Chapter 3.12: The Heirs

01-15-19_3-22-05 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with Darcy working on his Outdoor badge for scouts. Winter is almost over and spring will soon come judging by the amount of snow left on the ground.

01-15-19_3-24-19 PM.pngVex takes a nice jog in the Cool winter air.

01-15-19_3-31-35 PM.pngThe Gnomes have taken over the garden. I eventually sell them but not till later.

01-15-19_3-39-45 PM.pngNicola, not Nicole, gets an unwanted/unintentional lesson in anatomy. This is why humans invented knocking, saves us from overly embarrassing moments like this one.

Elliot and Georgiana come home with a promotion from their Drama Club.

Percy wanted to Woohoo with Harmony and the rocket gets underused so….

01-15-19_4-10-10 PM.pngOh hey Malone! How’s the after life treating you?

Malone: It’s like I never left.

01-15-19_4-11-07 PM.pngDarcy is my first sim to reach Llamacorn Scout status! I’m interested to see how fast the scouting trait lets him skill.

01-15-19_4-13-30 PM.pngFrederick still needs to work on the Young Scientist, Outdoor Activities, and Good Deeds badges before become a llamacorn scout.

01-15-19_4-18-25 PM.pngWhile Frederic explores space; Georgiana invites her club over to make some friends.

BOOM CRASH! Fortunately Frederick survives to tell his tale. Although he does go invisible for a few seconds.

In an attempt to meet some sims their age Darcy and Frederick head to San Myshuno. The boys play a bit of basketball waiting for sims to spawn. Darcy got a little mad why Frederick whooped his ass. Let’s change venues.

01-15-19_5-17-40 PM.pngThe only teen sim they meet is Sara. The boys chat with her for a little bit then head home. Looks like I’m going to have to re-populate the world with legacy loves from the gallery.

01-25-19_3-13-25 PM.pngIt’s New Years and Gigi has made friends with her Great Aunt Malin and working on becoming friends with Magdalena. In a previous post I believe I called her Marjorie.

01-25-19_3-18-02 PM.pngMeanwhile Elliot has completed his aspiration.

01-25-19_3-22-32 PM.pngMagdalena and Gigi are now friends. All Georgiana has to do is befriend one more adult and then this dreaded aspiration will be done!

01-25-19_3-25-04 PM.png1…2…3….HAPPY NEW YEARS!

01-25-19_3-27-55 PM.pngGigi: Happy New years Uncle Vax!

And with a hug she has completed her aspiration!

01-25-19_3-37-25 PM.pngSo I noticed Harmoney wasn’t feeling well and looked down at her panel and realized she is pregnant! I recently turned on risky woohoo and here is the result of that. Since this kid will be so much younger than the others it won’t be considered for the heir poll. Also Vex only has two kids and I want the polls to be equal.

01-25-19_3-39-56 PM.pngGeorgiana’s new aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. I won’t be pushing for her to get this completed, it’s more for giving her something to do and build up skills.

01-25-19_4-05-45 PM.pngElliot autonomously wanted a hug from his big bro.

01-25-19_4-08-21 PM.pngDarcy is a little stalled on working towards his aspiration till he is an adult. The only thing he can work towards at this point is Making a Video Game or app, but he needs a higher level of programing to do this.

01-25-19_4-09-42 PM.pngI’m trying to get Percy in full Parent mode but am having a tough time with it. Here he is teaching Gigi how to say sorry.

Harmony decides, all on her own, to work out. It’s weird that pregnant sims can workout on the machines but not do yoga or play with toddlers. Harmony can use the machines until her third trimester.

01-25-19_4-28-58 PM.pngThese two are as thick as thieves.

01-25-19_4-42-45 PM.pngHarmony is working on the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration so she paints to earn money. However in order to finish this aspiration I think I just need to buy a bunch of random shit.

When Darcy isn’t working on his programing skill he can be found building up his fun, or working on his homework.

01-25-19_4-57-39 PM.pngThese two are definitely father and son. I’m so glad that the kiddos in this generation looks so different from one another. You’ll see more of that when Gigi and Elliot become teens 😉

Oh Dear! It looks like Frederick will be regulated to fishing to complete his outdoors badge.

