Chapter 2.0: City Living

Last time the Harwood were grieving the loss of the family’s founder Pearl Harwood. Her ghost, however, did pop by for a visit making Paolo really happy. Mal had his adult birthday and Malone grew into a child. Malone was also named heir for generation 2!

10-31-16_10-15-05-amMalia making friends with Lucas Munch. Lucas Munch is another sim that has a special place in my heart. I have an undocumented Legacy where Lucas was the spouse to my first generation heiress. I might even introduce some family members to this save game just for funsies.

10-31-16_12-30-07-pmMalia now needs 3 child friends. In my game I was running a little low on kid sims so I went around to all the “not currently in world” sims combined some households and spawned a few kids so the Harwood children would have some playmates. I have since then installed MC Command Center from Mod the Sims so that should fix and future population issues.

10-31-16_12-30-37-pmA few more of the little tykes.

So it is at this point that I installed the City Living expansion pack and I was excited to test out the Ley-Line house trait to see if Mal and Peyton would have any multiples.

Mal: “So how about it babe? Shall we try for one more?”
Peyton: “Well I like the trying part.”

And success! I’m really hoping this works.

Malia’s first school prank was successful!


Peyton got a little makeover with some City Living stuff. I also gave her a new tattoo. She is super gorgeous! I kind of invasion Peyton as this Rocker chick who didn’t give up her style when she became a mama, she just got a little more sophisticated.

Peyton: “Mallory how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your art project lying around?”

Mallory: “Sorry mom, I was just running to school and I realized I was still carrying the statue and I didn’t want to take it to school so I left it here.”

Peyton: “Jeez kid take a breath, actually better not your brother is carrying a stink cloud around him.”

Malone: “MOM! You didn’t need to point it out. I’ve already had it from the kids at school!”

Peyton: “Well then I hope you learned a very valuable life lesson from this.”

Freshly showered, Malone is ready to take on the second milestone for his aspiration.

Malia: “Hey there creepy skeleton dude! My gramps is obsessed with collecting all the sugar skulls. And he just needs one more, will ya help a sister out?”

Skeleton Dude: “Sure there miss. It would be my pleasure to make your gramps dream come true.”


Before we can celebrate the fact we now have all the sugar skulls, Mal decided to transform on of these date object into something but utterly failed. Luckily both Mal and Paolo were able to put out the flames before they burned down the house.

Paolo: “Finally I can mourn my wife properly now.”

Paolo: “Oh Pearl my love, I miss you so much. I know you are looking down on us, but I can’t wait to be by your side once more.”

Mal: “Dad I know you miss mom, I do too, but I hope you aren’t planning to leave us anytime soon. I still need you here!”

Paolo: “Thanks son. I don’t plan on leaving if I can help it. I do want to meet that new grandkid of mine.”

Mal takes his wife out on the town on another date. Mal is so close to completing his second aspiration I think I can finish it before the new baby arrives!

Speaking of almost finishing an aspiration, Mallory just needs to reach level 10 of the creativity skill and she will be done with Artistic Prodigy. I also gave the kids a small makeover to their room.

Mal: “Oh I can’t wait to meet you!”

Peyton: “I can’t wait to have this nooboo out of me! I have to pee like every 5 seconds!”


Mal has finally compleated his second aspiration! I don’t remember if I picked a third one for him. And Lucas Munch in the background cheering the couple on!

So I took the family to San Myshuno to celebrate Malia’s birthday. However I wasn’t able to put birthday candles on the cake 😥


Despite this little set back the family had a lovely time at the Spice Market. Malia got to show off her mad b-ball skills. And Mallory, spending quality time with her grandpa helped her finish her aspiration!


Back at home Malia blew out her candles! And the game gave her another tomboy look for her teen years so I’m keeping with the theme.

Malia received the Vegetarian trait. And she is a Party Animal. I think Malia’s types of parties are the sports kind.

Malia grew up into an ultra skinny body that she doesn’t share with either of her parents. So under the careful mentorship of her grandfather she begins her training to bulk up a little bit.

I know we haven’t seen much of Malone this chapter, but he is around doing artsy things.

Peyton: “It’s time ya’ll, time to pop this munchkin out!”

11-04-16_1-15-47 PM.pngFourth kid in and Mal is pretty chill about the whole birthing process.

Mal: Hey hospital food ain’t so bad.

01-08-17_10-15-27 PMWelcome Malcolm Harwood to the family! Unfortunately their little experiment didn’t work. Mal and Payton only had one child. But I think that’s for the best.


Chapter 1.6: The Challenge of Moving on

Last time Pearl got into some shenanigans at work which she instantly regretted. Malia had her child birthday, and Peyton gave birth to another girl Mallory. We had to say goodbye to the founder of the Harwood family Pearl. And Mal and Peyton are expecting their third child.

10-05-16_12-06-25-amPaolo is still collecting sugar skulls. It helps him bury his grief.

10-05-16_12-07-27-amAlexander Goth: “I feel a disturbance in the force.”

No, it’s just Paolo being a creeper.

Paolo: “This is a stick up! GIVE.ME.ALL.OF.THE.SUGAR.SKULLS!”

Alex: “Dude you need to back up. But I will give you one to leave me the F alone!”

Baby Mallory is adored by all.

10-05-16_8-16-47-pmHowever Paolo isn’t easily distracted by sugar skulls or his granddaughters. Paolo waters his beloved wife’s garden with his tears of grief.

10-05-16_8-36-31-pmPaolo needed to get out of the house so he gathered his workout club.

10-05-16_8-37-54-pmPaolo: “Hey there daughter of mine, fancy joining my work out group?”

Garnet: “Dad, why are you talking like a weirdo?”

Paolo: “Why, I have no notion of what you speak of.”

Garnet: *sighs heavily* “Fine if I will join your club if you stop talking like you’re in a bad Dickens play.”

10-05-16_8-41-31-pmMadelyn: “Hey Paolo! I’d like to join your group too! The Grim Reaper working out next to me has given me a new appreciation for healthy living.”

Grim Reaper: “Can’t a guy work out without everybody thinking they’re going to die? I’d just like to go somewhere where people aren’t running away from me in terror.”#GrimProblems.”Although Madelyn are you getting enough to eat cause you’re looking a little skinny.”

10-05-16_8-59-54-pmBack at home it’s Mallory’s birthday!

dfa4d116-df66-4f8b-92a2-1278046cffc2Here she is after a little makeover. I’m so happy that she has her dad’s eye color! She has the insider trait just like her mom.

10-05-16_9-17-17-pmMallory is already getting started on her aspiration.

10-05-16_9-24-24-pmI’m trying to call the aliens just to see what happens but so far no luck. This is the second time I’ve used this thing; maybe third time’s the charm?

10-05-16_9-48-00-pmWe’re getting close guys! Just one more sugar skull!

10-05-16_10-15-45-pmThese two are super adorable! I know I say that about almost all my sims, but what can i say? I’m biased.

10-05-16_10-17-35-pmMallory is getting stuff done while Malia tries to hold it together long enough to make it to the toilet.

Malia: “Hay! Don’t document this part! Do you want me to be ridiculed at school?”

10-05-16_10-18-37-pmWhat’s this? A floating computer can mean only one thing…

10-05-16_10-19-10-pmPearl came for a visit! Our first ghost of the legacy!

Pearl: “Damn straight.”

10-05-16_10-28-08-pmPaolo: *squees with joy* “Oh yay! My favorite person is back!”

Pearl: “I know, I know, you can’t live without me.”

Paolo: “I can’t, I really can’t”

10-05-16_10-32-45-pmPaolo: “Nothing to see here…move along now!”

10-05-16_11-00-26-pmLove is all around. Paolo doesn’t even notice that his daughter-in-law is barely in any clothing at all or that his son is flirting with her. Paolo’s got the post woohoo face going on.

Mal took his lovely wife on a date for one of his aspiration milestones. I forget where he is at the moment but he is close, I think, to completing his aspiration.

10-05-16_11-22-13-pmRight after their date Peyton goes into labor. And like any good husband, Mal, eats chocolate in front of his laboring wife.

10-05-16_11-23-55-pmWelcome Malone into the Harwood family. The first boy this generation.

10-05-16_11-33-04-pmPaolo is having a man to man moment with his grandson.

10-05-16_11-33-33-pmI’m so bad at taking notes, but Peyton has finished her aspiration Leader of the Pack and is now working on Joke Star. She is also working in the entertainment career.

Mallory: “Run away Mr. Triceratop! The T-Rex wants to eat you!”

Mr. Triceratop: “Eeeeep!”

As Mr. Triceratop runs away from the T-Rex he head buts her in his terror piercing poor Mallory in the eye.

