Chapter 3.7: Picture Perfect

Last time Darcy and Frederick Harwood celebrated their childhood birthday. Harmony gave birth to a baby girl named Georgiana and Vex gave birth to a boy named Elliot.

08-26-18_1-23-46 PM.pngWe catch up with Vex practicing her mixology skill behind the bar.

08-26-18_1-25-36 PM.pngShe is now working on the 4th and final Milestone of the Mixology aspiration!

08-26-18_1-33-21 PM.pngFrederick is working on the computer.

08-26-18_1-34-45 PM.pngWhile Darcy and Percy play a rousing game of chess. And Percy is shamelessly cheating.

08-26-18_1-46-36 PM.pngCatarina comes to visit to meet Georgiana.

08-26-18_1-51-02 PM.pngWe now have Generation three pictures completed.

08-26-18_1-51-34 PM.pngTime to age up the nooboos!

08-26-18_2-07-52 PM.pngGeorgiana is a Charmer.

08-26-18_2-13-11 PM.pngAnd Harmony wastes no time introducing her to the potty.

08-26-18_2-39-23 PM.pngVex and Hector get their couples picture.

08-26-18_3-15-04 PM.pngPercy: And that’s our family tree so far.

Frederick: Thanks Uncle Percy for helping me complete this project.

08-26-18_3-23-51 PM.pngTwinsies!

08-26-18_3-28-52 PM.pngUncle Vax meets baby Elliot.

08-26-18_3-30-05 PM.pngJester is now an elder.

08-26-18_3-30-54 PM.pngMalcolm has passed away :'(. Save for Malin he is the last of generation 2.

08-26-18_3-32-27 PM.pngNow that’s talent. Show off.

08-26-18_3-45-14 PM.pngI just love these two!

08-26-18_3-46-33 PM.pngIt’s time for Elliot to age up!

08-26-18_4-06-27 PM.pngThis little dude is Angelic.

08-26-18_4-12-57 PM.pngEnough with the cuteness you two!

08-26-18_4-25-23 PM.pngJester got some sickness so Percy took her to the clinic to cure her.

08-26-18_4-26-48 PM.pngPercy decides to visit his brother Scanlan.

08-26-18_4-27-20 PM.pngScanlan and Elizabeth get caught smooching <3.

08-26-18_4-27-58 PM.pngWhen these two were younger I worried they might be clones of one another, I’m glad to say they are not.

08-26-18_4-43-04 PM.pngGeorgiana: I’m da momma, you da baby.

08-26-18_5-01-18 PM.pngJester is a fierce warrior!

08-26-18_8-58-15 PM.pngSo here is a sneak peek of the house I move the Harwoods into next chapter! This house was created by SaraStopLaughing on the gallery.

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