So I have a few more screenshots before we can move on to the next generation! The heir will be announced at the end of the chapter.

01-25-19_8-30-47 PM.pngVex helps the maid clean the bathroom it was getty very grody in there.

01-25-19_8-31-10 PM.pngElliot decided to make use of the workout room in the basement. I think he and Frederick have a hidden athletic trait.

I forget what phase Georgiana is going through, but she looks like she is done with life. 01-25-19_8-59-07 PM.png

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Percy, the first born of generation 3, is now and elder.

Percy: Damn! I still look hot! 01-25-19_9-14-19 PM.pngPoor Vex came home exhausted.

Happy birthday Jane! She is an Inquisitive toddler. In the first picture it looks like Percy is using telekinesis on Jane.

It’s Love Day and Percy gives his wife a rose, though it looks like they are individually smelling flowers. However when Harmony gives Percy a tulip it looks way more natural.

01-26-19_8-08-47 AM.pngJane works on her communication with her friend Uni. Both looking very adorable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vex invites Hector over for Love Day as well. They end up having a gold date so I ended the date early and they both spend the evening at the other ends of the house.

01-26-19_8-25-42 AM.pngVex by making drinks for what seems like the whole family. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it but the bar was covered with drinks by the end of the night.

01-26-19_8-41-09 AM.pngAnd Hector ends up spending the time he is here in the teens room and I ended up giving him a makeover.

01-26-19_8-52-46 AM.pngMalone is not a mean sim, but he was angry then destroyed the doll house and now he is happy. That is not right Malone, not right at all.

01-26-19_9-01-42 AM.pngFrederick is getting close to getting the Outdoors badge. In the meantime he gets to enjoy the lovely vista.

So Vex makes a drink for a Celebrity to endorse. The Celebrity cheats her out of the money and Vex loses her job, but she gets a great reputation and is now a notable newcomer. 01-26-19_9-25-53 AM.pngVex gets a job in the athletic career and behind her Darcy and Frederick merge into one person.

01-26-19_9-31-08 AM.pngGeorgiana takes up creating videos in order to get famous however it’s really slow going as I’m doing this kind of thing in my other challenges. Also I really want Frederick to get the scouting badge before he’s a young adult.

01-26-19_9-33-30 AM.pngPercival reaches level 10 in parenting. I really need to start having my teens work on parenting so that by the time they are parents they can get all of the benefits.

01-26-19_9-38-25 AM.png

Vex completed her second aspiration. I don’t know if I’m going to have her pick another one.

Darcy: Mom, I need some advice. *gasp*

Harmony: First piece of advice……knock!

She looks really mad too!

Darcy: Hey, Elliot up top!

Elliot: Sure thing! *zap*

That was all autonomous. Darcy went in for a secret hand shake and Elliot zapped him! It also happens to be Prank Day.

01-26-19_10-15-26 AM.pngFrederick has gotten his outdoor badge and now only needs his good deeds badge so he’s trying to make his family members laugh, but it’s so slow going.

01-26-19_10-22-32 AM.pngIt’s pouring rain and a thunderstorm. What are you doing out there?!

01-26-19_10-22-26 AM.pngApparently he was asking himself the same question. There is a perfectly good table in the kitchen not to mention bar stools and my sims still choose to eat their food out in a thunderstorm! At this rate you deserve to get electrocuted.

01-26-19_10-22-53 AM.pngPercy: What was that?!

You too Percy?

01-26-19_10-28-53 AM.pngAt least Frederick has more sense. Also he’s telling jokes to Jane to get that good deeds badge, so there’s that.

01-26-19_10-31-34 AM.pngVex: That doesn’t sound good.

Vex was promoted to Team Captain.

01-26-19_10-32-08 AM.pngCute cousins. I’m not sure if playing with toddlers counts towards a good deeds badge.

01-26-19_10-45-37 AM.pngI sometimes forget that Elliot and Georgiana are in the Drama Club. Elliot I believe is a Practical Performer and Georgiana is a Line Learner.

01-26-19_1-20-29 PM.pngI think this is when Frederick get’s his good deeds badge. Teaching toddlers and helping with homework is a much better way to get this badge than making sims laugh.

01-26-19_1-24-24 PM.png

Yep, Frederick is now a proud member of the Llamacorn Scouts! Darcy and Frederick are my first sims to achieve the scouting badge!

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Just in the nick of time too! For it’s Darcy and Frederick’s birthday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They both look the same Darcy still looks like a teenager and Frederick looks rather surprised to be a Young adult.

Darcy’s YA trait is Dance Machine like his dad, and Frederick rolled Cat Lover like grandma Catarina.

And now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Darcy is the heir! He received 3 votes and Georgiana received 1 vote. I do have some extra up dates.


01-26-19_1-51-39 PM.pngHere is Allura Blankenship. She is the daughter of Annabeth Blankenship and the granddaughter to generation 2 spare Malia.

01-26-19_1-54-46 PM.pngAnd this is her sister Kima.

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And here we have Korrin, Drake and Kynan sons to Malin Harwood Greene.

01-26-19_2-06-00 PM.pngHere is Vax’s daughter Keyleth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally we have Cullen, Jacklyn, and Chase. Cullen and Chase are sons of Cian and Julie Kennedy (I’ve been miss calling her Juliette). And Jacklyn is Cian and Martina’s daughter.

01-26-19_2-20-27 PM.pngThis is Martina MCC has her married to someone else. Story progression had her and Julie get pregnant with Cian’s kids before it had Cian and Julie marry.

Chapter 3.12: The Heirs

01-15-19_3-22-05 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with Darcy working on his Outdoor badge for scouts. Winter is almost over and spring will soon come judging by the amount of snow left on the ground.

01-15-19_3-24-19 PM.pngVex takes a nice jog in the Cool winter air.