Mallory: “Oh! Ow….these horns are way to sharp for children’s toys.”

10-06-16_11-27-44-amGarnet: “Hey dad, how are you doing? I know mom’s death hit you pretty hard.”

Paolo: “Oh well it’s hard not having her here all the time, but ever since she visited me the other night It’s a little easier knowing that a part of her is still out there somewhere.”

Garnet: “Oh dad….mom visited you?”
Paolo: “Well her ghost did….I’m not crazy you know.”
Garnet: “Okay” *not quite sure she believes him*

Just so you know everyone in the Harwood house hold was extremely distraught when Pearl died. Peyton not as much because they didn’t really spend a whole lot of time together. I’m just a bad simmer and didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the Harwoods grief. 😥

10-06-16_11-35-03-amMal Painted a much better portrait of Peyton so now we can replace that other one.

Mal: “Hey! That other one was a masterpiece! But I do agree this one is much better; look at the colors and how they pop! And this one is another masterpiece!”

I think at this point Mal is a level 10 painter.

10-06-16_11-44-47-amPaolo helps the girls with there homework Mallory first then Malia. And on a side note I really adore Paolo he will have a special place in my heart and I’m going to be really bummed when he goes, probably more so than Pearl is that a bad thing to say?

Paolo: “Yes, yes it is….although It’s good to know I’ll be missed, but I’m still here you know!”

The girls go to the park to work on their aspirations. Mallory I believe is working on her third milestone and just needs to reach level 10 in creativity and draw 5 different drawings.

Malia by the way has completed Rambunctious Scamp and is now working on  Social Butterfly.

10-06-16_12-42-34-pmPeople gathering and new kitchen setup (which I’m going to have to redo cause I’m not 100% happy with.) can only mean one thing….


Mal’s adult birthday party to be exact and it’s also Malone’s birthday!

It was a lovely party and all the Harwoods came to wish Mal good luck in his full adult years.

10-06-16_1-02-30-pmIt is Malone’s turn for his birthday and he popped out on the bassinet if fairly decent clothes, but they don’t really fit his personality so off to CAS with you!

ae686bff-9a00-4bd5-9db6-297c3b42ec8fAnd here is Mr. Malone. I kind of imagine him to be one of those creative cool kids, but not a douche. And his aspiration actually matches his trait which is always a bonus!



Here are our three kiddos for the second generation of the Harwood legacy. And the heir is MALONE! I was hoping for a girl this generation but honestly I would have been happy with either one of them.

So this is where I’ll end for now, I have about a chapter left until I’m all caught up to game play. I haven’t played the Harwoods in like three months so I’m super excited to be almost caught up! 😀

Chapter 1.5: Family

Hey I’m back! Sorry it’s been a while. It’s been a little crazy with the holidays coming up and I had to take a certification exam for work so I was studying for that. But now I have some time….so here we go!


Last time on the Harwoods Peyton was working on her aspiration and she is close to completing it….I think. Mal has been painting up a storm. And both Peyton and Mal are proud parents of baby Malia. The Harwoods were able to remodel their home after a series of promotions from Pearl. Paolo retired from the bodybuilder career and Kunzite, the youngest of the first generation, moved out with His wife Madelyn and daughter Zoisite.


10-05-16_1-21-12-amPaolo: “Well hello there neighbors! What a nice day we are having today. And might I add what lovely makeup you all have on. Even you sir very bold choice!”

Lucas: “Well we are in the midst of the day of the dead celebrations…so it’s not really makeup more like a costume choice.”

Paolo: “Whatever helps you sleep at night son.”

Lucas: “…Uh…here man just take this.” *Lucas quickly hands Paolo a sugar skull a skulks off.

10-05-16_1-23-17-amBetween Paolo and Mal the Harwoods now have 5 sugar skulls. We’re halfway there folks.

10-05-16_1-26-26-amPeyton: “Hey mom how are things?”

Janae Scales: “Oh you know just seeing how my daughter is and I want to meet my grandbaby. You know Peyton I’m to young to be a grandma so I want to be called Nonnie.”

Peyton’s mom is still a Young Adult which is a little weird.

10-05-16_1-28-44-amAnd this is Peyton’s younger brother Korbin.

10-05-16_1-30-36-amJanae: “So I was out on a date the other day and they guy wanted to come back to my place, but of course I could have none of that. I explained to the guy I have a teenage son and he was totally surprised of course. He said “you’re way too young to have a kid and I was like I know but I do.”

Korbin: “Kill me now!”

10-05-16_1-42-23-amSome father and daughter bonding time.

10-05-16_1-52-04-amAnother masterpiece for Mal here. I can remember if I mentioned Mal got a job in the painter career. Well Mal got a job in the Painter career.

10-05-16_2-01-39-amPeyton has got in on the action. However, I think she received a sugar skull they already have 😦

10-05-16_3-03-10-pmAt work Pearl had to freeze a few tourists. But she quickly chiseled this poor guy to freedom.

10-05-16_3-05-37-pmPearl: So sorry I froze you! It was in the pursuit of science! Don’t worry the blue will go away soon.”

10-05-16_3-05-56-pmPearl: “On further inspection your nose is rather large…not the largest I have seen mind you, but we can definitely fix it for you at the science lab if you want. Free of cost of corse!”

Blue Man: “I think I’m going to leave now.”

10-05-16_3-14-01-pmPearl: “Oh honey I had the most stressful day at work.”

Paolo: “I’m sorry to hear that my love.”

Pearl: “But I did get a promotion to Ufologist. So it wasn’t all bad.”

10-05-16_3-14-49-pmLast picture of Malia as a baby because it’s her birthday today!

10-05-16_3-16-45-pmShe too aged into a bit of a tomboy like her cousins Ruby and Zoisite.

10-05-16_3-27-27-pmI wanted to keep the tomboy look so she kept most of the clothes she aged into and still kept with the short hair but found a style that looked better on her. Malia is a Goofball and is a Rambunctious Scamp. So sort of the class clown but sporty as well.

As soon as Malia left her parents bedroom her parents decided it was time for some quality adult alone time. In the kids bedroom closet of course.

10-05-16_3-33-04-pmThus resulting in addition to the family.

10-05-16_3-59-03-pmAnd poor Chester didn’t last long. It was only last chapter that he was introduced. I think it will be a while til I grow another cow plant.

10-05-16_4-19-40-pmMalia: “Shhh…don’t tell my parents that I’m using their closet as headquarters for my space adventure!”

Um…okay then I won’t tell you what they were doing in your closet.

Malia: “What were they doing in my closet? Were they playing cops and robbers? Cause I heard noises….”

My lips are sealed.

10-05-16_4-52-27-pmI got the family a popcorn maker which was a mistake because now all they eat is popcorn.

Malia goes to the park to make some friends and hangs out with her cousin Zoisite. She also completed her first milestone.

10-05-16_5-35-05-pmMalia is working on her second milestone and I was able to add wallpaper to the new focus room.

10-05-16_5-55-05-pmMal took Peyton out on a date. I think at this point he is on Milestone 3 or 4 I can’t remember 😦

Anyways they had a lovely time being all lovey dovey.

10-05-16_6-02-00-pmMalia: “The view from up here is spectacular!”

I just love her; she is so cute!

10-05-16_6-21-20-pmPaolo still going after those sugar skulls. I keep wanting to type crystal skull…must.stop!

10-05-16_6-27-48-pmAnother masterpiece to add to the wall. Although this one is my least favorite.

10-05-16_6-33-24-pmNow this is how it should be. Of course he still goes into the pre-parental panic, but this is a nice spontaneous moment.

10-05-16_6-35-58-pmMal comes into the labor room does gets his panic on and then….

10-05-16_6-36-25-pmGoes out of the room and looks through the doors

Mal: ” Is she done yet?”

10-05-16_6-38-56-pmWelcome baby girl Mallory to the family! This makes the fourth girl born to the Harwoods this generation. We have Ruby, Zoisite, Malia, and Mallory.

And then Peyton and Mal come home to this…

Our founder Pearl Harwood has passed 😦

She didn’t get to complete her aspiration as a freelance botanist. But she married Paolo, the love of her life, and had three children and leaves behind four beautiful granddaughters.

10-05-16_6-44-22-pmThe household was very distraught over the loss of Pearl.

10-05-16_6-46-03-pmEspecially Paolo who fell down to his knees giving great wailing sobs of despair.

10-05-16_7-04-56-pmI built the family Mausoleum and after I took this picture I took the door out so my sims wouldn’t spend all their time crying over lost relatives.