01-25-19_5-09-20 PM.pngSee no chance of fires out here, plus you get a great view!

01-25-19_5-26-54 PM.pngOh no! Georgiana got fired from the drama club because she sang during her teachers interview instead of acting quietly in the background!

01-25-19_5-34-34 PM.pngGigi ponders on what to wish for before blowing out her candles.

01-25-19_6-06-37 PM.pngWell she sure does have an interesting face. I still think she is rather pretty, but her chin and nose is a little small for her face. Gigi is a Vegetarian like her mom and she wishes to be a World Famous Celebrity.

Also the reason for Georgiana’s skin tone difference is that the CC I have for toddlers and children doesn’t have a good match for the skin tones that came out with Get Together. And I have an overlay for teens and adults that can match their natural skin tone.

Harmony is embarrassed cause she peed her pants earlier and Percy is freaking out cause she is in labor.

Harmony: Thanks for telling the world my most embarrassing moments I wish to keep hidden from the world.

Harmony also gets the Refined Palate fame quirk.

Welcome Baby Jane to the family. Jane is named after Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

01-25-19_6-27-22 PM.pngThis is the point in the game where I got rid of the Gnomes because they were spawning way too many seed packets.

Hector called Vex out on a date and since he’s only done this like once I obliged. I had Vex on free will, with the exception of introducing her to one sim, they only flirted and kissed like three times and the rest of the date was spent talking to other people, and at the end of the date Hector told her never to call him again.

01-25-19_7-25-44 PM.pngShe decides to put her energy into working on her aspiration.

01-25-19_7-45-29 PM.pngPoor kid comes home angry from school .

01-25-19_7-56-18 pmDarcy: Homework colab with the fam! My muscles are on point!

01-25-19_7-57-23 PM.pngIt’s time for Elliot to join the teen rankes!


01-25-19_8-08-11 PM.pngElliot is now an Insider who wants to be a Mansion Baron.

01-25-19_8-10-14 PM.pngI’ll end this chapter with Harmony getting abducted! So now that all heirs are teens I will be putting up an heir poll on I still have some pictures left before Darcy and Frederick become Young Adults so they’ll probably be another chapter before I announce the results!

Chapter 3.11: More Aspirations Aspired

01-13-19_10-47-06 AM.pngWe start off the chapter with Percy working his magic at the vet clinic.

01-13-19_11-19-57 AM.pngThe clinic also gets a little makeover.

01-13-19_11-36-34 AM.pngTo help with the dreaded social aspiration Georgiana starts a club.

01-13-19_11-37-09 AM.pngThese are two of the three children she is going to befriend. The boy in the red coat is Jeffery and the girl in the brown coat is Nicole.

01-13-19_11-38-23 AM.pngGigi starts making friends with Nicole.

01-13-19_11-40-56 AM.pngWhile Jeffrey and Marjorie look on enviously.

01-13-19_11-48-40 AM.pngPercy is still a kid at heart.

01-13-19_12-06-53 PM.pngAll of Harmony’s hard work has paid off, she is now level 10 in the piano skill.

01-13-19_12-08-15 PM.pngVex is still improving her mixology skill, but she is close to completing it!

01-13-19_12-19-13 PM.pngPercy has to make a new cake since the other one spoiled.

01-13-19_12-20-04 PM.pngLook at this beauty. It’s a winter cake must be new with the holiday updates.

01-13-19_12-23-20 PM.pngAnd the reason for the cake is it’s Darcy and Frederick’s birthdays! First up is Darcy.

01-13-19_12-29-33 PM.pngThen Frederick gets his turn. By the way; the boy in the yellow coat is a distant cousin Magnus Hartley. I do have the family tree updated so you can see where on the family tree he comes from.

01-13-19_1-09-00 PM.pngDarcy lookin’ good! He is now a Music Lover like his mom and his aspiration is Computer Whiz.

01-13-19_1-08-00 PM.pngAnd Frederick already looks like he’s an adult already! Frederick adds Genius to his traits and wants to be an Outdoor Enthusiast.

01-13-19_1-31-18 PM.pngGigi works on becoming friends with Jeffery next.