01-15-19_3-31-35 PM.pngThe Gnomes have taken over the garden. I eventually sell them but not till later.

01-15-19_3-39-45 PM.pngNicola, not Nicole, gets an unwanted/unintentional lesson in anatomy. This is why humans invented knocking, saves us from overly embarrassing moments like this one.

Elliot and Georgiana come home with a promotion from their Drama Club.

Percy wanted to Woohoo with Harmony and the rocket gets underused so….

01-15-19_4-10-10 PM.pngOh hey Malone! How’s the after life treating you?

Malone: It’s like I never left.

01-15-19_4-11-07 PM.pngDarcy is my first sim to reach Llamacorn Scout status! I’m interested to see how fast the scouting trait lets him skill.

01-15-19_4-13-30 PM.pngFrederick still needs to work on the Young Scientist, Outdoor Activities, and Good Deeds badges before become a llamacorn scout.

01-15-19_4-18-25 PM.pngWhile Frederic explores space; Georgiana invites her club over to make some friends.

BOOM CRASH! Fortunately Frederick survives to tell his tale. Although he does go invisible for a few seconds.

In an attempt to meet some sims their age Darcy and Frederick head to San Myshuno. The boys play a bit of basketball waiting for sims to spawn. Darcy got a little mad why Frederick whooped his ass. Let’s change venues.

01-15-19_5-17-40 PM.pngThe only teen sim they meet is Sara. The boys chat with her for a little bit then head home. Looks like I’m going to have to re-populate the world with legacy loves from the gallery.

01-25-19_3-13-25 PM.pngIt’s New Years and Gigi has made friends with her Great Aunt Malin and working on becoming friends with Magdalena. In a previous post I believe I called her Marjorie.

01-25-19_3-18-02 PM.pngMeanwhile Elliot has completed his aspiration.

01-25-19_3-22-32 PM.pngMagdalena and Gigi are now friends. All Georgiana has to do is befriend one more adult and then this dreaded aspiration will be done!

01-25-19_3-25-04 PM.png1…2…3….HAPPY NEW YEARS!

01-25-19_3-27-55 PM.pngGigi: Happy New years Uncle Vax!

And with a hug she has completed her aspiration!

01-25-19_3-37-25 PM.pngSo I noticed Harmoney wasn’t feeling well and looked down at her panel and realized she is pregnant! I recently turned on risky woohoo and here is the result of that. Since this kid will be so much younger than the others it won’t be considered for the heir poll. Also Vex only has two kids and I want the polls to be equal.

01-25-19_3-39-56 PM.pngGeorgiana’s new aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. I won’t be pushing for her to get this completed, it’s more for giving her something to do and build up skills.

01-25-19_4-05-45 PM.pngElliot autonomously wanted a hug from his big bro.

01-25-19_4-08-21 PM.pngDarcy is a little stalled on working towards his aspiration till he is an adult. The only thing he can work towards at this point is Making a Video Game or app, but he needs a higher level of programing to do this.

01-25-19_4-09-42 PM.pngI’m trying to get Percy in full Parent mode but am having a tough time with it. Here he is teaching Gigi how to say sorry.

Harmony decides, all on her own, to work out. It’s weird that pregnant sims can workout on the machines but not do yoga or play with toddlers. Harmony can use the machines until her third trimester.

01-25-19_4-28-58 PM.pngThese two are as thick as thieves.

01-25-19_4-42-45 PM.pngHarmony is working on the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration so she paints to earn money. However in order to finish this aspiration I think I just need to buy a bunch of random shit.

When Darcy isn’t working on his programing skill he can be found building up his fun, or working on his homework.

01-25-19_4-57-39 PM.pngThese two are definitely father and son. I’m so glad that the kiddos in this generation looks so different from one another. You’ll see more of that when Gigi and Elliot become teens 😉

Oh Dear! It looks like Frederick will be regulated to fishing to complete his outdoors badge.

01-25-19_5-09-20 PM.pngSee no chance of fires out here, plus you get a great view!

01-25-19_5-26-54 PM.pngOh no! Georgiana got fired from the drama club because she sang during her teachers interview instead of acting quietly in the background!

01-25-19_5-34-34 PM.pngGigi ponders on what to wish for before blowing out her candles.

01-25-19_6-06-37 PM.pngWell she sure does have an interesting face. I still think she is rather pretty, but her chin and nose is a little small for her face. Gigi is a Vegetarian like her mom and she wishes to be a World Famous Celebrity.

Also the reason for Georgiana’s skin tone difference is that the CC I have for toddlers and children doesn’t have a good match for the skin tones that came out with Get Together. And I have an overlay for teens and adults that can match their natural skin tone.

Harmony is embarrassed cause she peed her pants earlier and Percy is freaking out cause she is in labor.

Harmony: Thanks for telling the world my most embarrassing moments I wish to keep hidden from the world.

Harmony also gets the Refined Palate fame quirk.

Welcome Baby Jane to the family. Jane is named after Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

01-25-19_6-27-22 PM.pngThis is the point in the game where I got rid of the Gnomes because they were spawning way too many seed packets.

Hector called Vex out on a date and since he’s only done this like once I obliged. I had Vex on free will, with the exception of introducing her to one sim, they only flirted and kissed like three times and the rest of the date was spent talking to other people, and at the end of the date Hector told her never to call him again.

01-25-19_7-25-44 PM.pngShe decides to put her energy into working on her aspiration.

01-25-19_7-45-29 PM.pngPoor kid comes home angry from school .

01-25-19_7-56-18 pmDarcy: Homework colab with the fam! My muscles are on point!

01-25-19_7-57-23 PM.pngIt’s time for Elliot to join the teen rankes!


01-25-19_8-08-11 PM.pngElliot is now an Insider who wants to be a Mansion Baron.

