Chapter 3.10: Aspirations are Aspiring


We start off the chapter with Elliot working on his movement skill.

It also happens to be harvestfest, which means no school, which means off to the park so Georgiana can work on her social skill!

But first to appease the gnomes. Darcy gave an apple pie to the censored gnome and Georgiana also gave an apple pie to her gnome. Hers didn’t appreciate it’s appley goodness.

Pretty much as soon as they entered the Park Georgiana completes her first milestone and is now on her second.

Georgiana: Oh hi Pike, how’s it going?

Pike: Not so good, my dad’s dead and my moms old, soon to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Georgiana: Oh…

12-09-18_1-27-17 PM.pngAfter the kiddos return from the park it’s Elliot’s birthday!

12-09-18_1-38-54 PM.pngElliot is a rambunctious scamp who loves music.

12-09-18_1-45-57 PM.pngPercy: Vex don’t look down

Vex: Why?

Percy: Just don’t

12-09-18_1-46-56 PM.pngVex: I here crying, this can’t be good.12-09-18_1-47-22 PM.pngVex: Percy, why is Grimm here?

Percy: Uh….just don’t look down.

12-09-18_1-47-50 PM.pngVex: There’s a light. What’s going on Percy?

Percy: Well…uh…you can probably look down now.

12-09-18_1-56-15 PM.png

While Grimm was “visiting” Georgiana and Elliot joined the Drama Club.

These two waist no time practicing the dramatic arts.

Georgiana: But why did this happen? Why is life so cruel?

Elliot: It was just her time.

12-11-18_7-54-15 AM.pngThe gnomes have littered the garden with seed packets.

12-11-18_8-01-36 AM.pngVex was really distraught losing Peanut so she tries yoga in hopes that it will make her feel better.

12-11-18_8-04-32 AM.pngSensing his twins turmoil Vax comes over to see how she is doing.

12-11-18_8-07-05 AM.pngFinally Darcy completed his aspiration. It felt like it took forever.

12-11-18_8-15-27 AM.pngFrederick still needs a few hours practicing music and needs to draw at least two more drawings before completing the art aspiration.

12-11-18_8-28-02 AM.pngHarmony: Here it goes, my first song in the mail hopefully the publishers like it.

12-11-18_8-35-49 AM.pngDarcy is a Pegasus scout! Hopefully I can get him to llamacorn scout, I always have trouble with that final stretch.

12-11-18_8-38-50 AM.pngI send Darcy off to work on the outdoors badge, but the fish are just to advanced for Darcy.

12-11-18_8-51-18 AM.png

Frederick completed his second aspiration.

12-11-18_11-13-32 AM.pngFinally I got around to having Percy discipline his kids 5 times and now he is working on a new milestone.

12-11-18_11-27-40 AM.pngHarmony is going to join her husband in adulthood soon. So I will throw her a party!

The guests arrive and three of them end up being pregnant, story progression sure has been busy!

First up is Flora, she and Vax are expecting their first child. In the second picture is Julia. I looked at story progression and found out the father was Cian so I had story progression marry them; then I found out story progression had Cian impregnate another sim as well.

And lastly is Jasmine she was a roommate to Harmony, Flora, and Julia.

12-11-18_11-54-52 AM.pngHarmony blows out her candles and is now a full fledged adult.

Picture time!

12-11-18_12-16-22 PM.pngIt looks like someone is in labor!

12-11-18_12-52-37 PM.pngFrederick is a Unicorn scout!

12-11-18_12-57-20 PM.pngGeorgiana: Hey, wanna be partners in crime?

Elliot: For sure! I’d love to, what’s our first prank?

Georgiana: Well….I’ll have to think on it.

12-11-18_1-28-05 PM.pngA little while later they become BFFs.


12-11-18_1-33-22 PM.pngVex is closer to realizing her dreams.

12-11-18_1-25-41 PM.pngElliot: Hey, How’s it hangin’?

12-11-18_1-39-04 PM.pngElliot finished a milestone and is onto the next one!

Well I have caught up with all of the pictures I have taken. I do have a few extra family updates before I end the chapter.


Pike is now a teen and her brother Akeem is now a YA. Malcolm and Marion are their parents.


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