Chapter 3.3: My Favorite Day


• Percy went spouse hunting

• The Harwood family prepped for Winterfest

• Catarina had her elder birthday

• And Malone Harwood, second generation heir, left this mortal coil.

Checking in with Percy. He’s making a lovely flower arrangement, though it doesn’t look like he is too pleased with the results.

Percy: I don’t care about the stupid flowers! My dad just died….we won’t get to celebrate Winterfest with him! He was really looking forward to it to *cue uncontrollable sobbing*

07-01-18_11-32-22 PM.pngPercy takes his mind off things for a while by making snow angels.

07-01-18_11-33-36 PM.pngThen, before he freezes to death, I have him invite Harmony over. She was the only one of the ladies he wanted to talk to, and being the benevolent controller that I am, I obliged.

07-01-18_11-36-34 PM.pngAnd Vex invited Hector over.

Percy: So in the spirit of Winterfest I would like to present you with this gift.

Harmony: Oh you shouldn’t have!

Percy: Oh it’s just something that I made.

Harmony: It’s beautiful Percy!

Percy gave one of the flower arrangements he made.

Percy continues to romance Harmony till she agrees to be his girlfriend.

07-02-18_8-04-55 PM.pngCatarina is making the family a Grand Meal.

Vex: Here mom, I think you will like this.

Catarina: Wow, where did you get this?

Vex: In Selvadoroda.

Vex gave Catarina one of the artifacts she picked up.

Harmony and Percy join the Outta this World club. Yes, I know, my humor is just awesome. Right?  :\

07-02-18_8-16-54 PM.pngVex: Thank you Hector for coming all the way from Selvadorado to celebrate with my family. Here is a little something I picked up for you.

Hector: Oh, my, this is a surprise! It’s my pleasure. I like to see the traditions of other cultures. Thank you for inviting me.

Vex got her flirt on and soon Hector couldn’t resist her charms.

07-02-18_8-20-15 PM.pngHarmony: I found out something I think Percy would like to know.

Hmmm….She’s in the bathroom with a determined look on her face….wonder what it could be…

07-02-18_8-21-04 PM.pngHarmony: Hey Percy! I got some great and exciting news!

Percy: Great! Hit me with it!

Harmony: We’re going to be parents! I’m pregnant!

Percy: But….I…I’m still too young to be a dad! *takes a few deep breaths* Wait….wait…this is good. Dad would be proud that I’m carrying on the family legacy.

Then Percy starts singing.

Harmony: He took that well….I guess.

The family then gathered around the Winterfest Tree sining winterfest carols and exchanging gifts.

Poor Percy go coal. Probably one of his girlfriends.

Percy doesn’t stay down for long.

Percy: Harmony, Any day spent with you is my favorite day, will you make every day my favorite?

*quote inspired by Winnie the Pooh*

Harmony: Oh, Percy! YES!

07-02-18_8-31-18 PM.pngHarmony: Every day spent with you is my favorite too!

07-02-18_8-38-55 PM.pngSo Harmony moved in. She is halfway done in the entertainment career, level 6 I think. But her piano skill is very low.

07-02-18_8-41-54 PM.pngFather Winter comes for a visit!

Hector and Vex are swept up by all the joy and love this holiday season.

07-02-18_8-52-57 PM.pngCulminating in their own bundle of joy. Of course after Hector’s initial freak out about being a dad he is rather happy.

07-02-18_8-57-21 PM.pngCatarina wanted to build a sonwpal, but she didn’t change from her activewear into her cold weather gear so her little tush froze.

07-02-18_9-06-24 PM.pngPercival is promoted. He’s gotten a sprinkler but so far the plants haven’t need water. And now that I’m looking at his rewards I see he has a #1 Mom wall decal so I’ll have to see what that looks like.

07-02-18_9-25-42 PM.pngIt is time for Vax’ildan to move out and spread his wings. He doesn’t look to happy about it though.

Vax: My dad died like yesterday and as soon as we finish Winterfest I’m kicked out! Of course I’m not happy about it!

It is really sad now that I think about it. I was making room in the house, but I could have had him stay a bit longer. 😦

07-04-18_7-01-52 PM.pngVex is promoted and now really working on her aspiration. I just finished this aspiration not too long ago and I’m not really motivated to finish it, but I will try for Vex.

07-04-18_7-02-57 PM.pngHarmony: Oh hey, I’m Harmony by the way.

Vex: Oh thank you for introducing yourself darling.

After like two days of living in the house I realized that Harmony and Vex weren’t introduced. So I fixed that.

Vex moved into her grandparents room. I gave it a little face lift.

07-04-18_8-12-27 PM.pngVex is not having a fun time with this pregnancy.

Vex: Is this totally necessary? Do you really need to document me heaving my guts out!?

Yes it gives more realism. Don’t you want to be more relatable?