01-25-19_8-10-14 PM.pngI’ll end this chapter with Harmony getting abducted! So now that all heirs are teens I will be putting up an heir poll on I still have some pictures left before Darcy and Frederick become Young Adults so they’ll probably be another chapter before I announce the results!

Chapter 3.11: More Aspirations Aspired

01-13-19_10-47-06 AM.pngWe start off the chapter with Percy working his magic at the vet clinic.

01-13-19_11-19-57 AM.pngThe clinic also gets a little makeover.

01-13-19_11-36-34 AM.pngTo help with the dreaded social aspiration Georgiana starts a club.

01-13-19_11-37-09 AM.pngThese are two of the three children she is going to befriend. The boy in the red coat is Jeffery and the girl in the brown coat is Nicole.

01-13-19_11-38-23 AM.pngGigi starts making friends with Nicole.

01-13-19_11-40-56 AM.pngWhile Jeffrey and Marjorie look on enviously.

01-13-19_11-48-40 AM.pngPercy is still a kid at heart.

01-13-19_12-06-53 PM.pngAll of Harmony’s hard work has paid off, she is now level 10 in the piano skill.

01-13-19_12-08-15 PM.pngVex is still improving her mixology skill, but she is close to completing it!

01-13-19_12-19-13 PM.pngPercy has to make a new cake since the other one spoiled.

01-13-19_12-20-04 PM.pngLook at this beauty. It’s a winter cake must be new with the holiday updates.

01-13-19_12-23-20 PM.pngAnd the reason for the cake is it’s Darcy and Frederick’s birthdays! First up is Darcy.

01-13-19_12-29-33 PM.pngThen Frederick gets his turn. By the way; the boy in the yellow coat is a distant cousin Magnus Hartley. I do have the family tree updated so you can see where on the family tree he comes from.

01-13-19_1-09-00 PM.pngDarcy lookin’ good! He is now a Music Lover like his mom and his aspiration is Computer Whiz.

01-13-19_1-08-00 PM.pngAnd Frederick already looks like he’s an adult already! Frederick adds Genius to his traits and wants to be an Outdoor Enthusiast.

01-13-19_1-31-18 PM.pngGigi works on becoming friends with Jeffery next.

01-13-19_1-34-43 PM.pngDarcy needs three more badges to become a llamacorn scout, so he’s working on his civic responsibility badge by going around the house repairing and cleaning.

01-13-19_1-42-36 PM.pngDarcy decided all on his own to start boxing. He is a bit of a string bean compared to his dad and even his cousin Frederick.

01-13-19_1-45-41 PM.pngWinterfest is upon us once again.

01-13-19_1-47-49 PM.pngPercy roasting a Tofurkey. Harmony is the only vegetarian in the family.

01-13-19_1-59-52 PM.pngVax came by for a visit! Which reminds me I should invite Scanlan over too. We haven’t seen him in a while.

01-13-19_2-41-06 PM.pngGeorgiana being the good friend she is gives out presents.



Georgiana and Nicole build a punk rock snowpal. Gigi is behind the snowpal in the second picture, but she is there.

01-13-19_2-55-23 PM.pngUncle Vax is also in Gigi’s social club.

01-13-19_3-00-52 PM.pngFrederick invited his dad, Hector, over for Winterfest.

01-13-19_3-04-22 PM.pngAnd Vex gave him a present. They did autonomously get a little flirty but nothing too serious. And Vex never rolls wishes to call him. Since Jester died I could move Hector in but I just don’t get a good couple sense from them.

01-13-19_3-08-56 PM.pngA little cheek kiss nothing more.

01-13-19_3-13-27 PM.pngThe Gnomes have invaded our garden with seed packets! It took me forever to sell them.



Father Winter came for a visit. I find the beard suspect. Father Winter gave Darcy plumbing parts, which makes sense I guess since he has been repairing objects around the house.

01-13-19_3-27-27 PM.pngFrederick got the future cube. How dare Father Winter say Frederick was on the naughty list!

01-13-19_3-27-45 PM.pngThis is the stuff of nightmares! I went to get a close up of Fredericks face and got Father Winter’s teeth instead.

01-13-19_3-27-53 PM.pngThere this is much better. This is the face of a sim fighting to be happy with his present.



Photo shoot! These two are just so handsome!



Present opening continues!

01-13-19_3-42-18 PM.pngDarcy working on getting that Outdoor Activities badge.

01-13-19_3-44-07 PM.png

Harmony is now one her last milestone.

01-13-19_3-45-21 PM.pngFirst on her Mentoring list is Eliott.

01-13-19_3-47-15 PM.pngPaolo and Pearl came by for a visit.

01-13-19_3-50-56 PM.pngVex was practicing making drinks and set the bar on fire!

01-13-19_3-51-20 PM.pngLuckily the sprinkler system went off as everyone in the house was more interested in running around like maniacs than putting out the fire.

01-13-19_4-12-13 PM.pngOne of the presents was a tv, I sold it, but it gave me an idea to do a game room in the basement.

01-13-19_4-20-53 PM.pngHarmony teaches Percy a thing or two about playing the piano.

01-13-19_4-21-56 PM.png

Aspiration Complete finally!

01-13-19_4-25-09 PM.pngWe got a new bar for Vex. 01-13-19_4-24-58 PM.pngAnd with that she also has completed her aspiration!



Percy’s Aunt Malin invited him over for a visit. I sometimes forget that Percy and Malin were raised together. The house Malin was in was unfurnished so I went into managed worlds and gave her a furnished house. She also had another son.



Harmony’s new aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy and Vex has Bodybuilder.

Oh the trials and tribulations of a new aspiration. At least her twin was there for support.

01-13-19_5-03-20 PM.pngBack at home it was Vex’s birthday.

01-13-19_5-05-06 PM.pngAnd look Scanlan came by for a visit!