10-05-16_7-29-19-pmI will leave you with the happy news that Peyton and Mal are expecting their third child! 🙂 ❤

Chapter 1.4: New…

Last time the Harwoods had many celebrations: Kunzite had his YA birthday and Garnet, Malachite, and Kunzite all go married to their respective partners. Garnet gave birth to daughter Ruby and then she along with Myron and Ruby moved out of the Legacy house.

10-03-16_11-02-10-pmThese two are super cute. I believe this picture was taken with the crystal clear digital camera.

10-03-16_10-52-48-pmSince Peyton’s aspiration is Leader of the Pack I’m not going to give her a job until she completes her aspiration. So until then she is going to write some novels to help with the household funds.

10-04-16_1-01-26-pmAnd speaking of her aspiration here she is inviting the Carefree club over to complete her first Milestone.

10-04-16_1-03-39-pmOh hey we have a new Cow plant! Lets call him Chester.

10-04-16_10-41-13-amI’m so ready to crush this challenge!

10-03-16_11-01-20-pmI forget why Madelyne was doing this, but here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I got a pop up saying that Paolo’s days are numbered and I was shocked. He has the long lived trait from completing his bodybuilder aspiration, but just in case I had him say goodbye to his family.

10-04-16_11-14-18-amMal: “So Ms. Slaughter I was wondering if I could persuade you to give me a sugar skull.”

Christine Slaughter: “Sure kid, I like your style.”

10-04-16_11-15-41-amI believe this little guy is called Jeff.

10-04-16_11-23-31-amMal: *victory dance* “Woooo! One down only nine more to go!”

10-04-16_11-32-04-amThe ladies of the house gabbing about legacy life.

10-04-16_11-52-39-amThis is Mal’s first masterpiece which I’ve kept, however it went straight into the family inventory until they can remodel their house.


10-04-16_12-15-41-pmPoor Peyton sick and pregnant. Luckily she has a cure to what ails her.

10-04-16_12-31-47-pmI’ll keep this portrait until Mal can do a better one.

Mal: “Hey I’ll have you know this is a masterpiece!”

And it looks like Mal is sporting the same sickness as his wife.

10-04-16_12-36-16-pmThese two are still very much in love. Full friendship and romance bars and I honestly don’t have to do much they run mostly on autonomy.

10-04-16_12-37-03-pmPaolo: “Hi…yes I would like to retire. I would like to enjoy my time with my family.”

Paolo was sill level 6 I think in the bodybuilder career and since he completed his aspiration I didn’t see the need for him to continue working. Especially since Pearl is well paid and Mal makes quite a bit selling paintings.

10-04-16_12-43-00-pmAnother Club outing for Peyton. I believe she has completed Milestone 2 at this point. I didn’t take any notes on her aspiration as I already did it for Mal, but spoiler alert *she does eventually complete it. *

10-04-16_12-46-41-pmAnd it’s go time!

Mal: “Oh…it’s really happening!”

Peyton: “You knew it was happening.”

Mal: “Well yes but it’s like happening NOW!”

10-04-16_12-47-08-pmMal: “I just have to pee real quick!”

10-04-16_12-49-16-pmAnd like a good father to be he came and freaked out in the hospital room as is proper. Of course I would be freaking out if a doctor took out my significant other’s heart out in front of me.

10-04-16_12-53-01-pmEveryone meet little Malia Harwood. So the naming theme this generation are names that start with Mal.

10-04-16_12-56-03-pmThe club gathering was still going strong when Peyton and Mal came back from the hospital with their little nooboo. So Peyton sent them away so she could have some quiet time.

10-04-16_1-13-15-pmThe quiet didn’t last long as a few hours later Madelyn went into labor.

10-04-16_1-23-56-pmAnd Madelyne and Kunzite welcomed a little girl Zoisite Harwood.

10-04-16_1-26-58-pmAnd as with Ruby, Zoisite grew into a tomboy.

10-04-16_1-32-08-pmAnd here she is. I tried keeping the tomboy look. She gained the goofball trait.

10-04-16_9-18-21-pmI probably should have waited till the morning to send them on their way but I was a little impatient as I want to remodel the house.

10-04-16_11-55-46-pmAnd here is what the outside of their new home looks like. I haven’t taken any “tour” pictures of the inside as the house isn’t completed. I still want to add some rooms and even a basement. Also I will repaint the outside, everything is just so grey 😦

So I will leave you here for now readers.

Chapter 1.3: Here Comes The…


Last time there were multiple birthdays. Malachite finished his Leader of the Pack aspiration and is now working towards Soulmate. Both Garnet and Malachite grew up their significant other; in Garnet’s case her hopeful significant other. Pearl tried calling the aliens but none have shown up yet (keep your fingers crossed). Paolo turned into an elder and Pearl grew a cowplant!

09-12-16_11-26-10-amLet’s start off the chapter with these two adorable sims. Malachite asked Peyton on a date to celebrate both of their birthdays.

Oh and I did give Mal a tattoo. I figured I’d give one to all the heirs.

09-12-16_11-30-59-amMal:” So I know this probably isn’t much of a surprise, since we are promised to each other and all, but would you like to share the rest of your life with me?”

Peyton: “Well…”

09-12-16_11-31-12-amPeyton: ” …the ring is of a lovely quality. Of course I say yes! Love you forever and always. I mean my jealousy trait might be hard to deal with but as long as you don’t cheat I think we will be fine.”

09-12-16_11-33-58-amBack at home things got awkward.

Paolo: “I’ve managed to live most of my life without too many awkward occurrences happening. Why does the string of luck have to run out now that I’m in my twilight years?”

09-12-16_8-33-53-amMal: “I’ll call this When I’m board I’ll draw fruit.”

I haven’t gotten Mal a job yet because I haven’t decided on what career he should take so in the mean time he’s painting to help out the family income.

Garnet and Myron have a very successful date at the ruins.

09-12-16_1-08-43-pmGarnet invited Myron to skinny dip in the ruins watering hole.

Myron: ” Okay I’ll take a dip but then I’m getting right out ’cause the water doesn’t look all that sanitary.”

Garnet: “Oh come on live a little My.”

Myron:”I’m living plenty what with woohoo in the bushes , which by the way I think I have a twig in my pants, and now I’m taking a dip in something that looks like it carries the plague.”

09-12-16_1-10-00-pmMyron: “Garnet why are you in the bushes…oh…are you…”
Garnet: “Proposing? Yes although I do admit I could have picked a better spot. Myron, though you are squeamish,which annoys me, I also love you for it. I know how much you care for my health and happiness. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What do you say?”

09-12-16_1-10-18-pmMyron: “Yes of course. Though your sense of adventure might lead me to an early grave I can’t imagine my life without you.”

09-12-16_1-20-25-pmBack at the house Garnet learns that she is expecting a little nooboo. And she looks absolutely smug about it.

09-12-16_1-20-47-pmGarnet: “Guess what Honey?! We’re having a baby!”

Myron: “Um…I’m not quite sure how I should feel about this, but I’ll go with mostly happy! Just promise we won’t have too many kids they’re rather unsanitary.”

Garnet: “You do realize that the whole process of making kids is unsanitary.”

Myron: *blushes* “But that part is fun…so I don’t mind it so much.”

09-12-16_9-05-48-pmGarnet wished for an arch so I obliged her. Garnet and Myron had a quick elopement. I really dread having parties, both IRL and ingame, and I also wanted an heir to have the first wedding party. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress Garnet in a pretty dress.

09-12-16_9-29-36-pmMyron is the first to officially meet our first cow plant! It was just a little seedling this morning, but now look at her! I think I will name her Betsy. Although I wish your sims could actually name their cow plants in the game.

09-12-16_9-37-31-pmI finally broke down and got a computer.

09-12-16_9-14-26-pmPearl is still hard at work in the science career. If the family didn’t need the money I would have her quit a focus on her gardening skill, because that’s all she needs to complete her aspiration.

09-12-16_9-46-38-pmBack on the home front Garnet isn’t having fun with her pregnancy. Although to be perfectly honest she’s generally pretty happy except for morning sickness.

09-12-16_9-54-55-pmGarnet spends her time leveling up in the violin skill for her aspiration.

Pearl and Mal seem to be enjoying the tunes she’s putting out even though she is a level 4. It must be because she is a creative sim.

09-12-16_10-03-35-pmAnd of course Garnet isn’t going to let her pregnancy stop her from enjoying a good workout.

09-12-16_10-26-00-pmPearl’s birthday came around and I let it slip by me. I’ve been so focused on getting Mal and Garnet’s relationships and aspirations in order that I forgot about poor Pearl :(.

09-12-16_11-07-17-pmMyron: ” Oooooohhhhh…Cake. Don’t mind if I do!”

09-12-16_11-07-43-pmMyron: “Ok Betsy you win; let’s not do this again shall we?”

