Chapter 4.3: It’s Been Awhile

Hey all! I know it’s been a while…..since June….

Well let’s get to it shall we?!

09-29-19_10-55-47 AM.pngWe first check in with Darcy and Jane. Jane just turned into a teen last chapter so she will be with us for a while.

09-29-19_11-06-12 AM.pngIt looks like it’s New Years in the Harwood household and Ali is singing Auld Lang Syne and Moira doesn’t look impressed.

09-29-19_11-35-28 AM.pngVex imparts some workout wisdom onto Jane. Jane is still working for her scout badges.

09-29-19_11-39-19 AM.pngSince Ginny mastered communication last chapter she is working on her movement skill.

09-29-19_5-59-28 PM.pngAnd Harmony is chatting up Elizabeth she is Scanlan’s daughter. Scanlan is Darcy’s uncle.

09-29-19_11-38-31 AM.pngAnd now it’s go time. Baby # 2 will soon make its appearance.

09-29-19_11-48-05 AM.pngMeet Bill Harwood. Named after Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I think you know where I’m going for this generations name theme.

09-29-19_7-10-03 PM.pngJane is off to work her lifeguard gig. And her hair is glitching so will have to change that soon.

09-29-19_7-20-36 PM.pngAli is working on Friend of the world now as her Aspiration.

09-29-19_7-28-40 PM.pngThey are too cute as Ginny works on her imagination skill.

09-29-19_7-53-40 PM.pngAli went to the gym to make more friends and ended up fangirling over Orange Baily-Moon. His name strangely sounds like a cocktail or liquor or some type of alcoholic spirit.

09-29-19_8-12-10 PM.pngBack at home it’s Bill’s birthday. I haven’t been taking a tone of pictures.

09-29-19_8-18-03 PM.pngAnother cutie with red hair and purple eyes. Bill is Angelic.

09-29-19_8-36-05 PM.pngJane looks rather unimpressed by her new hair do.

09-29-19_8-47-05 PM.pngDarcy needs to spar with some one for one of his work tasks but for some reason it’s not marking it being complete no matter how many time I have Darcy spar with someone. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

01-06-20_10-43-07 AM.pngPaolo dropped in for a visit!

02-15-20_4-06-11 PM.pngAnother promotion for Darcy!

02-15-20_4-06-23 PM.pngAnd he came home pooped! At this point I moved the Harwoods into a different house as their previous one wasn’t really suiting me. I downloaded the house from the gallery its by LindsayHSims. I did make some additions to it.

02-15-20_4-10-13 PM.pngI’m not going to bother with a house tour as I figure you will see most of the house as I document the lives of the Harwoods.

02-15-20_4-24-23 PM.pngIt’s been a while since the Harwoods had the use of the floral station and their garden.

02-15-20_4-28-47 PM.pngThe beautiful bouquet that Harmony so lovingly crafted.

02-15-20_4-26-14 PM.pngGeorgiana came over for a visit and Vex gave her the keys to the house.

02-15-20_4-44-35 PM.pngDarcy: Oh yeah! This is how you move!

I forgot that I had Darcy purchase one of those conspiracy theory hats. I think it completes the outfit quite nicely.

02-15-20_4-50-52 PM.pngAli: So were pregnant again!

Darcy: That’s nice honey……

02-15-20_4-50-56 PM.pngDarcy: Wait….WHAT?

Ali: Come on, don’t look so surprised you know we at least have to have 3.

02-15-20_4-52-51 PM.pngGrandma Harmony helping out with Bill’s imagination skill.

02-15-20_6-58-56 PM.pngI broke down and got the Moschino Stuff Pack which I really like so far, mostly for these frames.

Darcy is getting rather buff. For a while I avoided having Darcy work on the weight machine as I didn’t want him to look too similar to Percy, but I caved.

02-15-20_7-45-09 PM.pngAnd after a long life, Harmony joins her “husband” in eternal rest. Though it leaver her family distraught at her loss. Even Jester came by to welcome Harmony to the after life.

02-15-20_7-46-28 PM.pngAnd here she is joining her “husband” in the family mausoleum. I air quote husband as the game never allowed Percival and Harmony to get married due to some glitch.

02-15-20_8-07-19 PM.pngBill looks very uncertain about this whole slide thing.

02-15-20_8-12-14 PM.pngHe’s much happier with the dollhouse.

The kids get comforting hugs which reduces their sad moods quite a bit.

02-15-20_8-16-33 PM.pngThen it’s time to get down to business.

02-15-20_8-23-13 PM.pngIt’s been awhile but the aliens abduct Vex again.

It’s Ginny’s Birthday. Here are the last pictures of her as a toddler, drink them in and enjoy.

02-15-20_8-49-09 PM.pngHere’s the birthday girl! She is an outgoing Rambunctious Scamp.

Then it’s Darcy’s turn to blow out the candles. He looks rather shocked but the same.

02-15-20_8-52-36 PM.pngAnd quite handsome!

02-15-20_8-56-03 PM.pngOh no! RUNFORSHEHASBEENPOSSESD!

02-15-20_9-13-46 PM.pngLook at this gorgeous garden!

02-15-20_10-03-40 PM.pngGinny: Ahoy me maties!

02-15-20_10-18-43 PM.pngThis is the face of  a woman in labor.

02-15-20_10-20-19 PM.pngThe quintessential sim photograph of a male sim in panic.

02-15-20_10-35-47 PM.pngSo I didn’t take a picture of it but Ali had twin boys. Now I’m going in order, as much as possible, to from the oldest Weasley to the youngest so the twins names are Charlie and Percy. However, I’m thinking of changing their names to Fred and George, what do you think?

Anyways I will leave it here for now.