01-13-19_5-07-55 PM.pngDarcy meets his Uncle for the first time.

01-13-19_5-36-31 PM.pngWorkout sisters!


01-13-19_12-14-40 PM.pngMagnus Hartley is the great grandson to Pearl.

01-13-19_2-09-12 PM.pngCullen Kennedy, son to Cian and grandson of Mallory Harwood.

01-13-19_2-27-36 PM.pngScanlan’s daughter Kaylie. She looks a lot like her grandma Catarina.


Chapter 3.10: Aspirations are Aspiring


We start off the chapter with Elliot working on his movement skill.

It also happens to be harvestfest, which means no school, which means off to the park so Georgiana can work on her social skill!

But first to appease the gnomes. Darcy gave an apple pie to the censored gnome and Georgiana also gave an apple pie to her gnome. Hers didn’t appreciate it’s appley goodness.

Pretty much as soon as they entered the Park Georgiana completes her first milestone and is now on her second.

Georgiana: Oh hi Pike, how’s it going?

Pike: Not so good, my dad’s dead and my moms old, soon to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Georgiana: Oh…

12-09-18_1-27-17 PM.pngAfter the kiddos return from the park it’s Elliot’s birthday!

12-09-18_1-38-54 PM.pngElliot is a rambunctious scamp who loves music.

12-09-18_1-45-57 PM.pngPercy: Vex don’t look down

Vex: Why?

Percy: Just don’t

12-09-18_1-46-56 PM.pngVex: I here crying, this can’t be good.12-09-18_1-47-22 PM.pngVex: Percy, why is Grimm here?

Percy: Uh….just don’t look down.

12-09-18_1-47-50 PM.pngVex: There’s a light. What’s going on Percy?

Percy: Well…uh…you can probably look down now.

12-09-18_1-56-15 PM.png

While Grimm was “visiting” Georgiana and Elliot joined the Drama Club.

These two waist no time practicing the dramatic arts.

Georgiana: But why did this happen? Why is life so cruel?

Elliot: It was just her time.

12-11-18_7-54-15 AM.pngThe gnomes have littered the garden with seed packets.

12-11-18_8-01-36 AM.pngVex was really distraught losing Peanut so she tries yoga in hopes that it will make her feel better.

12-11-18_8-04-32 AM.pngSensing his twins turmoil Vax comes over to see how she is doing.

12-11-18_8-07-05 AM.pngFinally Darcy completed his aspiration. It felt like it took forever.

12-11-18_8-15-27 AM.pngFrederick still needs a few hours practicing music and needs to draw at least two more drawings before completing the art aspiration.

12-11-18_8-28-02 AM.pngHarmony: Here it goes, my first song in the mail hopefully the publishers like it.

12-11-18_8-35-49 AM.pngDarcy is a Pegasus scout! Hopefully I can get him to llamacorn scout, I always have trouble with that final stretch.

12-11-18_8-38-50 AM.pngI send Darcy off to work on the outdoors badge, but the fish are just to advanced for Darcy.

12-11-18_8-51-18 AM.png

Frederick completed his second aspiration.

12-11-18_11-13-32 AM.pngFinally I got around to having Percy discipline his kids 5 times and now he is working on a new milestone.

12-11-18_11-27-40 AM.pngHarmony is going to join her husband in adulthood soon. So I will throw her a party!

The guests arrive and three of them end up being pregnant, story progression sure has been busy!

First up is Flora, she and Vax are expecting their first child. In the second picture is Julia. I looked at story progression and found out the father was Cian so I had story progression marry them; then I found out story progression had Cian impregnate another sim as well.

And lastly is Jasmine she was a roommate to Harmony, Flora, and Julia.

12-11-18_11-54-52 AM.pngHarmony blows out her candles and is now a full fledged adult.

Picture time!

12-11-18_12-16-22 PM.pngIt looks like someone is in labor!

12-11-18_12-52-37 PM.pngFrederick is a Unicorn scout!

12-11-18_12-57-20 PM.pngGeorgiana: Hey, wanna be partners in crime?

Elliot: For sure! I’d love to, what’s our first prank?

Georgiana: Well….I’ll have to think on it.

12-11-18_1-28-05 PM.pngA little while later they become BFFs.


12-11-18_1-33-22 PM.pngVex is closer to realizing her dreams.

12-11-18_1-25-41 PM.pngElliot: Hey, How’s it hangin’?

12-11-18_1-39-04 PM.pngElliot finished a milestone and is onto the next one!

Well I have caught up with all of the pictures I have taken. I do have a few extra family updates before I end the chapter.


Pike is now a teen and her brother Akeem is now a YA. Malcolm and Marion are their parents.


Chapter 3.9: But Why?

12-08-18_11-26-04 PM.pngThis picture, I believe, marks Harmony getting to level 8 in the piano skill. NOW she can finally write songs.

Project time for Darcy and Frederick. Darcy gets help from the theboyican’trememberhis name and Frederick gets help from Percy.

Can you tell which castle is Darcy’s and which one is Frederick’s? Spoiler alert: it’s the red one.

12-09-18_9-06-51 AM.pngPercy: Of course ours is the best. Frederick had me helping him.

After helping his nephew beat out his son in an unofficial project making contest Percy goes upstairs to help Georgiana with her movement skill, and to spend quality time with his daughter of course!

12-09-18_9-16-19 AM.pngI’ve been kind of lost with what to do with Percy. I have completed his aspiration and have been really lazy with his second.

12-09-18_9-18-26 AM.pngDarcy: Mom….mom…..MOM WAKE UP!!!!!

12-09-18_9-18-29 AM.pngHarmony: Okay, okay….I’m up what is it?

Darcy: there’samonsterundermybedKbai!

Framit all to hell I only put one night light in Darcy and Fredericks room!

But I can’t stay mad at Darcy for too long. He’s too dang cute!

