Chapter 3.5: The Saddest Love Day


♦ The Harwoods celebrated New Years!

♦ Harmony and Vex gave birth to boys Darcy and Frederick respectively.

♦ The Backyard got an update.

♦ Darcy and Frederick had their toddler birthdays.


Percy: I’m disappointed in you young man. Playing in toilet water is disgusting, it’s unsanitary!

Darcy: *looks up at his dad all innocence*

Percy: *sighs* Who am I kidding you eat boogers for breakfast.

08-24-18_2-18-28 PM.pngVex experienced a glitch when taking Frederick to the bathroom.

08-24-18_2-18-48 PM.pngNeedless to say she got Frederick on the potty without any further troubles.

08-24-18_2-27-49 PMCatarina: Okay roomba, you may have one last time but I am determined to fix you!

08-24-18_2-28-59 PM.pngJester is not a fan of this plan.

08-24-18_2-47-44 PM.pngSince Catarina is in here lecturing Jester about drinking water off the floor I think she fixed the roomba.

08-24-18_2-59-14 PM.pngHarmony: Hey Vex, have you seen my little munchkin I’ve been looking for him, but can’t seem to find him.

Darcy: *giggles*

08-24-18_3-01-33 PM.pngVex was really just waiting her turn to play with her nephew.

08-24-18_3-04-06 PM.pngCatarina: It’s so good of you to come over for a visit.

Vax: Of course. I wanted to meet my nephews, and to visit with you.

Catarina: That’s nice dear, but when are you going to give me grandchildren. I’m not going to live forever.

Vax: Mom I just moved out, I’m not ready for kids.

08-24-18_9-42-05 PM.pngJester fell asleep listening to Harmony play on the piano. 08-24-18_9-53-27 PM.pngPery went to visit with his aunt Malin. These two grew up together more like siblings.

08-24-18_9-55-05 PM.pngMalin is living with their cousin Nephrite. Nephrite is the son of Kunzite and Madelyn, Nephrite has two kids, but I didn’t get their names :(.

08-24-18_10-14-17 PM.pngPaolo: Vex, you make amazing drinks. I think you will go far with your dreams.

Vex: Oh, thank you great-grandpa!

Paolo: You know grandpa is fine, you can call me grandpa.

08-24-18_10-30-47 PM.pngHarmony: Hey Catarina, what’s up, how are you doing today?

Catarina: Oh you know, just the regular aches and pains that come when you’re my age. Never get old Harmony.

Harmony: Um…you sure you’re ok?

08-24-18_10-30-55 PM.pngCatarina: Um…maybe on second thought I do feel a little funny.


Harmony is immediately devastated.  Percy walks in thinking he looks particularly good that day, and then notices his mom lying on the floor and starts bawling. Then of course little Darcy comes in and is scarred for life. Or at least has two sad moodlets, one for witnessing death and another for losing a grandparent. And Jester, don’t forget Jester

08-24-18_10-34-30 PM.pngCatarina joins her husband and previous generations of Harwood Matriarchs and Patriarchs. And the gnomes mourn their loss.

08-24-18_10-42-53 PM.pngPercy can’t contain his sadness, but doesn’t want the rest of the family to see him bawling his eyes out.

08-24-18_10-53-14 PM.pngHarmony: Honey I know your sad right now, I am too, but your mom wouldn’t want us to put our lives on hold.

Percy was just in a good enough mood to try for baby and he was in desperate need for fun.

Harmony: We’re going to have another baby!

Percy: But so soon after mother’s death? Wait, you know what she’d be happy, and I am too, it’s just so sad she’s not here.

08-26-18_7-32-39 AM.pngIt’s love day and Vex is having a hard time too, so I thought a date might cheer her up.

08-26-18_7-33-30 AM.pngThe first half of the date Vex was miserable.

08-26-18_7-43-20 AM.pngBut things seemed to turn around. She however didn’t get pregnant so now she has a sad moodlet due to her mother’s death and a failed pregnancy moodlet. And it was raining. So I ended the date early.

08-26-18_8-06-02 AM.pngHowever she did get a promotion!

08-26-18_8-06-36 AM.pngHarmony: Mama needs some snuggles.

08-26-18_8-16-17 AM.pngPercy and Harmony also go on a date that was more successful, but still involved some crying and moppy looks.

08-26-18_8-31-28 AM.pngTag team! Vex and Harmony teaching the boys some shapes.

08-26-18_8-33-42 AM.pngVex: I know our date earlier didn’t go super well, so let’s give it another go shall we?

Hector: Sure.


08-26-18_8-37-35 AM.pngHector takes the news well!

So I will end the chapter here on this happy note!