01-13-19_1-34-43 PM.pngDarcy needs three more badges to become a llamacorn scout, so he’s working on his civic responsibility badge by going around the house repairing and cleaning.

01-13-19_1-42-36 PM.pngDarcy decided all on his own to start boxing. He is a bit of a string bean compared to his dad and even his cousin Frederick.

01-13-19_1-45-41 PM.pngWinterfest is upon us once again.

01-13-19_1-47-49 PM.pngPercy roasting a Tofurkey. Harmony is the only vegetarian in the family.

01-13-19_1-59-52 PM.pngVax came by for a visit! Which reminds me I should invite Scanlan over too. We haven’t seen him in a while.

01-13-19_2-41-06 PM.pngGeorgiana being the good friend she is gives out presents.



Georgiana and Nicole build a punk rock snowpal. Gigi is behind the snowpal in the second picture, but she is there.

01-13-19_2-55-23 PM.pngUncle Vax is also in Gigi’s social club.

01-13-19_3-00-52 PM.pngFrederick invited his dad, Hector, over for Winterfest.

01-13-19_3-04-22 PM.pngAnd Vex gave him a present. They did autonomously get a little flirty but nothing too serious. And Vex never rolls wishes to call him. Since Jester died I could move Hector in but I just don’t get a good couple sense from them.

01-13-19_3-08-56 PM.pngA little cheek kiss nothing more.

01-13-19_3-13-27 PM.pngThe Gnomes have invaded our garden with seed packets! It took me forever to sell them.



Father Winter came for a visit. I find the beard suspect. Father Winter gave Darcy plumbing parts, which makes sense I guess since he has been repairing objects around the house.

01-13-19_3-27-27 PM.pngFrederick got the future cube. How dare Father Winter say Frederick was on the naughty list!

01-13-19_3-27-45 PM.pngThis is the stuff of nightmares! I went to get a close up of Fredericks face and got Father Winter’s teeth instead.

01-13-19_3-27-53 PM.pngThere this is much better. This is the face of a sim fighting to be happy with his present.



Photo shoot! These two are just so handsome!



Present opening continues!

01-13-19_3-42-18 PM.pngDarcy working on getting that Outdoor Activities badge.

01-13-19_3-44-07 PM.png

Harmony is now one her last milestone.

01-13-19_3-45-21 PM.pngFirst on her Mentoring list is Eliott.

01-13-19_3-47-15 PM.pngPaolo and Pearl came by for a visit.

01-13-19_3-50-56 PM.pngVex was practicing making drinks and set the bar on fire!

01-13-19_3-51-20 PM.pngLuckily the sprinkler system went off as everyone in the house was more interested in running around like maniacs than putting out the fire.

01-13-19_4-12-13 PM.pngOne of the presents was a tv, I sold it, but it gave me an idea to do a game room in the basement.

01-13-19_4-20-53 PM.pngHarmony teaches Percy a thing or two about playing the piano.

01-13-19_4-21-56 PM.png

Aspiration Complete finally!

01-13-19_4-25-09 PM.pngWe got a new bar for Vex. 01-13-19_4-24-58 PM.pngAnd with that she also has completed her aspiration!



Percy’s Aunt Malin invited him over for a visit. I sometimes forget that Percy and Malin were raised together. The house Malin was in was unfurnished so I went into managed worlds and gave her a furnished house. She also had another son.



Harmony’s new aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy and Vex has Bodybuilder.

Oh the trials and tribulations of a new aspiration. At least her twin was there for support.

01-13-19_5-03-20 PM.pngBack at home it was Vex’s birthday.

01-13-19_5-05-06 PM.pngAnd look Scanlan came by for a visit!

01-13-19_5-07-55 PM.pngDarcy meets his Uncle for the first time.

01-13-19_5-36-31 PM.pngWorkout sisters!


01-13-19_12-14-40 PM.pngMagnus Hartley is the great grandson to Pearl.

01-13-19_2-09-12 PM.pngCullen Kennedy, son to Cian and grandson of Mallory Harwood.

01-13-19_2-27-36 PM.pngScanlan’s daughter Kaylie. She looks a lot like her grandma Catarina.


