Chapter 3.8: The Tour

08-26-18_8-58-15 PM.pngWe’ll start off this chapter with a house tour. House by SaraStopLaughing.

In the basement is Darcy and Fredericks room. I didn’t change the house much just moves somethings around.

08-26-18_9-04-34 PM.pngThe gym is also in the basement.

08-26-18_9-05-16 PM.pngPercy is helping out Frederick with his homework in the dining room.

08-26-18_9-22-41 PM.pngGeorgiana’s room.

08-26-18_9-29-25 PM.pngElliot’s room.

08-26-18_9-29-56 PM.pngGeorgiana is piloting her imaginary submarine.

08-26-18_9-48-44 PM.pngDarcy brought home a friend from school. I don’t recall his name.  But it looks like Darcy is trouncing him in chess.

08-26-18_9-50-56 PM.pngGeorgiana: Like dis dada?

Percy: You’re a natural builder Gigi.


Both Frederick and Darcy are Griffon Scouts.

08-26-18_10-05-49 PM.pngDary is hard at work on his aspiration.

08-26-18_10-21-10 PM.pngPaolo is probably the ghost that visits the family the most. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy seeing his face.

I just can’t get enough of these two!

08-27-18_8-59-04 AM.pngElliot: I’m an airpwain mamma!

08-27-18_9-09-31 AM.pngFrederick: Nope! Not doing that again!

Frederick did not like the swings. He got scared.

08-27-18_9-11-39 AM.pngDarcy: There, there Teddy you’ll be okay.

08-27-18_9-17-48 AM.pngFrederick completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. He is now working on Artistic Prodigy.

Toddlers being cute!

08-27-18_9-36-27 AM.pngFrederick may be afraid of the swing, but Darcy is not.

08-27-18_9-53-38 AM.pngDarcy is now a Unicorn….scout that is.

08-27-18_9-57-04 AM.pngJust love this picture.

08-27-18_10-50-38 AM.pngElliot working on his movement skill, and slaying it!

08-27-18_10-51-32 AM.pngAnother promotion for Vex.

08-27-18_10-53-19 AM.pngI will end this chapter with a little eye candy. This chapter has been pretty much a filler chapter. I have now caught up on my pictures and can have more play time!


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