Betsy *gives Myron a hard glare*

09-12-16_10-44-22-pmPearl: “Hmmm…I wonder what this could be?”

09-12-16_10-48-05-pmGarnet: “I wonder what that burning smell could be?”

09-12-16_10-48-14-pmGarnet: “Oh.My.Plumbob!”

I was super nervous when the fire broke out but Garnet immediately brought out the fire extinguisher and put out the fire like a boss.

09-12-16_11-03-48-pmMal asked Peyton out on a date, but first I went into manage worlds and gave her a makeover.

09-12-16_11-24-26-pmPretty soon it’s time for Garnet to pop out this baby. And of course Myron is having a major melt down.

Myron: “No! I’m not ready to be a father! I need a snack…low blood sugar and all.”

09-12-16_11-29-10-pmDue to Myron not being able to handle his sh*t, Garnet gave birth to their daughter Ruby all by herself.

09-12-16_11-29-53-pmMyron: “I sense that my child is born, this makes me happy.”

09-12-16_11-30-13-pmGarnet: ” Don’t worry honey, your father is just a little squeamish but he loves you very much.”

09-12-16_11-37-13-pmBack at home Garnet ages Ruby up. Ruby ages up into the exact hair and clothing as Garnet did, it’s a bit erie.

09-12-16_11-48-04-pmRuby rolled the Geek trait with the artistic prodigy aspiration. She has her mother and grandmother’s eye color. And after she aged up her and her parents moved out of the legacy house. I will miss having Garnet around, but I’m excited to see Mal and Peyton’s kids!

09-13-16_11-52-24-amIts official the first generation are adults now! And now we can pave the way for generation two, although technically Ruby is the first of generation two.

Kunzite received the athletic trait. His other traits are Cheerful and Goofball.

09-12-16_12-36-21-pmMal invited Peyton over and they have become best friends which takes care of one milestone for his aspiration. It makes me a little sad that he won’t be best friends with Garnet any more, but it’s only right that he’s best friends with his future wife.

And speaking of future wife let’s make it official. Family and friends gathered around to witness the couple get married.

09-13-16_12-20-00-pmMal: ” Now that the guests have gone why don’t we celebrate!”

Peyton: “Darling just promise to leave the bow tie on!”

09-13-16_12-23-07-pmThis pose can only mean one thing!

09-13-16_12-24-50-pmPeyton: “Honey I have something important to tell you so can you please get your hand out of my crotch area!”

Mal: “Sorry honey, what is it.”

Peyton: “Well we’re going to be parents!”

Mal: “Are you sure….I mean yay?”

09-13-16_12-26-37-pmMal: “Well I am a total stud after all.”

Madelyn Hartley comes over and she and Kunzite become best friends. We also give her a quick birthday.

Kunzite waists no time wooing his love. And they quickly become engaged.

Madelyn: “Get your sexy but in there!”

Kunzite: “Yes ma’am!”

09-13-16_12-47-41-pmAnd a quick elopement.

09-13-16_12-51-12-pmAnd another nooboo is on its way! I will skip the pictures where Madelyn tells Kunzite about their impending parenthood as Kunzite has the same reaction Mal and Myron had. 09-13-16_11-56-04-amPoor Betsy didn’t survive the chapter. These cow plants sure don’t last very long. Anyway sorry for rushing the end a bit but I’m really excited to start the second generation!

Chapter 1.2: We’re All Mad for Birthdays Here!

Last time on the Harwoods Pearl used her sim ray to make subpar objects into slightly less subpar objects and almost burned the house down. Kunzite is now a teen and a Public Enemy to boot. Mal is the leader of the Carefree club and got himself a girlfriend. Garnet is in the babysitting career and Paolo is still working on getting to level 10 in the bodybuilder career.

08-31-16_9-05-06-pmI’ll start off this chapter with the all exciting news that the Harwoods have a better stove than they did before! I know, I know this is what you all came here for.

08-31-16_9-08-45-pmGarnet is as much of a gym rat as her father. I’m going to try and get Garnet as buff as possible. Which probably isn’t very much on her thin frame.

08-31-16_9-38-06-pmPearl: “Are you sure it’s wise to set a beacon to call aliens here. *whispers* What if they are bad aliens and want to probe us all?”

Well it’ll be an experience you won’t forget!

I’ve used the satellite to call the aliens twice and have yet to see one.

08-31-16_9-48-47-pmThis daily task of mentoring sims for the athletic career is a real pain. But since Paolo completed his bodybuilder aspiration he can focus more on his career.

08-31-16_10-02-59-pmWhen Paolo isn’t mentoring sims he is upgrading objects around the house.

08-31-16_10-46-03-pmPearl was promoted to Tech. Innovator and Paolo was also promoted to Professional Bodybuilder, so I was able to put in the second bathroom and expanded the teens bedroom as well as the front room.

I wish I could find exercise fun like these two.

08-31-16_11-09-25-pmPaolo invited Don over to mentor him, but when Don showed up he kicked over the trash can. I guess he wasn’t in a very good mood.

08-31-16_11-10-08-pmPaolo had to show dominance over Don by kicking his but in a fight. It wasn’t a malicious fight just something athletic sims can do at a certain level.

08-31-16_11-11-50-pmAfter showing Don who’s boss Paolo continued to torture Don by mentoring him.

09-03-16_8-29-16-amThis bald beauty is Myron Hartley all grown up. Garnet learns he is Creative and Cheerful. He will fit nicely into this family I think.

09-03-16_8-39-13-amI forget why but somehow Mal became energized and he wanted to text his girlfriend.

09-03-16_8-44-11-amAnd she invited him to the gym. Probably the last place he wants to be. However he flirts with her mercilessly and they don’t end up going inside.

Mal: “So I know we are still teens and maybe too young to promise ourselves to each other, and we don’t know what our third traits will be, but I’m willing to take that gamble if you are.”

*here’s me crossing my fingers that Peyton doesn’t roll hates children for her third trait*

Peyton: “Oh babe there is no one else in this world I’d rather gamble with.”


Kunzite invites Madelyn to the park to get to know each other better. They are just friends at this stage.

09-11-16_9-23-05-pmPaolo: “Whoohoo we get to Whoohoo!”

These two are still very much in love.  And Paolo is almost an elder now.

09-12-16_7-55-26-amMal has finally reached level 5 of charisma and is now on the final tier of his aspiration. And he already completed earn 1000 club points so all he needs is 8 members in his club.

This aspiration is easier than I thought It would be. 🙂

‘ 09-12-16_8-02-34-amMal: “Myron do you want to be in my club? It’s super fun! We play chess and read n’stuff.”

Myron: “It actually sounds kind of boring.”

Mal: “My sister’s in the club.”

Myron: “Well why didn’t you say so to begin with? Of course I’ll join if she’s in the club.”

Mal: “Right now all I need is one more sim to join my cause.”

Myron: “Club….you mean join your club.”

Mal: “Yes…that’s exactly what I mean.”


Kunzite being friends with Madelyn invites her over so Mal can ask her to join the club. Which she does! Now Malachite has finished his aspiration, and before becoming an adult to boot! His next aspiration is Soulmate.

Alright ladies and gents we finally have a cowplant! My first ever in the sims 4! And I’ve had this game ever since it came out 😦

09-12-16_8-06-10-amAnd Paolo had his elder birthday by himself. I felt so bad, but I was focused on everyone else I completely forgot he was becoming an elder 😥

09-12-16_8-43-11-amHowever it is the twins birthday as well so Mal her is making a cake for himself and his sister. This is actually the third cake mad. Pearl made two but sims kept eating the cakes before I could put candles on them.

09-12-16_8-49-28-amHowever the third time’s the charm. Mal is up first with Peyton singing him into adulthood.

09-12-16_8-51-51-amAnd Next up is Garnet. Peyton really gets into the spirit of things.

09-12-16_8-52-25-amDat ass ‘tho. I don’t remember either of her parents having a sizable rear end, but Mal also has been gifted with a big booty so they must get it from somewhere.

Malachite’s third trait is  dance machine which is interesting because he is lazy, but I guess that’s Paolo’s influence sneaking in there. His other two traits are Lazy and Creative.

And Garnet’s third trait is Cheerful. Her other traits are Creative and Active. 09-12-16_8-54-06 AM.pngAnd since Peyton was here I had her age up as well. Her third trait is Insider.

09-12-16_11-34-42-amAwwww look at this little guy! Isn’t he cute?

The next day Garnet invites Myron over and surprises him with a birthday of his own.

09-12-16_12-58-49-pmLook how handsome he is! Myron’s third trait is squeamish. I think I will leave you here. This sure was a chapter full of birthdays!

