Chapter 2.10: The Good Vampire


• Catarina got abducted, again

• Cleo passed away

• Percival had his teen birthday and became a Serial Romantic

• The Harwoods adopted a cat named Shilo

• Scanlan had his teen birthday and wants to become a Good Vampire

• Malin had her Young Adult birthday and moved out

02-24-18_11-47-31 AM.pngPercy and Oumaima are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Percy is becoming a lady killer.

02-24-18_11-55-52 AM.png Percival’s traits so far. He had a happy toddlerhood and he got socially gifted from completing his childhood aspiration. I decided to give him great kisser due to his aspiration.

02-24-18_1-04-42 PM.pngVax and Vex working on their aspirations. Vex is almost done, but due to a lot trait that I forgot about Vax wasn’t getting inspired instead he was becoming playful, so it took a while to complete part of his aspiration.

02-24-18_1-15-16 PM.png Another promotion for Catarina. I need to focus more on her aspiration. Hopefully Shilo can help out with that.


When Percy went to the Romance Festival this random dude threw some petals on him and started flirting.

02-24-18_1-30-46 PM.png Vex has completed her child aspiration, since their is only a few days left till she is a teenager she won’t get a new aspiration.

02-24-18_2-17-38 PM.png Percy & Scanlan: Hey Lilith!

Lilith: Oh, hey if it isn’t the Harwood boys! Are you here to ask for eternal life?

Percy: *points to brother* He is, I’m here for the ladies *gives smoulder*

02-24-18_2-18-06 PM.pngScanlan: So what can you tell me about vampire history?

Lilith: I don’t bore myself with such trivial things. I like to live in the here and now.

02-24-18_2-21-07 PM.pngPercy: Are you my Appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

Elizabeth: Oh, um you didn’t let Aunt Lilith bite you or anything….cause that could leave a funny feeling in your stomach?

04-22-18_7-06-01 PM.png On another night Scanlan invited Lilith over to his house.

Scanlan: Thanks Lilith for meeting me at my place.

Lilith: No problem, anything for a friend.

Scanlan: Do you mean that? Anything for a friend? Because you and your brother have inspired me, I would like to become a good vampire one day just like you two. Would you consider turning me?

Lilith: Are you sure. This isn’t a decision one should make lightly.

Scanlan: I’m positive.


Lilith: Well in that case I’ll make this as painless as possible.

04-22-18_7-16-00 PM.pngWhile Scanlan is becoming a member of the undead Percy shares a meal with his dad. They look more alike than I thought, but Percy still takes more after his mom.

04-22-18_7-31-37 PM.pngCatarina likes to show off her skills in the kitchen.


Catarina makes friends with Shilo.


The Hijinks festival came around and Malone invited his brother Malcolm out for some fun! Malone and Malcolm joined the pranksters and won! Since Malone already had a voodoo doll I sold the one he won.

04-22-18_10-29-12 PM.pngMalone met his cousin Jadeite at the festival. Jadeite is Kunzite and Madeleine’s daughter.


The next day after school Scanlan feels the change come upon him!


Scanlan: Hey mom, dad just so you know I’m now a vampire so I can’t go out in the sun and garlic is a HUGE no anywhere, especially food.

Catarina: Ok dear, any other food restrictions I should be aware of?

Malone: Well son that’s one way to get through puberty.

04-23-18_8-42-13 PM.pngScanlan: Ah Plasma Juice. I can’t wait till I can make this stuff myself.

04-23-18_8-51-21 PM.pngProject time!

Scanlan: So what do you have to build.

Percy: A bridge/

Scanlan: That’s not fair. I have to build some sort of electricity conductor!

Percy: Should have taken art as an elective.

04-23-18_9-30-38 PM.pngIt’s the twins birthday! First up…Vax!

04-23-18_9-33-46 PM.pngThen Vex!

04-23-18_9-31-02 PM.pngMalone: Woo! No more kids in the house!

04-23-18_9-44-11 PM.pngVax’ildan received the foodie trait. And wants to be a best selling author.

04-23-18_10-05-03 PM.pngVex’ahlia wants to be a master mixologist with the perfectionist trait.


Scanlan puts the moves on Elizabeth and she is much more receptive to him than Percy. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

04-25-18_8-50-30 PM.pngCatarina: Shilo, what have I told you about sitting on the table?

04-25-18_8-50-50 PM.png Good Kitty!

04-25-18_8-55-00 PM.png Wait….what?! This was a complete shock to me! I had no idea that Shilo was expecting!

04-25-18_8-55-41 PM.png And like any good mother to be she catches up on some z’s before the little one comes along.

04-25-18_9-00-30 PM.pngBefore Shilo can welcome in the new addition to the family. It’s Percivals birthday!

04-25-18_9-13-48 PM.pngPercy adds romantic to his traits. He is ready to romance the ladies…and possibly some men, around town.

04-27-18_9-13-42 AM.pngWelcome Jester to  the family! Jester is a girl and she is rather cute.

Jester is a very affectinante cat!

04-27-18_9-16-55 AM She is also a Prowler and territorial.

This is where I will leave the chapter. Don’t forget to check out the heir poll on Before you go check out the extra bits.


The Candidates: Percy (top), Scanlan (left), Vax’ildan (middle), and Vex’ahlia (right)

Extra Bits:

04-22-18_10-09-38 PMAkeem Harwood, Marion and Malcolm’s son.

02-24-18_2-29-16 PM.pngCian Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s son.


Dominic and Annabeth  Blankenship, Malia and Antony’s twins.