Chapter 4.4: Family and Friends

Recap Time! Last update the Harwoods moved into a new house. Jane got a new hairstyle. Bill was born. Ginny is now a child and the Harwoods added twins to the family. The twins were originally named Charlie and Percy but I have since decided to name them Fred and George as it was too serendipitous to pass up!

04-13-20_4-24-53 PM.pngAlison: There once was a farmer who had a dog………………….

04-13-20_4-26-08 PM.pngPercy…..uh….I mean Darcy looking buff!

04-13-20_4-36-55 PM.pngVex: Frederick dear we would like you to have the key to the house. Visit anytime you like. Your old mom would like to see more of you.

Frederick: Thanks mom!

04-13-20_4-47-41 PM.pngGeorgiana also came over to meet her new nephews!

Also no matter which way I went with the twins names they have a relative with the same/similar name. If I went with Charlie and Percy one of  the twins would have the same name as their grandfather Percival. But now we have Fred (Frederick) and George (Georgiana).

04-13-20_4-56-34 PM.pngGreat-Grandpa Malone also comes for a visti!

04-13-20_5-06-22 PM.pngWe met Fredericks wife a couple of chapters ago but I had forgotten her name. Her name is Christina and she is quite a bit older than her husband.

04-13-20_8-32-59 PM.pngThese aliens can’t get enough of Vex!

04-13-20_8-51-13 PM.pngIt’s not only Bill’s birthday but the twins as well!

Bill is a Vegetarian Whiz Kid while Fred (top Right) is a Charmer like sister Ginny was and George (bottom) is Independent. The twins, I believe, are identical as far as I can tell.

04-13-20_9-37-21 PM.pngThe house came with a walk in closet off the master bathroom and while a nice decoration feature to the house, not very useful so I made it into the twins room.

04-13-20_9-43-56 PM.pngDarcy tired from a long hard days work comes home with a promotion to Fourth Lieutenant.

04-13-20_9-54-16 PM.pngAunt Georgiana came for another visit and Bill ropes her into a game of chess working on his first milestion.

At this point Georgiana got married to a sim named Gabriel Srivastava.

04-13-20_10-01-43 PM.pngHis mother on the other hand doesn’t play fair.

Alison: Life isn’t fair the sooner he learns this lesson the better prepared he will be.

04-13-20_10-06-28 PM.pngI found this really funny. Percy came in to play on the computer then his father and Grandmother Catrina came for a visit and it looks like Darcy is having a business meeting with them.

04-13-20_10-13-58 PM.png

Darcy completed his aspiration! He is now working on Nerd Brain.

04-13-20_10-18-54 PM.pngIt’s a potty party! Also I need more lights in this room.

04-13-20_10-26-07 PM.pngFrederick came by for a visit and ended up fixing one of the shower stall broken by one of the ghosts. Also his wife Christina just died.

05-07-20_1-26-17 PM.pngWoooooooo Jane’s birthday! I love her but the full house is driving me up a wall!

05-07-20_2-13-17 PM.pngJane added Creative to her traits. Her other traits are Outgoing and Geek. She finished her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. I gave her Painter Extraordinaire before she left.

05-07-20_2-43-07 PM.pngAlison: You can do it George! I believe in you!

George is level 2 potty. Also Alison got a makeover.

05-07-20_3-02-05 PM.png

Ginny completed her aspiration and still has 8 days till she is a teen so I gave her the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

The twins work on their movement skill, at different times of course, but both times were during a thunderstorm.

05-07-20_4-08-56 PM.pngThis man looks really good in a uniform!

05-07-20_4-15-16 PM.pngLooks like Alison agrees.

05-07-20_4-16-11 PM.pngThese two decide to have some sexy fun times. Risky is on so hopefully I don’t regret it.

05-07-20_4-20-33 PM.pngGinny completes her first milestone for her second aspiration.

05-07-20_5-12-21 PM.pngDarcy: Your move Frederick.

Frederick: You can’t rush genius Darcy.

05-07-20_10-55-11 AM.pngIt has been a while since I played with the Vet clinic so I decided to sell it.

05-07-20_10-59-05 AM.pngAlison needs 20 friends and before she went to the library she had 15/20. With a few Cheerful intros she easily got the rest. Now she just needs a BFF, which she is best friends with Darcy but it’s not retroactively counting him :(, and level 10 charisma.

05-07-20_11-42-22 AM.pngShe does however become best friends with Bill. Which knocks Darcy out but maybe I will have them become besties again.

I will end the chapter here but there is a few family updates if you want to stick around.

04-13-20_5-26-15 PM.pngAnne Harwood, Vex’s granddaughter and Elliot’s daughter with wife Leticha.

04-13-20_6-03-21 PM.png

William Harwood, Frederics’ son with wife Christina.

04-13-20_5-49-32 PM.pngGilmore Harwood, Vax’ildan’s son with wife Flora.

04-13-20_7-57-19 PM.png

Gabriel Srivastava, Georgiana’s husband. He’s also a vampire.