Will Garnet find love with Myron? Can Kunzite take his friendship with Madelyn to the next level? And will their be a wedding next time?


Chapter 1.1: Carefree and Smitten

Welcome Back readers. Last time many skilling events were going on.The twins finished their child aspirations (Garnet even completed 2), and then they had their teen birthday. Malachite received the Lazy trait, which Paolo was not happy with, and Garnet received the Active trait. Pearl had her adult birthday she also froze a co-worker with the freeze ray.

08-24-16_12-57-34 AMThe Harwoods were able to afford a house finally. I downloaded this house from the gallery. The house was created by ruthless_kk.

So I did something stupid when putting the house on the lot. I only put a few things in the family inventory and then I though well the house comes with furniture so I stopped putting things in the inventory and plopped the house on the lot. Well the Harwoods couldn’t afford the house with the furniture and unlike a smart person I continued with the download thinking the family could purchase the rest. Well they had to purchase the cheapest beds, and I had to sell the couch. And Pearl’s garden also got deleted so she has to start anew, but luckily she had a lot of her plants in her inventory so she doesn’t have to start from scratch.

08-24-16_1-06-45 PMI however did save the punching bag.

Garnet: “Dad makes this look so easy!”

Garnet autonomously went to start working out. Active sims, gotta love’em.

08-24-16_1-09-34 PMPearl: *sighs heavily* “You mean I have to start all over again?!”

Well at least now you have pots.

Pearl: “That doesn’t make it any better!”

08-24-16_1-13-32 AMPearl: “Hey Alice! You wanna try this serum out?”

Alice: “Sure!” *swipes the bottle out of Pearl’s hands.

Pearl: “Um…don’t you want to know what it is first?”

Alice: “Man this thing tastes really good!”

I can’t remember which serum this is but I think it’s the one that makes a sim flirty.

08-24-16_1-21-16 AMPaolo: “Hey honey how was work?”

Pearl: “It was great. I got a promotion to Serum Sequencer.”

Paolo: “That’s great. Wanna go celebrate?”

Pearl: “Can I take a rain check on that? I just really want to try out my ray gun!”

Paolo: “What? Seriously?”

Pearl continued to celebrate by turning the refrigerator into a shower. And since the shower was a better quality than the one they had previously I kept it and sold the old one.

Since turning the refrigerator into a shower was such a success Pearl decides to transform the entire kitchen. However we lost the stove and counter and ended up with this toad which ended up as a pile of ash.

Pearl: “Ops! Did I do that?”

08-24-16_2-03-44 AMMal: “Garnet why are taking a selfie! Mom almost burned down the house, we lost the kitchen, and we’re doing trigonometry!”

Garnet: “Quit being a drama llama Mal. Besides mom was able to by another refrigerator so not all is lost. And this selfie is to mark that I finished my trig! My loyal followers deserve to know I rock!”

Mal: *mumbles* “Damn over achiever!”

08-24-16_2-12-23 AMWith this punch Paolo has completed his bodybuilder aspiration! He now has the Fabulous Wealthy aspiration.

Since Paolo has finished his aspiration he now can concentrate on his career. Also Alexander Goth is buff!

08-24-16_10-41-07 PMWith Pearl’s promotion they were able to repurchase a new Easel. This painting is so adorable and I wished I kept it! 😦 Also they were able to buy another cheep stove.

08-24-16_10-45-19 PMPearl also got this handy dandy chemistry lab. For a second I thought about selling it, but I didn’t.

I finally put a wishing well in Magnolia Blossom park.

Malachite: ” Oh wise and benevolent wishing well, please grant me true love.”

Wishing well: “Bah, your measly contribution of §200 is insulting! You are cursed for your insolence!”

Needless to say Malachite was cursed for a day. All of his flirting attempts would go no where.

08-24-16_11-41-13 PMMal: “Hey Alice, how has your day been so far?”

Alice: “I married.”

Mal: “Um…I wasn’t trying to flirt.”

Alice: *affronted* “Why not?! Whats wrong with me?!”

Mal: “Um…you’re married?”

08-24-16_12-29-20 PMMalachite started a club called Carefree where teens get together and do their homework, have friendly interactions, eat, read, and play chess. And he bought a perk which completes the first tier of the leader of the pack aspiration.

Garnet: “Hey Isiah how’s it going?”

Isiah: ” You’re looking good”

Garnet: *blushes*

Garnet finds out that Isiah teen trait is romantic. Minkz is in the background is a geek.

08-24-16_12-40-59 PMMultitasking at its best. By the end of this gathering Mal has finished tier 2!

Back at home Pearl transforms the beds util they are a slightly better quality, I was a little nervous of starting another fire so I didn’t have Pearl try too many times in a row.

08-24-16_10-55-22 PMHappy Birthday Kunzite!

Kunzite: “I wish to be awesome!08-24-16_10-55-37 PMMal: “Whoooooo! It’ll be hard to be more awesome than me, but give it your best bro!”

56cb6a4d-d12a-4fc4-922e-ce85fdffa24aKunzite got the Public Enemy aspiration which doesn’t fit his personality. The only way I can justify it is he’s more of a Prankster rather than anything too malicious.

08-25-16_12-07-33 AMGarnet: “Sorry I had to work on your birthday Kunzite.”

Kunzite: “Oh it’s alright sis. Mal had some of his club members at my party so that was pretty cool. Also Mal invited me to the club so we can spend more time together!”

Garnet is in the Nanny career and she is at level 2 already. She is such an over achiever.

Garnet: “Hey whats wrong with success?!”

08-31-16_4-29-11 PMThe next day Mal took his club to the park. Mal needs to talk to one more club member about his club in order to fulfill one of the objectives in tier 3 of his aspiration. Which he does by inviting this lovely lady Peyton Scales to the club. Now all he needs to do to complete tier 3 is to get level 5 in charisma.

08-31-16_4-33-47 PMThese two hit it off and are soon friends, with a bonus of looking super cute. Mal learns that Peyton is a slob and jealous.

08-31-16_4-41-32 PMGarnet wasn’t having any luck on her end though. She tried putting the moves on Isiah, but he wasn’t too into it.

Garnet: “I think I’ll crawl into a hole and die I’m so embarrassed.”

Isiah: “Sorry Garnet. It’s just we’ve been friends for so long I just don’t think I can ruin that.”

08-31-16_4-54-17 PMMal invites Peyton over and they go from friends to romantic interests.

Mal: “You know Peyton I think we should exchange numbers and all. For club gatherings and all that…”

Peyton: “Sure, sounds legit; but can you tell me why your mom is creeping on us?”

Mal: ” Um….not really…she’s just super weird I guess.”

Mal has his first kiss and embolden by his success he ask’s Peyton to be his girlfriend which she accepts.

08-31-16_5-01-46 PMMal decides to move the make-out session inside because he was a little weird-ed out that his mom all of a sudden turned into a creeper.

08-31-16_5-01-59 PMPearl: “Oh hey guys! If you too are going to be all hot n’heavy remember to use protection.”

Mal: “Mooommmmmmmm!!!! What’s wrong with you?!”

Pearl: “I’m just saying. I’m too young for any grand baby’s now.”

08-31-16_5-02-22 PMPeyton: “Well I think that’s my cue to leave.”

Pearl: “Don’t be a stranger dear!”

Mal: “It’s official, I’m going to die now.”

Pearl: “Man your sister is right, you are a drama llama.”

08-31-16_5-06-29 PMNeedless to say Mal doesn’t die of embarrassment. Instead he works on his charisma.

Mal: “Oh I’m not really reading. Just trying to forget one of the worst moments in my life and hope that Peyton still wants to be my girlfriend tomorrow; or even wants to talk to me anymore.”

08-31-16_8-12-13 PMAt least now when Kunzite breaks something I can have him fix it instead of his poor parents. Muahahahaha!

08-31-16_8-18-30 PMKunzite: “Mal quit sexting your girlfriend and start paying attention!”

Mal: “Don’t worry bro I still have enough mental capabilities to whip your but and talk to my girlfriend. And we are just talking you know?”

Kunzite: “Why wouldn’t you be sexting your girlfriend?”

Mal: “Dude not so loud! Mom will here you!”

Pearl: *yells from another room* “You better not be saying anything inappropriate or I’m going to have your dad mentor you on how to box. And we all know how much you hate to workout.”

And this is where I leave you. Will Pearl stop being a creeper or is she just getting started? Will Peyton still want to hang out with Mal?


Chapter 1.0: Skilling Adventures with the Harwoods

Last chapter Kunzite, the third and final child was, born. The twins were skilling machines and Malachite was named heir.  Paolo got a promotion (I almost typed bro-motion, I kid you not!) to the bodybuilder branch of the athletic career. And Pearl switched from being in the entertainment career to the science career.

