Chapter 3.1: Life Happens While You’re Waiting


• Malone had his elder birthday thus officially starting the reign of Percival and Vex’ahlia

• Vex and Percy visited Salvadorada

• Percy completed his aspiration

• Vex was bitten by poisonous spiders, but was saved by an antidote she bought on the internet.

06-27-18_9-45-57 PM.pngAh fall one of my favorite seasons and the Harwood house looks particularly pretty. Although I have been thinking it’s time to update it.

06-27-18_9-46-38 PM.pngJester: Ooohhh….sparkles are sooo pretty!

06-27-18_9-46-49 PM.pngJester: Look at my fluffy tail!

06-27-18_9-53-20 PM.pngPercy: This is unexceptable Jester.

Jester: What I’m not doing anything. Mmm but your pancakes look yummy!

To get away from the unsanitariness of having cat butt on your dining room table Percy decides to go to Geek Con. He has fun but doesn’t win anything.

Scanlan: So that’s the terrible noise. I guess I need to improve my handyness skill


Scanlan: Nope. Yeah I should start with something not electric maybe.

06-28-18_8-15-47 PM.pngScanlan: Man that was rough. I need a mental break moment.

06-28-18_8-19-31 PM.pngCatarina: *sniff, sniff* what is that smell? Oh dear Plumbob the vacuum is on fire!06-28-18_8-19-44 PM.pngCatarina: Really! No one is going to investigate the burning smell coming from the back porch?

No on but Catarina noticed the vacuum was on fire and she just stood there watching the flames burn. Luckily this isn’t an ISBI so I could tell her to put out the flames.

06-28-18_9-01-26 PM.pngSo the study became Percy’s new bedroom. Every time some one would go into the study they would get a dirty moodlet but nothing was dirty in the room, so I decided to take everything out and remodel it to see if that fixed the problem and it did!

06-28-18_9-04-19 PM.pngSince Percy completed his aspiration I wasn’t sure what to do with him so I had him go into the gardening career that came with seasons because it was something new. He doesn’t look too thrilled.

Catrina wanted to go and play in a leaf pile, but she had to create one first! And Malone is decaratating for the harvestfest. And it’s pouring outside. Did I mention I love seasons?!

06-28-18_9-24-51 PM.pngScan man’s birthday!

06-28-18_9-25-56 PM.pngScanlan: Man I look good! But was there really question that I wouldn’t?

Scanlan gained the Foodie trait not that he can really enjoy that trait, being a vampire and all.

07-01-18_1-34-11 PM.pngThe Gnomes came for a visit, but they don’t look too pleased.

07-01-18_1-34-28 PM.pngCatarina: Oh Mr. Gnome I’m not sure what my family did to displease you but would you accept this salad? (I don’t remember what I offered the Gnome to appease him but…)

07-01-18_1-34-37 PM.pngHe didn’t like what Catarina was selling.

07-01-18_1-36-20 PM.pngIt’s practically a Gnome invasion!

07-01-18_1-53-00 PM.pngPercy: Gerr! Gotta work off the holiday feast!

07-01-18_3-39-42 PM.pngPercy: Hey there good looking!

07-01-18_3-41-43 PM.pngScanlan: Ah ha!

07-01-18_3-45-21 PM.pngI moved the previous generations to the new basement studio.

07-01-18_3-45-41 PM.pngGotta make room for the new generations, right!?

Malone: Ah come here son! Gotta get my hugs in!

Scanlan: Of course dad.

07-01-18_3-51-21 PM.pngPercy: This is going to be good!

07-01-18_3-55-25 PM.pngI think it turned out well.

07-01-18_4-01-25 PM.pngCatarina finally gets to pose for her solo portrait.

07-01-18_5-28-48 PM.pngCatarina gets promoted to Executive chef.

Scanlan: My dearest Elizabeth, I know we just turned into young adults and being vampires we have eternity together so there is no rush, but would you marry me?

Elizabeth: Scanlan I love you and all, but for the reasons you stated I’m just not ready to get married. Maybe ask in another 100 years?

07-01-18_5-58-31 PM.pngScanlan: Well in that case would you like to woohoo?

Elizabeth: YES!….*cleared throat* I like this plan a whole lot better.

Scanlan: Oh hey would you look at that. We’re standing under a mistletoe.

Scanlan: I know you said to wait 100 years before I ask you to marry me, but I just can’t wait any longer. Will you marry me?

Elizabeth: Well the ring does look rather pretty….Oh who am I kidding of course I’ll marry you. I was just testing your resolve.

Scanlan: Oh…well…that’s good to know…

07-01-18_6-05-33 PM.pngAnd the two lovebirds get married right then and there and Scanlan moves in with Elizabeth Yoshida. One of Elizabeth’s father’s is Caleb Vatore. Scanlan also took Shilo with him.

Well I will end the chapter on this happy note. But before the chapter completely ends there are some extras…


07-01-18_2-16-05 PM.pngThis is Cian Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s son.

07-01-18_2-15-59 PM.pngMallory and Sebastian also had a daughter Maura. And she has the founder’s eye color. I love that they live on somewhere in the family.

07-01-18_2-29-43 PM.pngMalcom and Marion’s son, Akeem, is now a child. The Bheeda genes are strong in this one.

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