12-09-18_9-41-08 AM.pngAnd then Darcy entered the picky eater phase. I guess he’s testing my resolve.

12-09-18_9-44-47 AM.pngJester got sick so I had Percy take her to their vet clinic. This is what I should have been doing with Percy all along! But it requires leaving the lot and neglecting the other sims, unless I bring all of them and then it’s a nightmare!

Then this poor kitty died while Percy was fixing Jester. It was time I sent them home. 12-09-18_10-07-54 AM.pngBut first Percy has to clean up all the vomit Jester spewed all over the floors, and this was AFTER Percy fixed her.

Also it’s almost Georgiana’s birthday! Also it’s spooky day.

12-09-18_10-15-26 AM.pngSo Darcy was yoda, I forgot to take a picture, so that left Frederick being the Hotdog. He looks real happy about it, No?

Georgiana gets to be a cute little monster while Elliot is an awkward elf. Percy is Luke Skywalker and Vex is Leah. Harmony is a smuggler which in my mind translates to Han Solo.

But before Percy changes into Luke he carves this pumpkin.

12-09-18_10-24-13 AM.pngFrederick: Ahhhh! There’s a ghost in the candy! The candy is haunted! *runs away screaming*

12-09-18_10-25-10 AM.pngThis is the one kid that came by for trick-or-treating. And by kid I mean teenager!

Teen: What? Only one! Where’s the rest?

Percy: This is what you get, were saving the rest for the other trick-or-treaters!

Teen: Whatever man, this place is dead.

12-09-18_10-34-59 AM.pngSince no one else came by Percy and Vex teach their kids respectively about shapes. While Harmony dances the night away.

12-09-18_10-49-47 AM.pngHector askes Vex out on a date. I didn’t realize but they were not officially boyfriend/girlfriend so now they are. But the date was kind of lame they both ended up talking to other people. I just don’t get super coupley vibes from them.

Vex comes home to a very curious Georgiana.

Gigi: Why Aunty?

Vex: Why what?

Gigi: BUT why?!

Vex: That’s what I want to know! Why?

Gigi: Why daddy?

12-09-18_11-18-49 AM.pngGigi: Why daddy, why Darcy, why Aunty?

A collective sigh of relief.

12-09-18_11-22-42 AM.pngAnd one final,

Gigi: But why?

before Georgiana maxes out the thinking skill. Georgiana maxed out all skills but imagination I think.

12-09-18_11-25-49 AM.pngThen it’s time for Georgiana to blow out her candles!

12-09-18_11-50-13 AM.pngGeorgiana is now a Social Butterfly with the Goofball trait.

I guess this is as good as any place to leave the chapter. But before I do there are some extras….


Drake and Korrin Greene. They are Malin’s twins.

Maura is now a teen, and Cian is a YA. These are Mallory’s kids.


Chapter 3.8: The Tour

08-26-18_8-58-15 PM.pngWe’ll start off this chapter with a house tour. House by SaraStopLaughing.

In the basement is Darcy and Fredericks room. I didn’t change the house much just moves somethings around.

08-26-18_9-04-34 PM.pngThe gym is also in the basement.

08-26-18_9-05-16 PM.pngPercy is helping out Frederick with his homework in the dining room.

08-26-18_9-22-41 PM.pngGeorgiana’s room.

08-26-18_9-29-25 PM.pngElliot’s room.

08-26-18_9-29-56 PM.pngGeorgiana is piloting her imaginary submarine.

08-26-18_9-48-44 PM.pngDarcy brought home a friend from school. I don’t recall his name.  But it looks like Darcy is trouncing him in chess.

08-26-18_9-50-56 PM.pngGeorgiana: Like dis dada?

Percy: You’re a natural builder Gigi.


Both Frederick and Darcy are Griffon Scouts.

08-26-18_10-05-49 PM.pngDary is hard at work on his aspiration.

08-26-18_10-21-10 PM.pngPaolo is probably the ghost that visits the family the most. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy seeing his face.

I just can’t get enough of these two!

08-27-18_8-59-04 AM.pngElliot: I’m an airpwain mamma!

08-27-18_9-09-31 AM.pngFrederick: Nope! Not doing that again!

Frederick did not like the swings. He got scared.

08-27-18_9-11-39 AM.pngDarcy: There, there Teddy you’ll be okay.

08-27-18_9-17-48 AM.pngFrederick completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. He is now working on Artistic Prodigy.

Toddlers being cute!

08-27-18_9-36-27 AM.pngFrederick may be afraid of the swing, but Darcy is not.

08-27-18_9-53-38 AM.pngDarcy is now a Unicorn….scout that is.

08-27-18_9-57-04 AM.pngJust love this picture.

08-27-18_10-50-38 AM.pngElliot working on his movement skill, and slaying it!

08-27-18_10-51-32 AM.pngAnother promotion for Vex.

08-27-18_10-53-19 AM.pngI will end this chapter with a little eye candy. This chapter has been pretty much a filler chapter. I have now caught up on my pictures and can have more play time!


Chapter 3.7: Picture Perfect

Last time Darcy and Frederick Harwood celebrated their childhood birthday. Harmony gave birth to a baby girl named Georgiana and Vex gave birth to a boy named Elliot.

08-26-18_1-23-46 PM.pngWe catch up with Vex practicing her mixology skill behind the bar.

08-26-18_1-25-36 PM.pngShe is now working on the 4th and final Milestone of the Mixology aspiration!

08-26-18_1-33-21 PM.pngFrederick is working on the computer.

08-26-18_1-34-45 PM.pngWhile Darcy and Percy play a rousing game of chess. And Percy is shamelessly cheating.

08-26-18_1-46-36 PM.pngCatarina comes to visit to meet Georgiana.

08-26-18_1-51-02 PM.pngWe now have Generation three pictures completed.