Let’s see what the Harwoods are up to now.

Pearl: “Hey would you mind being my own personal guinea pig. I need to try out a new invention I made. You know the geeks in R and D love test runs.”

Co-worker: “Um…you know…I’m no….”

Pearl: “Okay!” *freezes co-worker before she has a chance to say no*

Don’t worry I had Pearl unfreeze her immediately. She’s not evil you guys.

Since Kunzite has the same aspiration as his sister Garnet I had them both go to the park to chat up the locals. Garnet brought along her friends Minkz and Isiah for Kunzite to befriend while she worked on gaining 2 adult friends.

08-15-16_5-05-11 PMOh look it’s Randy Holliday! The D.J. that hates children. They actually had a pleasant conversation despite Randy’s dislike for kids.

08-15-16_5-26-44 PMGarnet: “Hey bro! I missed you. Wish you could have joined me at the park.”

Kunzite: “Hey I was at the park! You could have talked to me!”

Sorry kiddo they are twins plus best friends. Actually all three children are good friends with each other, but there is a special bond between Malachite and Garnet.

08-15-16_5-30-21 PM

Paolo: “Honey you need to hit the bag with more force than that! Common” you can do better!”

Pearl: “How about I punch you in the face?”

Paolo: “I’m just trying to encourage you.”

Pearl: “Yeah. Encouraging me to hit you in the face.”

Paolo now has to mentor sims for his daily work task. It’s slow going let me tell you.

08-15-16_5-31-15 PMThe monster strikes again! This was before I learned of a special light that keeps the monster away.

Kunzite: “What! You mean for the whole rest of the chapter I suffer through monster attacks when I could be sleeping!?”

Well just think you could be sleeping through the whole next chapter. Readers might even forget who you are.

Kunzite: “Uh…maybe the monster makes things more interesting?”

08-15-16_5-47-49 PMThis is just to display Kunzite’s special ability to walk through a room and make every thing break.

08-15-16_5-50-13 PMI think it’s a little unfair that sims can’t use the phone to purchase medicine like they can on the computer. Poor Paolo had to call in sick for work. And then his boss had the nerve to act like Paolo was faking it.

08-15-16_6-23-00 PMMalachite has to earn an A for the whiz kid aspiration. And he is so close!

08-15-16_6-28-49 PMThese two just being adorable.

08-15-16_6-46-40 PMGarnet: “Hello. I heard there were some new kids in town and I just came by to say hi!”

Madeline: “Careful bro she’s a legacy sim. She’s just using you to complete her aspiration!”

These two are Madeline and Myron Hartley (created by stinortor) and they are from the #legacyloves in the gallery.

08-15-16_7-00-49 PMGarnet has now completed the social butterfly aspiration with the friendship of Myron here. She is now working towards artistic prodigy.

I do want to keep an eye on Myron because he is adorable. And I am aware that I use that adjective way too much.

08-15-16_7-24-06 PMThe next morning Kunzite manages to set himself on fire as well as most of what little house they have.

Kunzite: “But Mal makes it look so easy.” 😦

Mal: *yells from across the lawn* “That’s because I know what I’m doing dude!”

Paolo goes to the gym to work on his daily task. I’m having a hard time with this one he needs to mentor several adult sims to get the task completed. Maybe he just needs more friends.

08-17-16_6-47-42 PMI broke down and got Mal (really the whole Harwood family) a chess set. I think sims achieve mental skill much faster with it and also Kunzite gets to use his social skills.

08-17-16_7-15-49 PMKunzite: “Oh mom will you be my best friend? None of the other kids have high enough friendship levels with me.”

Pearl: “Of course we can be best friends honey!”

Kunzite is now on the final tier of the social butterfly skill.

08-17-16_7-19-41 PMThe Garden Gnomes come for a visit to help Pearl with her ever growing garden.

08-17-16_9-40-08 AMThis explosion marks the third and final emotion potion that Mal had to make for his aspiration. And he finally received an A form school. Now all he needs is to master out the mental skill before his birthday in 2 days. He’s level 8 or 9 by now so hopefully he can achieve it.

08-17-16_9-42-32 AMKunzite: ” Hey Garnet, how is playing with toys supposed to help you with the artistic prodigy aspiration?”

Garnet: “Well using you imagination gets the creative juices flowing.”

Kunzite: “Oh”

08-17-16_9-47-35 AMKunzite: “Happy Birthday mom!”

Pearl: ” Thanks pickle!”

08-17-16_9-48-13 AMPearl: “Yes that’s right ladies and gents. I am finally joining my husband in adulthood.”

08-17-16_9-49-37 AMPearl: “Yeah! I still got it!”

08-17-16_11-45-25 AMPearl painted Paolo’s portrait. I might have her re-due it, but it’s not too bad.

08-19-16_8-13-50 PMAnd Pearl got very inception with her portrait.

Here is our little overachiever completing her second aspiration before her brother can complete his first.

08-17-16_11-01-16 AMFather and son bonding. Also new couch. My pictures somehow get a little out of order and I don’t know why; so annoying!

08-17-16_11-00-40 AMMal finally completed his aspiration, and with no time to spare because it’s the twins birthday.

Make some good wishes you too!

8f8221d5-0420-49f4-b047-203bbf44e36dMal adds Lazy to his traits.

Paolo: “What?! How can a child of mine be lazy!”

Mal: “I’m not you dad. I’m my own man!”

1b5aca04-3a2a-4ff8-b808-ba15644f84bdHowever Garnet does add active to her traits.

Paolo: “That’s my girl!”

Garnet: “That’s young woman now dad!”

Paolo: “NO! Nope! You are forever my little girl!”

I think the twins should switch aspirations. I mean Mal was the whiz kid and Garnet was the social butterfly. But maybe the twins like to switch off every now and then.

Also dear readers this is where I leave you. Will the Harwoods EVER get off the lawn? Will Paolo get over the fact that his son is lazy?

Kunzite: “What about me! There’s still hope for me!”

Chapter 0.3: Precious Pearls


Welcome back to another chapter of the Harwood Legacy! Last time Pearl met and married Paolo Rocca, and they are super adorable together! They had the twins Malachite and Garnet, both of whom are creative. Paolo is almost done with his aspiration of bodybuilder and Pearl is slowly but surely completing hers. So let’s get back to it! Today we will do without a title page because my computer is going to crap out on me!

08-14-16_9-25-56 PMWe’ll start off this chapter with the twins working on their aspirations. Malachite challenges Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis to 3 chess games thus completing one of the two challenges on the wiz kid aspirations first tier.

And in the back ground Garnet is working on her social butterfly aspiration.

08-14-16_9-24-33 PMGarnet: “Oh…hey, how are you?!”

Isiah Latham: *gives Garnet the stink eye* “….”

Garnet, just like Pearl, makes people a little uneasy the first time they meet her. I don’t know why she’s perfectly likable, but sims don’t seem to know how to deal with the over-exuberance in which Garnet and Pearl seem to exude.

Despite the stink eye Isiah is giving Garnet they become fast friends and soon there after Garnet completes the first tier of the social butterfly aspiration.

08-14-16_9-37-41 PM

This picture is just too adorable not to put in the chapter. Garnet is making silly faces while socializing with Isiah and playing on the pirate ship. Man I love the sims 4!

Also she reached level 5 of the social skill by the time they have to go home. She is just flying through this aspiration!

Malachite also pulls some precious faces as he cheats his way through chess. Olivia doesn’t catch him though, so maybe he has a future as a thief?

08-14-16_9-45-39 PMWhen Malachite is done with his chess games he comes over to play with Isiah.

Mal: “What are your intentions with my sister!”

Isiah: “Who? Me? Were just friends buddy and we share a common trait as creative sims.”

Mal: “Well ok…I mean you are creative like me as well so you can’t be all that bad. But if you hurt my sister I’ll make sure this cannon shoots more than just bubbles!”

Isiah: “Oooookaaaayyyy then.”*nervously laughs*

08-14-16_9-17-21 PMMeanwhile Paolo works on his aspiration. I believe he is level seven athletic at this point.

08-14-16_6-26-55 PMBefore the day is done a very pregnant Pearl helps the twins with their homework.

08-14-16_10-10-19 PMPaolo starts to read to his son for Mal’s aspiration of an adult reading to him for 4 hours, however Paolo reads for like 5 seconds and then puts the book down. This also happened with Pearl so I eventually buy a new book shelf and place it in a different location and that fixed the problem.

08-14-16_10-10-43 PMPearl quits her job in the entertainment branch and joins the science career instead. I feel like the science career fits Pearl better and it allows her to actually work on her aspiration.

