Chapter 3.0: Love, Poison, and other Things


• Percy started on his aspiration to become a serial romantic

• Scanlan became a Vampire (whether he becomes good remains to be seen)

• The twin are now Teenagers.

• Scanlan got himself a girlfriend, Elizabeth.

• Shilo gave birth unexpectedly to Jester.

• Percy is now an Adult

• There was a tie between Percy and Vex on the boolprop forum so now we have dual heirs!

04-27-18_10-28-36 AM.pngWe start off the chapter in the Vet clinic. This poor little kitty is Mojo and he is Jester’s Papa. Which is interesting because Jester is orange and neither of her parents are.

Vax: I feel and ominous presence behind me. What is this cold feeling?

04-27-18_10-49-12 AM.pngScanlan: Yes! I successfully transformed into a bat!

04-27-18_10-50-56 AM.pngIs it really that time? I’m excited to start the next generation, but It’s a little sad when the previous one ends.

04-27-18_10-51-33 AM.pngMalone: I’m just turning into an elder. I haven’t gone anywhere yet!

06-24-18_5-51-34 PM.pngSeasons is here so the Harwoods built a greenhouse to protect the plants, some of which were here since the days of the founder Pearl.

Percy and Malone went to the spice festival.

Percy: Well hello there gorgeous, care for a rose?

Lady: Oh….well sure I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful rose and a complement from a handsome stranger.

I learned from this encounter that Percy can do the Kiss hands interaction and that counts as a kiss. Which makes that aspect of the aspiration much easier.

Malone spent his time singing Karaoke and completing the  spicy challenge while his son was romancing the ladies. Percy too won the spicy challenge.

Percy: Ah rain, glorious rain!

The first rain of the game! After the spice festival Percy was invited to a bar by one of his friends.

06-24-18_6-21-18 PM.pngPercy: Ok that’s enough rain! I’m not dressed for this!

06-24-18_6-26-45 PM.pngCatarina: Hello little furball! I hope we will be great friends.

06-24-18_6-27-37 PM.pngMama Shilo giving her little one a bath.

06-24-18_8-55-37 PM.pngScanlan: I’m well on my way to making my own plasma juice!

I know one needs frogs or fish, but shhh! Don’t tell Scanlan that.

06-27-18_2-15-37 PM.pngSo I sent Percy to Selavadorada to meet some new ladies. I didn’t mean to take Malone, Vax, or Shilo with me. I was able to send Malone and Vax home.

Percy met several receptive ladies there. Some were married some were not. However none really caught my attention as a potential spouse. Or Percy’s for that matter.  He never rolled any wishes to spend more time with any of these ladies.

06-27-18_3-17-20 PM.pngVex however met Hector Mendoza and they became fast friends.

06-27-18_3-24-09 PM.pngStill having trouble editing my photos. Percy here just needs one more sim to kiss than he can move on to the next level of his aspiration.

06-27-18_3-27-39 PM.pngPercy: There the last kiss!

Penelope: Um…what do you mean?

Percy: Oh….just at last the sweet, sweet kiss of my fair maidens hand!

06-27-18_3-34-12 PM.pngPercy asked Penelope out on a date where there was many romantic interactions which ended with the to becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

I won’t bore you with all the pictures because Percy has to do this several times so I will just cut to the chase.

06-27-18_3-35-00 PM.pngPercy has to earn 3 gold on dates, which he just earned his first. Also 8 boyfriends or girlfriends which Penelope makes the 4th. So he’s halfway to completing his aspiration!

Percy and Vex didn’t just spend their time in Salvadorada meeting the locals they also worked on their archeology skill.

Percy had two more golden dates and snagged is last 4 girlfriends and thus completed his aspiration! Now I can focus on Vex’s aspiration.

06-27-18_9-28-26 PM.pngYou might wonder what Vex got up to this trip besides met a potential spouse. Poor, poor Vex’ahlia was minding her own business when a swarm of poisonous spiders descended upon her!

06-27-18_9-35-17 PM.pngVex: Sir, I was wondering if you can help me. I was bitten by several big black spiders with a red mark on them and now I don’t feel so good.

Sir: Oh yes those spiders are poisonous.

Vex: POISONOUS! Do you have an antidote?

Sir: No, but I can make it if you give me bone dust, or, you know order it on the internet.

06-27-18_9-37-15 PM.pngLuckily we had enough money to by the antidote.

06-27-18_9-37-53 PM.pngAnd Vex was saved from, I’m sure, what would have been a horrible death.

And with that I will close the chapter here. I hope you enjoyed the latest installment to the Harwood legacy, and happy simming!

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