08-26-18_1-51-34 PM.pngTime to age up the nooboos!

08-26-18_2-07-52 PM.pngGeorgiana is a Charmer.

08-26-18_2-13-11 PM.pngAnd Harmony wastes no time introducing her to the potty.

08-26-18_2-39-23 PM.pngVex and Hector get their couples picture.

08-26-18_3-15-04 PM.pngPercy: And that’s our family tree so far.

Frederick: Thanks Uncle Percy for helping me complete this project.

08-26-18_3-23-51 PM.pngTwinsies!

08-26-18_3-28-52 PM.pngUncle Vax meets baby Elliot.

08-26-18_3-30-05 PM.pngJester is now an elder.

08-26-18_3-30-54 PM.pngMalcolm has passed away :'(. Save for Malin he is the last of generation 2.

08-26-18_3-32-27 PM.pngNow that’s talent. Show off.

08-26-18_3-45-14 PM.pngI just love these two!

08-26-18_3-46-33 PM.pngIt’s time for Elliot to age up!

08-26-18_4-06-27 PM.pngThis little dude is Angelic.

08-26-18_4-12-57 PM.pngEnough with the cuteness you two!

08-26-18_4-25-23 PM.pngJester got some sickness so Percy took her to the clinic to cure her.

08-26-18_4-26-48 PM.pngPercy decides to visit his brother Scanlan.

08-26-18_4-27-20 PM.pngScanlan and Elizabeth get caught smooching <3.

08-26-18_4-27-58 PM.pngWhen these two were younger I worried they might be clones of one another, I’m glad to say they are not.

08-26-18_4-43-04 PM.pngGeorgiana: I’m da momma, you da baby.

08-26-18_5-01-18 PM.pngJester is a fierce warrior!

08-26-18_8-58-15 PM.pngSo here is a sneak peek of the house I move the Harwoods into next chapter! This house was created by SaraStopLaughing on the gallery.

Chapter 3.6: Labor of Love

Last time the Harwoods experienced the death of Catarina Lynx Harwood. There was much crying and moping around. Percy and Harmony are expecting their second child. Vex’ahlia went on a date with boyfriend Hector, but it was a pretty sad date. She later invited him home where they had a much better time and now Vex and Hector are expecting their second child.

08-26-18_8-39-58 AM.pngVex: Here Jester, this should make you feel better.

Jester looks dubious at first, but then gives the drink a try. So far, so good.

08-26-18_8-42-29 AM.pngPercy is admiring himself. And really who wouldn’t the man is buff!

08-26-18_8-44-52 AM.pngAfter making Jester a drink Vex goes back to the bar to practice.

08-26-18_9-14-17 AM.pngFrederick enjoys his bathtime.

08-26-18_9-24-45 AM.pngOh hey, look! Malin is here and she is preggers!

08-26-18_9-26-52 AM.pngAnd a gathering of dudes. It must be a party.

Percival is celebrating his adult birthday! And yes I still have Winterfest decorations up….don’t judge me!

08-26-18_9-29-38 AM.pngPercy: I am underwhelmed.

Percy you look exactly the same.

Percy: I can feel it though….it doesn’t feel good.

08-26-18_9-32-04 AM.pngBro hug!

Vax: Don’t worry Percy you’re still a badass!

08-26-18_9-36-51 AM.pngPercy being the cool older brother he is sets up Vax with his friend Flora. Only time will tell if it works.

08-26-18_9-37-36 AM.pngHey they’re sitting across from one another. It’s a start!

08-26-18_9-48-48 AM.pngPercy takes time away from his party to see how his son is doing. Darcy really likes the blocks over all the other toys.

Percy: Come here and give me some sugar!

Harmony: You still know how to sweep me off my feet…no matter how large they get.

08-26-18_9-53-02 AM.pngPercy: How are mamma and nooboo doing today?

Harmony: We are doing well. Though I hope I don’t get any bigger!

08-26-18_10-00-08 AM.png Well it’s labor time! Let’s meet the newest addition to the Harwood family!

But before we do….hospital freak out montage!

08-26-18_10-04-38 AM.pngPercy: Okay, I can do this. I made it into the delivery room.

Harmony: Great my other half is here we can finally get started *much sarcasm and eye rolling*

Percy: Oh man, what’s that? I can’t look!

08-26-18_10-10-05 AM.pngThen after the birth this random dude shows up and takes my baby out of the bassinet!

Who are you? And what are you doing with my baby!?

08-26-18_10-12-33 AM.pngLuckily when Percy and Harmony got back our little nooboo was in her bassinet. So let’s finally meet Georgiana Harwood. She is named after Darcy’s sister in the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Also spoiler alert she has Harmony’s skin tone.

Darcy is supper excited that dad is home. I’ve never seen a toddler come greet a parent when they come home.

08-26-18_10-25-44 AM.pngSo every now and then I check to see if Percy and Harmony can get married. They still can’t. She has never worked for them so I can’t dismiss her! Stupid game with it’s stupid glitches.

Well they don’t need a wedding anyway to show that they are committed to one another! So take that game *sticks tongue out*

So we haven’t been to the Vet Clinic in a while and since Vex had some time off of work I sent her to help out. We also had to higher new veterinarians. I think Supriya has passed away. I was also able to update the clinic.

Back at home it’s time for Darcy and Frederick’s birthday!

And here are the cutie patooties! Darcy is and Outgoing Whiz Kid. And Frederick Loves the Outdoors and is a Rambunctious Scamp.

08-26-18_1-07-11 PM.png And after the kiddos have gone to bed, Vex goes into labor!

Hector shows up long enough to freak out and then poofs.

Vex: I guess I’m on my own again.

It really isn’t a good sign when your doctor freaks out over the machinery malfunctioning.