Chapter 3.10: Aspirations are Aspiring


We start off the chapter with Elliot working on his movement skill.

It also happens to be harvestfest, which means no school, which means off to the park so Georgiana can work on her social skill!

But first to appease the gnomes. Darcy gave an apple pie to the censored gnome and Georgiana also gave an apple pie to her gnome. Hers didn’t appreciate it’s appley goodness.

Pretty much as soon as they entered the Park Georgiana completes her first milestone and is now on her second.

Georgiana: Oh hi Pike, how’s it going?

Pike: Not so good, my dad’s dead and my moms old, soon to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Georgiana: Oh…

12-09-18_1-27-17 PM.pngAfter the kiddos return from the park it’s Elliot’s birthday!

12-09-18_1-38-54 PM.pngElliot is a rambunctious scamp who loves music.

12-09-18_1-45-57 PM.pngPercy: Vex don’t look down

Vex: Why?

Percy: Just don’t

12-09-18_1-46-56 PM.pngVex: I here crying, this can’t be good.12-09-18_1-47-22 PM.pngVex: Percy, why is Grimm here?

Percy: Uh….just don’t look down.

12-09-18_1-47-50 PM.pngVex: There’s a light. What’s going on Percy?

Percy: Well…uh…you can probably look down now.

12-09-18_1-56-15 PM.png

While Grimm was “visiting” Georgiana and Elliot joined the Drama Club.

These two waist no time practicing the dramatic arts.

Georgiana: But why did this happen? Why is life so cruel?

Elliot: It was just her time.

12-11-18_7-54-15 AM.pngThe gnomes have littered the garden with seed packets.

12-11-18_8-01-36 AM.pngVex was really distraught losing Peanut so she tries yoga in hopes that it will make her feel better.

12-11-18_8-04-32 AM.pngSensing his twins turmoil Vax comes over to see how she is doing.

12-11-18_8-07-05 AM.pngFinally Darcy completed his aspiration. It felt like it took forever.

12-11-18_8-15-27 AM.pngFrederick still needs a few hours practicing music and needs to draw at least two more drawings before completing the art aspiration.

12-11-18_8-28-02 AM.pngHarmony: Here it goes, my first song in the mail hopefully the publishers like it.

12-11-18_8-35-49 AM.pngDarcy is a Pegasus scout! Hopefully I can get him to llamacorn scout, I always have trouble with that final stretch.

12-11-18_8-38-50 AM.pngI send Darcy off to work on the outdoors badge, but the fish are just to advanced for Darcy.

12-11-18_8-51-18 AM.png

Frederick completed his second aspiration.

12-11-18_11-13-32 AM.pngFinally I got around to having Percy discipline his kids 5 times and now he is working on a new milestone.

12-11-18_11-27-40 AM.pngHarmony is going to join her husband in adulthood soon. So I will throw her a party!

The guests arrive and three of them end up being pregnant, story progression sure has been busy!

First up is Flora, she and Vax are expecting their first child. In the second picture is Julia. I looked at story progression and found out the father was Cian so I had story progression marry them; then I found out story progression had Cian impregnate another sim as well.

And lastly is Jasmine she was a roommate to Harmony, Flora, and Julia.

12-11-18_11-54-52 AM.pngHarmony blows out her candles and is now a full fledged adult.

Picture time!

12-11-18_12-16-22 PM.pngIt looks like someone is in labor!

12-11-18_12-52-37 PM.pngFrederick is a Unicorn scout!

12-11-18_12-57-20 PM.pngGeorgiana: Hey, wanna be partners in crime?

Elliot: For sure! I’d love to, what’s our first prank?

Georgiana: Well….I’ll have to think on it.

12-11-18_1-28-05 PM.pngA little while later they become BFFs.


12-11-18_1-33-22 PM.pngVex is closer to realizing her dreams.

12-11-18_1-25-41 PM.pngElliot: Hey, How’s it hangin’?

12-11-18_1-39-04 PM.pngElliot finished a milestone and is onto the next one!

Well I have caught up with all of the pictures I have taken. I do have a few extra family updates before I end the chapter.


Pike is now a teen and her brother Akeem is now a YA. Malcolm and Marion are their parents.