Chapter 3.4: Happy New Year!


♦ The Harwoods celebrate their first Winterfest.

♦ Both Percy and Vex invite over their significant others to celebrate Winterfest an to do the tango, so to speak ;). And now Harmony and Vex are expecting.

♦  Scanlan’s wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to their daughter Kaylie.

♦ Percy and Harmony tried to get married but some game glitch is determined to  ruin their dreams, but they wont let that get them down!

♦ Vax’ildan moves out, which he was quite depressed by.

07-04-18_9-15-22 PM.pngVex’ahlia, heavily pregnant, is hard at work gaining skills for her aspiration and career.

It is also New Years Eve so Percy throws a PAR-TAY!

Percy: Here’s to the new year and us becoming dads!

Scanlan: I’ll drink to that!

07-04-18_9-21-29 PM.pngPercy took this opportunity to get Vax’s picture done.

07-04-18_9-22-36 PM.pngHere are the bros. Now we need Vex.

07-04-18_9-24-55 PM.pngHarmony and Percy enjoy a New Years kiss.

07-04-18_9-26-24 PM.pngAnd the guest are dancing into the New Year.

07-04-18_9-27-17 PM.pngHarmony partied so hard she went into labor!

Percy: Okay…do we have everything we need? Extra clothes…diapers…my sanity…

Harmony: Really Percival now’s not the time to panic.

07-04-18_9-30-52 PM.pngSo the Doctor, Penelope, is one of Percy’s girlfriends. I imagine if Percy didn’t have the reward trait this would have been a very awkward encounter.

Percy: Eeep! No…no…I can’t do this…

Harmony: Well at least I don’t have to listen to his freaking out anymore. Okay doc, let’s get this show on the road!

07-04-18_9-34-42 PM.pngWelcome baby boy Darcy! This generation name theme is characters from Jane Austen novels. I was having a Pride and Prejudice marathon when playing.  Darcy is of course named after Fitzwilliam Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice.

07-04-18_9-35-20 PM.pngHarmony celebrates the New Year and the birth of her son! Now how many times can I type New Year in this chapter? Let’s find out…..

Harmony adds her picture to the family. And Percy and Harmony’s couple picture is just the cutest!

07-04-18_9-56-44 PMVex goes into labor a few hours later!

07-04-18_9-58-16 PM.pngHector has the standard freak out and poofs out.

07-04-18_9-59-13 PM.png

Vex: I really need to  deliver this baby….NOW!

Nurse: okay ma’am your doctors not hear yet so I need you to wait.

Vex: You have got to be kidding me!

07-04-18_10-00-41 PM.pngThe doctor finally arrives and I definitely would not want her as my doctor.

Vex: Um….is that supposed to be spraying everywhere?

Doctor: Uh…yeah it…a…disinfects.

Meet baby Frederick named after the main male protagonist, Frederick Wentworth, in Persuasion.

He really looks like he doesn’t want to be kissed by his mom.

07-06-18_7-11-48 AM.pngUncle Percy is the first to welcome Frederick into the household.

07-08-18_6-49-51 PM.pngJester being a cat.

07-08-18_6-58-19 PM.pngThe flea market was in town so Harmony went to check it out as well as the local cuisine.

07-08-18_6-59-41 PM.pngShe bought this chair.  I rarely have my sims go to the flea market because I never really see anything worth buying there, but the family has been cooped up in the house for a whiles so I decided why not?

07-08-18_7-00-02 PM.pngShe met up with her old roommate and decided to pull a prank on her. Her roommate thought it was quite funny so she actually gained friendship points.

07-08-18_8-25-11 PM.pngBack at home Harmony practices her Violin skills.

07-08-18_8-33-01 PM.pngVex comes home with a promotion!

Percy works out with his great-grandpa Paolo. And Catarina meditates on what’s to come in the New Year.

07-08-18_9-09-05 PM.pngThis picture is just here cause I was amazed at how buff Percy got.

07-08-18_9-17-19 PM.pngThe Harwoods got a pool and the kids got a swing set. I think the backyard is shaping up nicely.

07-08-18_9-29-51 PM.pngIt’s Frederick’s birthday, which means it’s also Darcy’s birthday!

07-08-18_9-32-14 PM.pngBut before we can get to the candle blowing and wish making; Malone makes his first appearance as a ghost!

07-08-18_9-33-49 PM.pngCatarina tries and fails to repair the roomba. I swear this thing breaks as soon as someone fixes it. atrina is fine by the  way. I sent her for a shower then sleep.

07-08-18_9-41-20 PM.pngVex being a pretty good chef, and since Catarina just got electrocuted, makes the birthday cake.

07-08-18_9-43-47 PM.pngAnd then I remembered babies don’t need cake. 😥

07-08-18_9-45-33 PM.pngFirst up is Darcy and he has red hair! I wasn’t expecting that.

07-08-18_9-47-07 PM.pngAnd then Frederick.

07-08-18_9-58-55 PM.png

Squee! Darcy has his mom’s eye color! He is so stinkin’ adorable! He rolled Silly. Dary has a sprinkling of freckles on his nose.

07-08-18_10-02-39 PM.png

Frederick is cute too. He rolled wild. I gave him full face freckles.

07-08-18_10-05-56 PM.pngVex and Frederick having a play session.

07-08-18_10-12-15 PM.pngWe’ll end the chapter with Percy getting a promotion. I think after this I had him quit, he always came home tense, and between Catarina, Vex, and Harmony the family makes plenty of money. So Percy is going to be a stay-at-home-dad.

Before we completely end the chapter we have some family updates.


07-08-18_7-10-29 PM.pngHere is Kaylie, Scanlan and Elizabeth’s daughter. She looks like a mini-Catarina with brown eyes.

07-08-18_7-13-43 PM.pngAnd Pike, Malcolm and Marion’s daughter. I gave Pike the generation 3 naming theme, so Pike is named after Pike Trickfoot the gnome cleric from critical role.

07-08-18_7-21-36 PM.png

Maura Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s daughter. I’m so happy that Pearl’s, the founder, eye color is surviving in another branch of the family.