08-26-18_1-20-01 PM.pngFor some reason I didn’t take a picture of Vex and her baby after delivery. So here is Uncle Percy meeting his nephew Elliot Harwood for the first time.

Elliot is named after the Elliot family in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Anne Elliot is the protagonist of the book.

Homework session! 08-26-18_1-23-22 PM.pngThe cousins who are more like brothers are closing out the chapter with a game of chess.

But before we end the chapter completely their are some updates from the extended family!


08-26-18_10-40-43 AM.pngMeet Angelo Greene. He is the husband to Malin Harwood now Greene.

08-26-18_10-46-32 AM.png Cian Kennedy, son to Mallory Harwood, is now a teenager.

Akeem is now a teenager and Pike is a child. They are the son and daughter to Malcolm and Marion Bheeda Harwood.

08-26-18_11-04-39 AM.png Kaylie is now a child. She is the daughter to Scanlan Harwood. She is of course a vampire.


Chapter 3.5: The Saddest Love Day


♦ The Harwoods celebrated New Years!

♦ Harmony and Vex gave birth to boys Darcy and Frederick respectively.

♦ The Backyard got an update.

♦ Darcy and Frederick had their toddler birthdays.


Percy: I’m disappointed in you young man. Playing in toilet water is disgusting, it’s unsanitary!

Darcy: *looks up at his dad all innocence*

Percy: *sighs* Who am I kidding you eat boogers for breakfast.

08-24-18_2-18-28 PM.pngVex experienced a glitch when taking Frederick to the bathroom.

08-24-18_2-18-48 PM.pngNeedless to say she got Frederick on the potty without any further troubles.

08-24-18_2-27-49 PMCatarina: Okay roomba, you may have one last time but I am determined to fix you!

08-24-18_2-28-59 PM.pngJester is not a fan of this plan.

08-24-18_2-47-44 PM.pngSince Catarina is in here lecturing Jester about drinking water off the floor I think she fixed the roomba.

08-24-18_2-59-14 PM.pngHarmony: Hey Vex, have you seen my little munchkin I’ve been looking for him, but can’t seem to find him.

Darcy: *giggles*

08-24-18_3-01-33 PM.pngVex was really just waiting her turn to play with her nephew.

08-24-18_3-04-06 PM.pngCatarina: It’s so good of you to come over for a visit.

Vax: Of course. I wanted to meet my nephews, and to visit with you.

Catarina: That’s nice dear, but when are you going to give me grandchildren. I’m not going to live forever.

Vax: Mom I just moved out, I’m not ready for kids.

08-24-18_9-42-05 PM.pngJester fell asleep listening to Harmony play on the piano. 08-24-18_9-53-27 PM.pngPery went to visit with his aunt Malin. These two grew up together more like siblings.

08-24-18_9-55-05 PM.pngMalin is living with their cousin Nephrite. Nephrite is the son of Kunzite and Madelyn, Nephrite has two kids, but I didn’t get their names :(.

08-24-18_10-14-17 PM.pngPaolo: Vex, you make amazing drinks. I think you will go far with your dreams.

Vex: Oh, thank you great-grandpa!

Paolo: You know grandpa is fine, you can call me grandpa.

08-24-18_10-30-47 PM.pngHarmony: Hey Catarina, what’s up, how are you doing today?

Catarina: Oh you know, just the regular aches and pains that come when you’re my age. Never get old Harmony.

Harmony: Um…you sure you’re ok?

08-24-18_10-30-55 PM.pngCatarina: Um…maybe on second thought I do feel a little funny.


Harmony is immediately devastated.  Percy walks in thinking he looks particularly good that day, and then notices his mom lying on the floor and starts bawling. Then of course little Darcy comes in and is scarred for life. Or at least has two sad moodlets, one for witnessing death and another for losing a grandparent. And Jester, don’t forget Jester

08-24-18_10-34-30 PM.pngCatarina joins her husband and previous generations of Harwood Matriarchs and Patriarchs. And the gnomes mourn their loss.

08-24-18_10-42-53 PM.pngPercy can’t contain his sadness, but doesn’t want the rest of the family to see him bawling his eyes out.

08-24-18_10-53-14 PM.pngHarmony: Honey I know your sad right now, I am too, but your mom wouldn’t want us to put our lives on hold.

Percy was just in a good enough mood to try for baby and he was in desperate need for fun.

Harmony: We’re going to have another baby!

Percy: But so soon after mother’s death? Wait, you know what she’d be happy, and I am too, it’s just so sad she’s not here.

08-26-18_7-32-39 AM.pngIt’s love day and Vex is having a hard time too, so I thought a date might cheer her up.

08-26-18_7-33-30 AM.pngThe first half of the date Vex was miserable.

08-26-18_7-43-20 AM.pngBut things seemed to turn around. She however didn’t get pregnant so now she has a sad moodlet due to her mother’s death and a failed pregnancy moodlet. And it was raining. So I ended the date early.

08-26-18_8-06-02 AM.pngHowever she did get a promotion!

08-26-18_8-06-36 AM.pngHarmony: Mama needs some snuggles.

08-26-18_8-16-17 AM.pngPercy and Harmony also go on a date that was more successful, but still involved some crying and moppy looks.

08-26-18_8-31-28 AM.pngTag team! Vex and Harmony teaching the boys some shapes.

08-26-18_8-33-42 AM.pngVex: I know our date earlier didn’t go super well, so let’s give it another go shall we?

Hector: Sure.


08-26-18_8-37-35 AM.pngHector takes the news well!

So I will end the chapter here on this happy note!

Chapter 3.4: Happy New Year!


♦ The Harwoods celebrate their first Winterfest.

♦ Both Percy and Vex invite over their significant others to celebrate Winterfest an to do the tango, so to speak ;). And now Harmony and Vex are expecting.

♦  Scanlan’s wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to their daughter Kaylie.