Vex:  *death glare, then more heaving*

07-04-18_8-32-05 PM.pngSo I get everything together to throw a wedding party for these love birds and the game wont let me get them married!

It says that Percy can’t marry someone that works for them, but Harmony doesn’t work for him! And I don’t know what to do. I even dismiss the maid and gardener to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t.

So I guess the lovely couple with have to be ok with living a life of commitment without the formalities of a ceremony.

07-04-18_8-39-04 PM.pngOn a happier note Scanlan and Elizabeth had a daughter, Kaylie, and grandma Catarina went over for a visit.

Kaylie is named after Kaylie a gnome bard and daughter to Scanlan Shorthalt on Critical Role.

07-04-18_8-53-44 PM.pngThese two however don’t seem to mind that their wedding went a little sideways. Their more excited to meet their little one. And I am too, but I will leave you here with a cliffhanger! Muahahaha!

Next time there will be BABIES!

Chapter 3.2: Winter Festivities


• Jester, the cat, is now an adult

• Percy is now in the gardening career

• Scanlan had his YA birthday and married his girlfriend Elizabeth and is now living in Forgotten Hollow.

• Catarina was promoted Executive Chef

The romance festival was in town.

Percy: So what are my chances of finding true love?

Romance Guru: Not lookin’ so good.

Percy: Humph!

While Percy was at the romance festival Hector asked Vex out on a date. These two are not very good singers. Vex also learned that Hector is Evil, Art lover, and Gloomy.

07-01-18_7-43-53 PM.pngSo Malone was sad because he got a notification that one of his friends died or was it one of his sisters. I think at this point Malia and Mallory passed away 😦

07-01-18_8-04-29 PM.pngA crowd of sims dancing means it’s a party! What kind of Party?

07-01-18_8-09-02 PM.pngA birthday party. Is there really any other kind in a legacy. I mean yes there is, but birthdays are more common.

07-01-18_8-09-42 PM.pngCatarina still lookin’ good!

07-01-18_8-07-17 PM.pngAlso Marion, Malcom’s wife, is pregnant again.

07-01-18_8-41-52 PM.pngVax! It’s so good to see you!

Vax: I still live here ya know!

Percy: Hey, look over there! I think someone wants to talk to you.

Vax: Oh hey….um I think you need to get your prescription checked again Percy.

Percy: Oh really? I could have sworn someone was over there. Oh well it’s your turn.

07-01-18_8-44-03 PM.pngPaolo is still haunting the house.

07-01-18_8-51-01 PM.pngWinter has come!

07-01-18_8-52-13 PM.pngPercy: Wa…wo…man this is harder than it looks!

07-01-18_8-55-18 PM.pngSo the dating pool was getting a little slim so I downloaded some Legacy loves from the gallery.

07-01-18_8-55-57 PM.pngJulie: So what brings you to our neighborhood?

Percy: Heard there were some local beauties around these parts.


07-01-18_8-56-52 PM.pngPercy made the rounds and introduced himself to all the ladies that were in the house.

07-01-18_9-02-24 PM.pngPercy: I like your tats. You can’t see mine right now, but it’s pretty rad.

Harmony: Well you’ll have to show me sometime.

07-01-18_9-17-18 PM.pngVex wanted to build a snowpal with Scanlan.

07-01-18_9-18-25 PM.pngVex: I think we did a fabulous job!

07-01-18_9-18-48 PM.pngVex: Hey, I’m your sister-in-law Vex’ahlia. I see that you and my brother are expecting.

Elizabeth: Why yes we are.

07-01-18_9-53-37 PM.pngJester being cute.

Winterfest is right around the corner and the Harwood family works together to get the festive tree looking…well…festive.

07-01-18_11-04-22 PM.pngIt’s Annabeth! She looks a lot like Malia and Peyton.

It’s the Twins birthday! Vex adds Cat Lover to her traits and Vax is a bookworm.

While the family was out building snowpals together, in a blizzard no less, tragedy struck.

Malone, heir of the second generation; husband to Catarina Lynx Harwood and father to Percival, Scanlan, Vax’ildan, and Vex’ahlia Harwood, leaves for his final resting place.

07-01-18_11-22-02 PM.pngThe Gnomes even pop in to pay their respects. Mostly to Pearl, but she is the one who started it all.

And I think that is a good place to stop.


Legacy Loves used this chapter:

Julie Fournier (lady in beret) created by: luciimariie

Harmony Wilson (tattoos) created by: Gaming_Unic0rn

07-02-18_8-14-43 PM.pngJust a little tese for what’s to come!

Chapter 3.1: Life Happens While You’re Waiting


• Malone had his elder birthday thus officially starting the reign of Percival and Vex’ahlia

• Vex and Percy visited Salvadorada

• Percy completed his aspiration

• Vex was bitten by poisonous spiders, but was saved by an antidote she bought on the internet.