08-14-16_10-13-33 PMAnd speaking of working on her aspiration! Pearl waters and weeds her garden and comes up with some breakthroughs for the science career. I will eventually get some pots for her plants, but not until I actually build them a house!

08-14-16_10-25-04 PMAnd the monster under the bed makes his first appearance in this legacy. Luckily the twins were able to get full nights rest before it woke them up in terror. Hopefully this won’t become an issue like it did in my undocumented 100 baby challenge. Those poor kids got up several times a night due to the monster.

08-14-16_10-29-51 PMHey Pearl whats up?

Pearl: First the bathroom walls are down. Secondly Paolo got food out of the fridge and it didn’t magically close like it usually does. and Thirdly I’m in labor. I think I’d like to go to the hospital this time around.

Pearl:”Now you freak out. I give a home birth with no doctors and no modern medicine and you are totally non pulsed. But now that we’re in a place literally crawling with doctor’s and nurse’s you take time to do the pre-parental panic! I mean we already have two kids!

Paolo” “We’re at a hospital! Hospitals freak me out!

Pearl is not amused.

Pearl: “Oh hey I’m here to sign in”

Sonja: “Okay just give me a moment I’m trying to reach a high score in blick block.”

Pearl: “Okay…well no rush…I mean I’m just about to give birth and all.”

It seemed to take forever for Sonja to even acknowledge Pearl. I think my game is just laggy 😦

08-14-16_10-38-07 PMWhile pearl goes through the painful process of giving birth a thought runs through my head…Where is Paolo?

08-14-16_10-41-54 PMI found him in the hospital gym working out.

Paolo: “Hey I told you hospitals freak me out! Hey at least I’m still in the building and I didn’t run home!”

I actually had a sim do that once, he showed up with the mom and then peace’d out.

08-14-16_10-47-33 PMEveryone meet baby boy Kunzite Harwood!

08-14-16_10-51-42 PMThe lot loads back and this is what I find on my return. Pearl seems to have forgiven Paolo for not being there at the birth of their third and final child.

Paolo: “Hey I was there in spirit.”

08-15-16_8-52-53 AMKunzite is only slightly more difficult to take care of then the twins were. He seems to soil his diapers more often, but that’s about it. I also picked the name Kunzite because, not only does it fit with the name theme for this generation but also because of Sailor Moon!

So with the birth of the third and final child I now can find out who is going to run this legacy next. Drum roll please!……The heir is Malachite!

I used a random name picker to determine who was going to be heir.

Pearls first day at work was a success. She was promoted to Apprentice Inventor!

08-15-16_9-35-01 AMLook who also got promoted. Paolo is now on the bodybuilder path of the athletic career. Although I have to say for a sim who reached his maximum body potential he still looks rather skinny. Maybe because he boxes instead of weight lifts? Or he is just naturally skinny.

With the two promotions I was finally able to at least build Paolo and Pearl a room. I attached the bathroom and made it bigger. I wont bother to show you the bathroom because it looks the same just a little bit bigger. Also Kunzite is in his parents room so he doesn’t wake up the twins.

08-15-16_9-58-38 AMThe twins being super cute! And also they are BFF’s now which completes the second tier of the social butterfly aspiration for Garnet.

08-15-16_10-32-18 AMGarnet: “Hello there baby. You are very squirmy aren’t you?”

The look Garnet is giving her little brother is amusing. She cant decide if she is giving him goo gaga face or “if I touch him is he going to fall apart” look.

08-15-16_10-38-40 AMGarnet goes to the park to make some friends for her aspiration. She meets Minkz Dumas and they become fast friends. Garnet learns that he is a kleptomaniac.

08-15-16_10-53-02 AMWhile Garnet is making friends, Malachite is collecting quite the following. He is working on his mental skill; I believe he has to reach level 5.

Later that day is Paolo’s adult birthday. Everyone was at home however Garnet and her friend Isiah were the only two to celebrate with Paolo.

08-15-16_11-21-45 AM

Pearl: “Hey there good lookin’!”

I think Pearl is still in the third tier of Freelance Botanist. She’s already grafted 3 plants and federalized 5 plants so now she just has to get to level 6 gardening skill.

08-15-16_11-31-09 AMIts Kunzite’s birthday and he grew up in ok clothes, but I think I can do better, so time to change little man!

Kunzite-TraitsSo Kunzite here gaind the Cheerful trait like his mom. He got his mom’s hair color and dad’s eye color. He looks a lot like Malachite, although I don’t think he looks exactly like him I will put up pictures of all three kids together.

Anyway here they all are. I will leave you here. I think this is a good length.

Next time will there actually be a house or will the Harwoods still be lawn living? What kind of heir will Malachite be? Find out next time!

Chapter 0.2: Every occasion calls for Pearls

Harwood 0.2Title

Welcome Back! Last time Pearl was struggling to find that special someone in her life, get a promotion, and find a place to pee that wasn’t a bush. Lets see what other escapades Pearl can get into.

08-07-16_1-17-09 PMPearl goes to The Lounge in Oasis Springs to work on her daily task for her job.

Lady at the Microphone: “Uh…hey…do you mind I’m trying to do a routine here!”

Pearl: ” Oh…I’m just giving your routine a lovely musical accompaniment.”

Lady: “You.Are. Stealing. My. Stage. Time.!”

Pearl: ” Sharing is caring. I’m only thinking of you.”

08-07-16_2-54-45 PM

After completing her daily task and quite possibly making an enemy Pearl heads to the Gym for a game Legacy sims like to call Spouse Hunting.

Pearl: “Oh hey there! Nice tats.”

Don:” Nice towel”

Don and Pearl did chat for a bit however he takes off to go get a shower.

08-07-16_3-02-04 PM

Next Pearl meets Ulysses and Paolo. Pearl and Paolo hit it off and soon are ignoring Ulysses all together.

Pearl: “Wow you’re a Music Lover! I’m Creative; that’s kind of the same thing right!?”

Paolo: “Um…sure…why not.” *stares intently at Pearls towel*


Pearl: “Hey Paolo I think our two similar but different traits deserves a hip bump! What do you say?”

Paolo: “I can totally get down with that. But then after we do that I have to jet.”

And so Paolo, as with every other male sim Pearl gets along with, leaves to go do what ever Bro’s go to do. Yep Pearl learns that Paolo is a Bro as well as a Music Lover.

So after meeting two potential spouses that: a) didn’t hate children, and b) actually wanted to hang out with her (even if for a little bit) I had Pearl go collect more items to sell because she is still broke. And then she wanted to view a painting at the museum so I thought “why the hell not?”

08-07-16_3-25-00 PM

So later that same day Peal decides to invite Don and Paolo over to get to know them a bit better.

Pearl: “Oh hey you guys! Are you two twins or something because you’re practically wearing the same thing, both have tattoos, and both of you are active. So what gives?”

Paolo: “I’m not sure I like the comparison between an awesome bro like myself and a serial romantic.”

After a having a little chat with Don Pearl finds out that Don is Non-Committal and pretty much ignores him in favor of Paolo.

Don: “Hey what am I? Chopped liver?”

Don: “Um…hello! Earth to Paolo and Pearl!”

08-07-16_3-36-15 PM

Don: “Really! You two are exchanging numbers now!”

Don is side glaring at Paolo so hard. I found it quite amusing.

Needless to say Don was not amused and soon after this picture was taken he left without so much as a goodbye.

The next day was Pearl’s day off so she invited Paolo to the park for a date. They hit it off immediately and I cannot get over how stink’in adorable these two are. Even their names go together: Pearl and Paolo.

08-07-16_3-58-22 PM

Pearl: “Paolo I know we only met yesterday, but we are just perfect together! I mean all of our traits compliment each other to the nth degree. Your Active trait to my Loves the Outdoors trait. My Creative trait to your Music lover trait. Your Bro to my Cheerful!

“What I’m trying to say is: Will you be my boyfriend?”

Paolo: “I couldn’t agree more! I’m totally into you babe.”

Pearl: *squeeeee!*

08-07-16_3-59-43 PM

Pearl: “Oh I’m so glad you said yes because what I really want to know is will you spend your life with me?!”

Paolo: ” Why the heck not?! Yes!”

*Please ignore the plumbob in the picture.*

Just more unmitigated adorableness from these two. Can’t. Take. The. Cute!


I decided to have them get married right then and there because lets face it this is the founding generation so there is not any money to spend on a proper wedding and more importantly because I can! *Muhahahahh* Uhem please excuse the evil laughter.

Anyway, Paolo had to go to work after the wedding so Pearl was left to do some more collecting and gardening. I believe at this point she is a level 2 in the gardening skill. I fear her aspiration is going to take me forever to complete.

