Chapter 3.9: But Why?

12-08-18_11-26-04 PM.pngThis picture, I believe, marks Harmony getting to level 8 in the piano skill. NOW she can finally write songs.

Project time for Darcy and Frederick. Darcy gets help from the theboyican’trememberhis name and Frederick gets help from Percy.

Can you tell which castle is Darcy’s and which one is Frederick’s? Spoiler alert: it’s the red one.

12-09-18_9-06-51 AM.pngPercy: Of course ours is the best. Frederick had me helping him.

After helping his nephew beat out his son in an unofficial project making contest Percy goes upstairs to help Georgiana with her movement skill, and to spend quality time with his daughter of course!

12-09-18_9-16-19 AM.pngI’ve been kind of lost with what to do with Percy. I have completed his aspiration and have been really lazy with his second.

12-09-18_9-18-26 AM.pngDarcy: Mom….mom…..MOM WAKE UP!!!!!

12-09-18_9-18-29 AM.pngHarmony: Okay, okay….I’m up what is it?

Darcy: there’samonsterundermybedKbai!

Framit all to hell I only put one night light in Darcy and Fredericks room!

But I can’t stay mad at Darcy for too long. He’s too dang cute!

12-09-18_9-41-08 AM.pngAnd then Darcy entered the picky eater phase. I guess he’s testing my resolve.

12-09-18_9-44-47 AM.pngJester got sick so I had Percy take her to their vet clinic. This is what I should have been doing with Percy all along! But it requires leaving the lot and neglecting the other sims, unless I bring all of them and then it’s a nightmare!

Then this poor kitty died while Percy was fixing Jester. It was time I sent them home. 12-09-18_10-07-54 AM.pngBut first Percy has to clean up all the vomit Jester spewed all over the floors, and this was AFTER Percy fixed her.

Also it’s almost Georgiana’s birthday! Also it’s spooky day.

12-09-18_10-15-26 AM.pngSo Darcy was yoda, I forgot to take a picture, so that left Frederick being the Hotdog. He looks real happy about it, No?

Georgiana gets to be a cute little monster while Elliot is an awkward elf. Percy is Luke Skywalker and Vex is Leah. Harmony is a smuggler which in my mind translates to Han Solo.

But before Percy changes into Luke he carves this pumpkin.

12-09-18_10-24-13 AM.pngFrederick: Ahhhh! There’s a ghost in the candy! The candy is haunted! *runs away screaming*

12-09-18_10-25-10 AM.pngThis is the one kid that came by for trick-or-treating. And by kid I mean teenager!

Teen: What? Only one! Where’s the rest?

Percy: This is what you get, were saving the rest for the other trick-or-treaters!

Teen: Whatever man, this place is dead.

12-09-18_10-34-59 AM.pngSince no one else came by Percy and Vex teach their kids respectively about shapes. While Harmony dances the night away.

12-09-18_10-49-47 AM.pngHector askes Vex out on a date. I didn’t realize but they were not officially boyfriend/girlfriend so now they are. But the date was kind of lame they both ended up talking to other people. I just don’t get super coupley vibes from them.

Vex comes home to a very curious Georgiana.

Gigi: Why Aunty?

Vex: Why what?

Gigi: BUT why?!

Vex: That’s what I want to know! Why?

Gigi: Why daddy?

12-09-18_11-18-49 AM.pngGigi: Why daddy, why Darcy, why Aunty?

A collective sigh of relief.

12-09-18_11-22-42 AM.pngAnd one final,

Gigi: But why?

before Georgiana maxes out the thinking skill. Georgiana maxed out all skills but imagination I think.

12-09-18_11-25-49 AM.pngThen it’s time for Georgiana to blow out her candles!

12-09-18_11-50-13 AM.pngGeorgiana is now a Social Butterfly with the Goofball trait.

I guess this is as good as any place to leave the chapter. But before I do there are some extras….


Drake and Korrin Greene. They are Malin’s twins.

Maura is now a teen, and Cian is a YA. These are Mallory’s kids.


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