06-27-18_9-45-57 PM.pngAh fall one of my favorite seasons and the Harwood house looks particularly pretty. Although I have been thinking it’s time to update it.

06-27-18_9-46-38 PM.pngJester: Ooohhh….sparkles are sooo pretty!

06-27-18_9-46-49 PM.pngJester: Look at my fluffy tail!

06-27-18_9-53-20 PM.pngPercy: This is unexceptable Jester.

Jester: What I’m not doing anything. Mmm but your pancakes look yummy!

To get away from the unsanitariness of having cat butt on your dining room table Percy decides to go to Geek Con. He has fun but doesn’t win anything.

Scanlan: So that’s the terrible noise. I guess I need to improve my handyness skill


Scanlan: Nope. Yeah I should start with something not electric maybe.

06-28-18_8-15-47 PM.pngScanlan: Man that was rough. I need a mental break moment.

06-28-18_8-19-31 PM.pngCatarina: *sniff, sniff* what is that smell? Oh dear Plumbob the vacuum is on fire!06-28-18_8-19-44 PM.pngCatarina: Really! No one is going to investigate the burning smell coming from the back porch?

No on but Catarina noticed the vacuum was on fire and she just stood there watching the flames burn. Luckily this isn’t an ISBI so I could tell her to put out the flames.

06-28-18_9-01-26 PM.pngSo the study became Percy’s new bedroom. Every time some one would go into the study they would get a dirty moodlet but nothing was dirty in the room, so I decided to take everything out and remodel it to see if that fixed the problem and it did!

06-28-18_9-04-19 PM.pngSince Percy completed his aspiration I wasn’t sure what to do with him so I had him go into the gardening career that came with seasons because it was something new. He doesn’t look too thrilled.

Catrina wanted to go and play in a leaf pile, but she had to create one first! And Malone is decaratating for the harvestfest. And it’s pouring outside. Did I mention I love seasons?!

06-28-18_9-24-51 PM.pngScan man’s birthday!

06-28-18_9-25-56 PM.pngScanlan: Man I look good! But was there really question that I wouldn’t?

Scanlan gained the Foodie trait not that he can really enjoy that trait, being a vampire and all.

07-01-18_1-34-11 PM.pngThe Gnomes came for a visit, but they don’t look too pleased.

07-01-18_1-34-28 PM.pngCatarina: Oh Mr. Gnome I’m not sure what my family did to displease you but would you accept this salad? (I don’t remember what I offered the Gnome to appease him but…)

07-01-18_1-34-37 PM.pngHe didn’t like what Catarina was selling.

07-01-18_1-36-20 PM.pngIt’s practically a Gnome invasion!

07-01-18_1-53-00 PM.pngPercy: Gerr! Gotta work off the holiday feast!

07-01-18_3-39-42 PM.pngPercy: Hey there good looking!

07-01-18_3-41-43 PM.pngScanlan: Ah ha!

07-01-18_3-45-21 PM.pngI moved the previous generations to the new basement studio.

07-01-18_3-45-41 PM.pngGotta make room for the new generations, right!?

Malone: Ah come here son! Gotta get my hugs in!

Scanlan: Of course dad.

07-01-18_3-51-21 PM.pngPercy: This is going to be good!

07-01-18_3-55-25 PM.pngI think it turned out well.

07-01-18_4-01-25 PM.pngCatarina finally gets to pose for her solo portrait.

07-01-18_5-28-48 PM.pngCatarina gets promoted to Executive chef.

Scanlan: My dearest Elizabeth, I know we just turned into young adults and being vampires we have eternity together so there is no rush, but would you marry me?

Elizabeth: Scanlan I love you and all, but for the reasons you stated I’m just not ready to get married. Maybe ask in another 100 years?

07-01-18_5-58-31 PM.pngScanlan: Well in that case would you like to woohoo?

Elizabeth: YES!….*cleared throat* I like this plan a whole lot better.

Scanlan: Oh hey would you look at that. We’re standing under a mistletoe.

Scanlan: I know you said to wait 100 years before I ask you to marry me, but I just can’t wait any longer. Will you marry me?

Elizabeth: Well the ring does look rather pretty….Oh who am I kidding of course I’ll marry you. I was just testing your resolve.

Scanlan: Oh…well…that’s good to know…

07-01-18_6-05-33 PM.pngAnd the two lovebirds get married right then and there and Scanlan moves in with Elizabeth Yoshida. One of Elizabeth’s father’s is Caleb Vatore. Scanlan also took Shilo with him.

Well I will end the chapter on this happy note. But before the chapter completely ends there are some extras…


07-01-18_2-16-05 PM.pngThis is Cian Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s son.

07-01-18_2-15-59 PM.pngMallory and Sebastian also had a daughter Maura. And she has the founder’s eye color. I love that they live on somewhere in the family.

07-01-18_2-29-43 PM.pngMalcom and Marion’s son, Akeem, is now a child. The Bheeda genes are strong in this one.