Between what collectibles Pearl was able to sell and what Paolo brought home form work I was able to get the couple a decent double bed, a sink, mirror, and a toilet.

So without further delay lets introduce Paolo into the Harwood Legacy!


So Paolo came into this family with a job in the athletic career. And I like most of his wardrobe I just changed some clothes in his every day because I though he was dressed too much like Don Lothario.

08-07-16_6-03-23 PM

When Paolo gets home from work the couple is able to celebrate their marriage. Unfortunately this does not result in a pregnancy.

08-07-16_6-13-05 PM

Paolo: “That’s alright man. It only means we can keep trying; and trying is the fun part!”

I just love this picture. He was sitting so causally seemly looking in my direction with an expression on his face that seemed to say “Hey, what’s up? You want to talk about it?”

I send Paolo to the gym to work on his daily task for work as well as his aspiration. He’s there for like 2 hours and already completes “work out for 8 hours” part of his aspiration so the game must have counted the time he spent working out towards his aspiration  before he moved in with Pearl. Plus hes working out a the gym so he just completed the first tier of his aspiration!

Also Bro hugs with J Huntington the 3rd. Who I think is wearing exactly the same shirt as Don Lothario. Is this some sort of commentary on active male sims?

08-07-16_6-47-21 PM

So for the second tier of his aspiration he has to reach level 4 of the athletics skill;which he has already completed, Own 2 pieces of workout equipment; I bought two punching bags and sold one, so that is also completed. Now the only thing that is left is to Push the limits for 1 hour while energized. That’s easy enough!

08-07-16_7-05-03 PM

Pearl has been focusing more on her job than her aspiration. So I am seriously considering changing her to the science branch, but she is so close to a promotion that I think I will wait until she gets it before changing careers.

Pearl is working on her Gardening skill. I think she just reached level 3 here.

Paolo: “Babe you are so workin’ it right now!”

Paolo autonomously came over to flirt with his wife ❤

Paolo: “Hey babe you wanna do it…I wanna do it, so let’s get this party started!”

Pearl: “Honey if you weren’t so mouth watering to look at I would find issue with your lack of romance.”

Paolo: “Oh come on you know you love it when I talk dirty.”

And we have success! Pearl is pregnant. I just missed all the confetti.

08-07-16_9-25-43 PM

Pearl: “Hey honey…guess..what?! I think you’re going to be super psyched about this news!”

08-07-16_9-25-55 PM

Paolo looks super nervous.

Paolo: “Uh..what is is honey?”

Pearl: “We’re going to be parents! Isn’t that the greatest news!”

08-07-16_9-26-06 PMPaolo: “What! I mean we still live on a lawn…and…and we just managed to afford to put four walls around our bathroom. And the bills are coming soon! Are you sure?!”

Pearl: “100 %!”

Paolo: “Oh…okay…well I think I’m going to take a nap now…” *mumbles to himself on how utterly broke they are and his wife is way too cheerful about this.*

08-07-16_9-26-54 PMI just love this picture. Paolo is going down for a nap but it looks like he and Pearl are having a good laugh about the situation they are in.

Pearl decided to join the Gardening Gnomes club to boost her gardening skill, however there was no gardening to be done at Hare Park so she and her club members spent their time fishing.

Back on the ranch the Harwoods were finally able to afford a counter so they can make salads. However Pearl ends up chopping her fingers instead, but looks way to happy that she did. Also first broken toilet, or first broken any thing for that matter, of the legacy.

Paolo: *whispers* “Don’t tell my wife this…but I think her fruit salad is terrible.”

That’s probably because she bleed into know from cutting her fingers.

Paolo:”I think I’m gonna be sick.”

08-09-16_7-01-31 PM

Paolo has now finished level 3 of his aspiration. He also is at his Maximum body potential so now all he has to do is get to level 10 of athletics, at the moment he is level 7. I think Paolo is going to be my first sim to complete his aspiration before he becomes an adult!

08-09-16_7-04-34 PMPaolo: “Hey sexy get over here for some sugar!”

Autonomous kissing is ❤

Pearl invited the Garden Gnomes over to  help her out with her garden. And afterwards Bjorn Bjergsen thought it a great idea to rummage though their trash bin.

Pearl: “Find what ever it is you’re looking for Bjorn?”

Bjorn: “Nope. Man you have a lot of trash in here.”

Pearl: “Well…that is were trash goes…in the trash can.”

Bjorn: *gasp* “Shut your mouth! There be treasure in here….well except your trash can.”

08-09-16_7-24-28 PM

Look how super cute Paolo looks in his Mascot Uniform! Paolo is of course at level 3 in the Athletic career. Also at this point Pearl is level 2 in the Entertainer career.

Pearl has finished the part of evolving 5 plants now she just has to reach level 4 gardening. Why is this taking me so long! Also I broke down and got Pearl an Easel. I figured it will pay me back shortly.

Pearl: “Okay…what is this?”

A moodlet solver. It will make you feel oh so good!

Pearl: “Should it be exploding like that?”

Of course that’s how how you know it works.

Pearl: “Well if this harms the baby I’m going to come after you with razor blades.K!?”


These two just being super adorable again.

08-09-16_8-22-49 PMSo I heard that pregnant sims can’t get electrocuted or set on fire. So I had Pearl fix the fridge. Plus she has a higher handy skill than Paolo does. Also I was able to get a guitar. Also Pearl was promoted to C-Lister.

08-09-16_8-39-49 PM

Pearl: “Hey I’m back from work already cuz apparently you can’t give birth at work so…”

08-09-16_8-44-04 PMPaolo: “Bey Bae guess who got promoted at work today…that’s right yours truly! Dance Team Captain all the way!”

Pearl :”That’s nice dear, I’m in labor by the way.”

Paolo: “Oh…cool, cool”

08-09-16_8-44-43 PMPaolo did not even panic that his wife was in labor; in fact I don’t think he even noticed she was in labor. He just drank his moodlet solver and went about his business.

Pearl: “This is a little disconcerting.”

08-09-16_8-51-57 PMPearl: “Hey honey I’m about to push!”

Paolo: “That’s great! I’m just leveling up my charisma. It’s so nice to be able to share these moments with you.”

08-09-16_8-53-50 PMWith Paolo not even looking away from his mirror even once he missed his son being born. That’s right we have a boy! His name is Malachite and…wait…what’s this…

08-09-16_8-54-24 PMAnother bassinet? Yep we have twins people! Everyone meet baby girl Garnet!

08-09-16_9-04-06 PMNot even a sim hour goes by before Pearl is makin’ moves on her hubby.

Pearl: “I know I just gave birth but I’m feelin’ some sexy time coming on! What do ya say Paolo?”

Paolo: “I never pass up sexy time.”

08-09-16_9-11-24 PMPaolo: “Hey Bebe we are so killin it as parents!”

Pearl: “Yeah I think we got this down!”

08-09-16_9-23-51 PMI see the confetti flying’ and I look over to see Paolo’s face having an Oh s*@t moment.

Pearl:”Honey guess what? We’re Pregnant!”

08-09-16_9-24-34 PMJust the look of utter uncertainty on his fave had me cracking up!

Paolo: “But the twins aren’t even a day old!”

Pearl: “I know but we are only having three and I want them to be of a similar age.”

Paolo: “Okay if you say so…”

08-09-16_9-56-51 PMPaolo: “Um…Bjorn do you mind. I’m trying to have some bonding time with my daughter. And you’re kind of in my bubble space.”

Bjorn: “But I thought we were bonding.”

Paolo: “Um…not so much…no”

08-09-16_10-41-10 PMPearl here just reached level 4 in the gardening skill. FINALLY! Which completes the second tier of her aspiration. We are half way there you guys!

08-09-16_10-57-02 PMNot much else happens and soon it’s the twins birthday. And of course my stupid computer was lagging so I didn’t get a picture of their transformation. Off to the mirror you two!

Mal-Traits ChildMal here is creative like his mom and a whiz kid. Oh and the naming theme for this generation is precious gems.I think he is a really good combination of his parents.

Garnet-traits childThe’re twinsies in their traits as well! However Garnet is a Social Butterfly. Both Mal and Garnet have their dad’s brown hair and their mom’s eye color. I think they both have their dad’s eye shape however Garnet’s eyes are wider like her moms. Anyway I’m super happy with how they have turned out so far and can’t wait to see what shenanigans they get into!

08-09-16_11-29-57 PMBefore I end this chapter I leave you with Mal playing on his phone. It was his very first autonomous action after getting a makeover. Garnet went to sleep in her parents bed.

Will the Harwoods be lawn living forever? Will Pearl’s next baby be a boy or a girl…or will she have another set of twins? Only one way to find out so stay tuned.