♦ Percy and Harmony tried to get married but some game glitch is determined to  ruin their dreams, but they wont let that get them down!

♦ Vax’ildan moves out, which he was quite depressed by.

07-04-18_9-15-22 PM.pngVex’ahlia, heavily pregnant, is hard at work gaining skills for her aspiration and career.

It is also New Years Eve so Percy throws a PAR-TAY!

Percy: Here’s to the new year and us becoming dads!

Scanlan: I’ll drink to that!

07-04-18_9-21-29 PM.pngPercy took this opportunity to get Vax’s picture done.

07-04-18_9-22-36 PM.pngHere are the bros. Now we need Vex.

07-04-18_9-24-55 PM.pngHarmony and Percy enjoy a New Years kiss.

07-04-18_9-26-24 PM.pngAnd the guest are dancing into the New Year.

07-04-18_9-27-17 PM.pngHarmony partied so hard she went into labor!

Percy: Okay…do we have everything we need? Extra clothes…diapers…my sanity…

Harmony: Really Percival now’s not the time to panic.

07-04-18_9-30-52 PM.pngSo the Doctor, Penelope, is one of Percy’s girlfriends. I imagine if Percy didn’t have the reward trait this would have been a very awkward encounter.

Percy: Eeep! No…no…I can’t do this…

Harmony: Well at least I don’t have to listen to his freaking out anymore. Okay doc, let’s get this show on the road!

07-04-18_9-34-42 PM.pngWelcome baby boy Darcy! This generation name theme is characters from Jane Austen novels. I was having a Pride and Prejudice marathon when playing.  Darcy is of course named after Fitzwilliam Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice.

07-04-18_9-35-20 PM.pngHarmony celebrates the New Year and the birth of her son! Now how many times can I type New Year in this chapter? Let’s find out…..

Harmony adds her picture to the family. And Percy and Harmony’s couple picture is just the cutest!

07-04-18_9-56-44 PMVex goes into labor a few hours later!

07-04-18_9-58-16 PM.pngHector has the standard freak out and poofs out.

07-04-18_9-59-13 PM.png

Vex: I really need to  deliver this baby….NOW!

Nurse: okay ma’am your doctors not hear yet so I need you to wait.

Vex: You have got to be kidding me!

07-04-18_10-00-41 PM.pngThe doctor finally arrives and I definitely would not want her as my doctor.

Vex: Um….is that supposed to be spraying everywhere?

Doctor: Uh…yeah it…a…disinfects.

Meet baby Frederick named after the main male protagonist, Frederick Wentworth, in Persuasion.

He really looks like he doesn’t want to be kissed by his mom.

07-06-18_7-11-48 AM.pngUncle Percy is the first to welcome Frederick into the household.

07-08-18_6-49-51 PM.pngJester being a cat.

07-08-18_6-58-19 PM.pngThe flea market was in town so Harmony went to check it out as well as the local cuisine.

07-08-18_6-59-41 PM.pngShe bought this chair.  I rarely have my sims go to the flea market because I never really see anything worth buying there, but the family has been cooped up in the house for a whiles so I decided why not?

07-08-18_7-00-02 PM.pngShe met up with her old roommate and decided to pull a prank on her. Her roommate thought it was quite funny so she actually gained friendship points.

07-08-18_8-25-11 PM.pngBack at home Harmony practices her Violin skills.

07-08-18_8-33-01 PM.pngVex comes home with a promotion!

Percy works out with his great-grandpa Paolo. And Catarina meditates on what’s to come in the New Year.

07-08-18_9-09-05 PM.pngThis picture is just here cause I was amazed at how buff Percy got.

07-08-18_9-17-19 PM.pngThe Harwoods got a pool and the kids got a swing set. I think the backyard is shaping up nicely.

07-08-18_9-29-51 PM.pngIt’s Frederick’s birthday, which means it’s also Darcy’s birthday!

07-08-18_9-32-14 PM.pngBut before we can get to the candle blowing and wish making; Malone makes his first appearance as a ghost!

07-08-18_9-33-49 PM.pngCatarina tries and fails to repair the roomba. I swear this thing breaks as soon as someone fixes it. atrina is fine by the  way. I sent her for a shower then sleep.

07-08-18_9-41-20 PM.pngVex being a pretty good chef, and since Catarina just got electrocuted, makes the birthday cake.

07-08-18_9-43-47 PM.pngAnd then I remembered babies don’t need cake. 😥

07-08-18_9-45-33 PM.pngFirst up is Darcy and he has red hair! I wasn’t expecting that.

07-08-18_9-47-07 PM.pngAnd then Frederick.

07-08-18_9-58-55 PM.png

Squee! Darcy has his mom’s eye color! He is so stinkin’ adorable! He rolled Silly. Dary has a sprinkling of freckles on his nose.

07-08-18_10-02-39 PM.png

Frederick is cute too. He rolled wild. I gave him full face freckles.

07-08-18_10-05-56 PM.pngVex and Frederick having a play session.

07-08-18_10-12-15 PM.pngWe’ll end the chapter with Percy getting a promotion. I think after this I had him quit, he always came home tense, and between Catarina, Vex, and Harmony the family makes plenty of money. So Percy is going to be a stay-at-home-dad.

Before we completely end the chapter we have some family updates.


07-08-18_7-10-29 PM.pngHere is Kaylie, Scanlan and Elizabeth’s daughter. She looks like a mini-Catarina with brown eyes.

07-08-18_7-13-43 PM.pngAnd Pike, Malcolm and Marion’s daughter. I gave Pike the generation 3 naming theme, so Pike is named after Pike Trickfoot the gnome cleric from critical role.

07-08-18_7-21-36 PM.png

Maura Kennedy, Mallory and Sebastian’s daughter. I’m so happy that Pearl’s, the founder, eye color is surviving in another branch of the family.