Chapter 3.2: Winter Festivities


• Jester, the cat, is now an adult

• Percy is now in the gardening career

• Scanlan had his YA birthday and married his girlfriend Elizabeth and is now living in Forgotten Hollow.

• Catarina was promoted Executive Chef

The romance festival was in town.

Percy: So what are my chances of finding true love?

Romance Guru: Not lookin’ so good.

Percy: Humph!

While Percy was at the romance festival Hector asked Vex out on a date. These two are not very good singers. Vex also learned that Hector is Evil, Art lover, and Gloomy.

07-01-18_7-43-53 PM.pngSo Malone was sad because he got a notification that one of his friends died or was it one of his sisters. I think at this point Malia and Mallory passed away 😦

07-01-18_8-04-29 PM.pngA crowd of sims dancing means it’s a party! What kind of Party?

07-01-18_8-09-02 PM.pngA birthday party. Is there really any other kind in a legacy. I mean yes there is, but birthdays are more common.

07-01-18_8-09-42 PM.pngCatarina still lookin’ good!

07-01-18_8-07-17 PM.pngAlso Marion, Malcom’s wife, is pregnant again.

07-01-18_8-41-52 PM.pngVax! It’s so good to see you!

Vax: I still live here ya know!

Percy: Hey, look over there! I think someone wants to talk to you.

Vax: Oh hey….um I think you need to get your prescription checked again Percy.

Percy: Oh really? I could have sworn someone was over there. Oh well it’s your turn.

07-01-18_8-44-03 PM.pngPaolo is still haunting the house.

07-01-18_8-51-01 PM.pngWinter has come!

07-01-18_8-52-13 PM.pngPercy: Wa…wo…man this is harder than it looks!

07-01-18_8-55-18 PM.pngSo the dating pool was getting a little slim so I downloaded some Legacy loves from the gallery.

07-01-18_8-55-57 PM.pngJulie: So what brings you to our neighborhood?

Percy: Heard there were some local beauties around these parts.


07-01-18_8-56-52 PM.pngPercy made the rounds and introduced himself to all the ladies that were in the house.

07-01-18_9-02-24 PM.pngPercy: I like your tats. You can’t see mine right now, but it’s pretty rad.

Harmony: Well you’ll have to show me sometime.

07-01-18_9-17-18 PM.pngVex wanted to build a snowpal with Scanlan.

07-01-18_9-18-25 PM.pngVex: I think we did a fabulous job!

07-01-18_9-18-48 PM.pngVex: Hey, I’m your sister-in-law Vex’ahlia. I see that you and my brother are expecting.

Elizabeth: Why yes we are.

07-01-18_9-53-37 PM.pngJester being cute.

Winterfest is right around the corner and the Harwood family works together to get the festive tree looking…well…festive.

07-01-18_11-04-22 PM.pngIt’s Annabeth! She looks a lot like Malia and Peyton.

It’s the Twins birthday! Vex adds Cat Lover to her traits and Vax is a bookworm.

While the family was out building snowpals together, in a blizzard no less, tragedy struck.

Malone, heir of the second generation; husband to Catarina Lynx Harwood and father to Percival, Scanlan, Vax’ildan, and Vex’ahlia Harwood, leaves for his final resting place.

07-01-18_11-22-02 PM.pngThe Gnomes even pop in to pay their respects. Mostly to Pearl, but she is the one who started it all.

And I think that is a good place to stop.


Legacy Loves used this chapter:

Julie Fournier (lady in beret) created by: luciimariie

Harmony Wilson (tattoos) created by: Gaming_Unic0rn

07-02-18_8-14-43 PM.pngJust a little tese for what’s to come!

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