex’ahlia!

02-24-18_9-13-20 AM.pngCatarina: I’m warning you cat…don’t sit on counters or tables. You wouldn’t want the wrath of Peyton Harwood on you!

02-24-18_9-13-27 AM.pngShilo: *Hisses at the mention of Peyton’s name*

02-24-18_9-16-46 AM.pngDon’t look so sad Scan-man, it’s your birthday!

02-24-18_9-34-01 AM.pngScanlan receives the Lazy trait just like his grandpa Mal and his dad. His aspiration is to be a Good Vampire which gives him the gregarious trait as well. Scanlan aslo has the creatively gifted trait for completing his child aspiration along with Happy Toddler trait.

Look at how cute these two are! Now Percy has 3 strong romantic relationships.

02-24-18_10-03-34 AM.png Here is Percy’s progress so far.

02-24-18_10-15-29 AM.pngCatarina: Here you go Shy have a treat.

02-24-18_10-15-43 AM.png Catarina: Oh my….what happened!

02-24-18_10-15-48 AM.pngPoor Shilo! Catarina fed her the saltwater taffy treat and she got swamp mouth! Catarina took her to the vet clinic where she examined her. She is fine now.

02-24-18_10-39-48 AM.pngIzumi and Percy are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

02-24-18_10-42-58 AM.pngCatarina: Hey cat I’m serious you need to get off the counter!

Shilo: *gives Catarina a pitiful stare in her cone of shame*

Catarina: Don’t you dare give me that look! If Peyton gets a hold of you your going to need a whole lot more than a cone of shame!

02-24-18_11-23-57 AM.pngPeople at the house gathering around the kitchen can only mean one thing….PAR-TAY TIME!

02-24-18_11-24-11 AM.pngIt’s time for Malin’s YA birthday!

02-24-18_11-37-12 AM.pngHere she is in all of her alien glory! She is now a Kleptomaniac with fits nicely with her Chief of Mischief aspiration.

02-24-18_11-39-51 AM.pngMalone took her portrait which will be hung on the wall to be immortalized with all the other Harwoods.

So I will end her good readers! Hoped you enjoyed the latest instalment to the Harwood Legacy and happy simming!