Chapter 3.6: Labor of Love

Last time the Harwoods experienced the death of Catarina Lynx Harwood. There was much crying and moping around. Percy and Harmony are expecting their second child. Vex’ahlia went on a date with boyfriend Hector, but it was a pretty sad date. She later invited him home where they had a much better time and now Vex and Hector are expecting their second child.

08-26-18_8-39-58 AM.pngVex: Here Jester, this should make you feel better.

Jester looks dubious at first, but then gives the drink a try. So far, so good.

08-26-18_8-42-29 AM.pngPercy is admiring himself. And really who wouldn’t the man is buff!

08-26-18_8-44-52 AM.pngAfter making Jester a drink Vex goes back to the bar to practice.

08-26-18_9-14-17 AM.pngFrederick enjoys his bathtime.

08-26-18_9-24-45 AM.pngOh hey, look! Malin is here and she is preggers!

08-26-18_9-26-52 AM.pngAnd a gathering of dudes. It must be a party.

Percival is celebrating his adult birthday! And yes I still have Winterfest decorations up….don’t judge me!

08-26-18_9-29-38 AM.pngPercy: I am underwhelmed.

Percy you look exactly the same.

Percy: I can feel it though….it doesn’t feel good.

08-26-18_9-32-04 AM.pngBro hug!

Vax: Don’t worry Percy you’re still a badass!

08-26-18_9-36-51 AM.pngPercy being the cool older brother he is sets up Vax with his friend Flora. Only time will tell if it works.

08-26-18_9-37-36 AM.pngHey they’re sitting across from one another. It’s a start!

08-26-18_9-48-48 AM.pngPercy takes time away from his party to see how his son is doing. Darcy really likes the blocks over all the other toys.

Percy: Come here and give me some sugar!

Harmony: You still know how to sweep me off my feet…no matter how large they get.

08-26-18_9-53-02 AM.pngPercy: How are mamma and nooboo doing today?

Harmony: We are doing well. Though I hope I don’t get any bigger!

08-26-18_10-00-08 AM.png Well it’s labor time! Let’s meet the newest addition to the Harwood family!

But before we do….hospital freak out montage!

08-26-18_10-04-38 AM.pngPercy: Okay, I can do this. I made it into the delivery room.

Harmony: Great my other half is here we can finally get started *much sarcasm and eye rolling*

Percy: Oh man, what’s that? I can’t look!

08-26-18_10-10-05 AM.pngThen after the birth this random dude shows up and takes my baby out of the bassinet!

Who are you? And what are you doing with my baby!?

08-26-18_10-12-33 AM.pngLuckily when Percy and Harmony got back our little nooboo was in her bassinet. So let’s finally meet Georgiana Harwood. She is named after Darcy’s sister in the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Also spoiler alert she has Harmony’s skin tone.

Darcy is supper excited that dad is home. I’ve never seen a toddler come greet a parent when they come home.

08-26-18_10-25-44 AM.pngSo every now and then I check to see if Percy and Harmony can get married. They still can’t. She has never worked for them so I can’t dismiss her! Stupid game with it’s stupid glitches.

Well they don’t need a wedding anyway to show that they are committed to one another! So take that game *sticks tongue out*

So we haven’t been to the Vet Clinic in a while and since Vex had some time off of work I sent her to help out. We also had to higher new veterinarians. I think Supriya has passed away. I was also able to update the clinic.

Back at home it’s time for Darcy and Frederick’s birthday!

And here are the cutie patooties! Darcy is and Outgoing Whiz Kid. And Frederick Loves the Outdoors and is a Rambunctious Scamp.

08-26-18_1-07-11 PM.png And after the kiddos have gone to bed, Vex goes into labor!

Hector shows up long enough to freak out and then poofs.

Vex: I guess I’m on my own again.

It really isn’t a good sign when your doctor freaks out over the machinery malfunctioning.

08-26-18_1-20-01 PM.pngFor some reason I didn’t take a picture of Vex and her baby after delivery. So here is Uncle Percy meeting his nephew Elliot Harwood for the first time.

Elliot is named after the Elliot family in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Anne Elliot is the protagonist of the book.

Homework session! 08-26-18_1-23-22 PM.pngThe cousins who are more like brothers are closing out the chapter with a game of chess.

But before we end the chapter completely their are some updates from the extended family!


08-26-18_10-40-43 AM.pngMeet Angelo Greene. He is the husband to Malin Harwood now Greene.

08-26-18_10-46-32 AM.png Cian Kennedy, son to Mallory Harwood, is now a teenager.

Akeem is now a teenager and Pike is a child. They are the son and daughter to Malcolm and Marion Bheeda Harwood.

08-26-18_11-04-39 AM.png Kaylie is now a child. She is the daughter to Scanlan Harwood. She is of course a vampire.