Chapter 5.0: Ginevra

So, as you can gather from the title, Ginny won the heir poll! She had 3 votes on boolprop and 2 on wordpress. Bill came in second with one vote on both sites. Poor Fred and George didn’t get any votes. 😥 Last chapter Bill met Fleur Delacour and convinced her to be his girlfriend. Vex sadly passed away. And a new house was built for the family, hopefully no more house changes. The twins are now teens.

We come back to Darcy turning into an elder. Sorry man, I forgot your birthday. 😦

Darcy: No worries you weren’t going to let me eat the cake anyway.

I think George is infected with a glitch of some sort. This has only happened twice so not enough data has been compiled to come up with that conclusion but……

Anyway the issue is his energy bar will still be in the green, on its way to being yellow, when I get that sound that tells you your sim is going to pass out from exhaustion. I reset him and it’s fine but a bit annoying.

Also he passes out in the same spot with his head under the couch. Quite uncomfortable, I imagine.

I reset him and send him out fishing to work on his outdoor badge. Also another thing is Bill has completed all of his badges but doesn’t have the scouting aptitude trait.

It’s Ginny’s birthday so she calls school to take a vacation day and Alison teaches her knitting.

Ginny’s final trait is Self-Assured. I don’t believe she earned any of the character traits. She gets a job as an actor and picks the Everyday Extras Agency.

She gets an audition for the Dead Sea Adventures and needs to reach level 3 fitness which takes no time at all since she was at level 2 already.

Fleur came by on her own for a visit. Bill’s needs were pretty low after school so they didn’t hang out much but Fleur entertains herself by talking to her future father in law. I think she is tense and that’s why she has such a disgusted look on her face.

Ginny: Harry, we’ve been promised to each other since we were teens do you still want to marry me?

Harry: Of course, you are my soulmate. You are the person I want to walk next to as we travel through life.

And with the proposal Harry moves in with the Harwoods and Ginny’s room gets a makeover. I tried for a Gryffindor aesthetic.

Upon aging up to a YA Harry got the self-absorbed trait. His other traits are Athletic and Outgoing. His aspiration is Soulmate.

Harry is able to complete his first milestone. The couple goes on a date to the Calico Club and their second date is at the Salty Paws Saloon where it happens to be ghost night.

Back at home Harry experiments with the cauldron to raise his spellcasting ability. I think after he completes the soulmate aspiration he’s going to do one of the spellcasting aspirations, or both.

The boys came back from school and Ginny passed her audition! George and Bill got glitched together and Bill isn’t too happy about it.

Fred: Alexis my love please accept this key as a token of my undying love. You may pass between these hallowed doors whenever your heart desires.

Alexis: Um…thanks

James called Harry up and challenged him to a duel. James won kicking Harry’s but.

It’s Love Day but Alison is too sad to feel the love. She lost one of her friends that she hasn’t talked to since she probably became friends with that sim.

Ginny had an early morning call to be on set, 9am, and she killed it with a gold star performance as a Pirate Vampire. The makeup artist didn’t get it right the first time the the second time was the charm. Although I think she looks good with pink hair, I prefer her with her red, she looks like a different person.

Around midnight on Love Day Ginny and Harry tie the knot. I was pretty sure I hired a caterer and a bartender but only the musician showed up so after the vows were exchanged I ended the event.

This is the look of a recently promoted Llamacorn scout. The Scouting Aptitude trait showed up for him unlike Bill.

Still in their wedding attire Harry takes Ginny out on a date to the Orchid A-Go-Go lounge. They successfully have one of the two silver dates Harry needs for his aspiration.

While Ginny is there she puts on a street performance and completes one of her goals for her milestone. Now all she needs is to get a gold in a commercial gig which she has an audition for soon. She also got promoted to Guest Star and changed agencies to G.R.A.N. Talent Agency.

Harry and Ginny go on their second date to a cafe in Windenburg and get their second Silver date.

Later it’s Bill’s birthday! His last trait is Neat; his others are Vegetarian and Bro. He wants to be Fabulously Wealthy.

Then it’s Bill’s turn to propose and tie the knot. Bill moves in with Fleur, her parents and sister Gabrielle.

But not before taking their pictures. I still need to get their couples photo though.

And here we have the couple that’s going to give us generation 6 Ginny and Harry!

Harry meets Vex’ahlia for the first time. On a side note these ghosts are breaking everything the only thing they haven’t broken is the tv just give it time though.

George invites Angelina over to give her the key to the house and to get to know eachother a little better. I don’t think they have really talked since meeting/becoming girlfriend/boyfriend/promised to eachother. Alison decides to but in though.

George: Not helping mom!

Ali: What, I just want to meet my future daughter in law.

George: MOM!

The couple moves inside away from Alison to get a little flirting done.

I sent Harry to the Magical Realm to pick up some supplies for potions and while he was their he got a wand, a broom and this familiar named Hedwig.

Ginny wanted to Woohoo with Harry and I thought it was time for them to try for baby.

While at work Ginny was feeling a little bit nauseous, I think we know what this means. She got a silver rating at work because I didn’t have her do one thing so she’s going to have to do another commercial gig to finish her milestone.

Bill and Fleur come by to get their portraits done.

James invites Harry to another Duel which Harry loses again.

Harry is on his last milestone and he just completed 3 gold dates now all he needs to do is do 50 romantic interactions.

So I found this weird on so many levels. One Paolo is Darcy’s great-great-great grandfather and two Darcy isn’t even friends with Paolo let alone romantic interests. Then I remembered we have the Free love N.A.P. so that might be the reason they were flirting.

Georgiana came by for a visit and not only is she heavily pregnant but looks to be in labor. And if fact soon after this she gives birth to twins.

Ginny is coming along in her pregnancy as well. She is in her second trimester.

Alison joins her husband in Elderhood.

Ginny receives a gold star for this gig and is now on her last milestone. She is also promoted to Supporting Actress.

While practicing her lines for her next gig Ginny goes into labor.

She gives birth to her son, the first born to generation 6, in the kitchen. His name is James Sirius Harwood. I’m going to do one more generation with the Harry Potter naming theme.

James Potter comes over to meet his grandson and namesake and Harry challenges hi to a duel and finally wins!

And with that victory I think I will end the chapter here.

Chapter 4.6: The One Where the Toilet Blew Up

Hey look at me putting up a new chapter so soon. You don’t have to wait like 3 months for another update! I’m so proud of me! Anyway enough of the self-deprecating/sarcastic self-congratulations. Last chapter aspirations were completed and birthdays celebrated. We found out that Ginny is quick on the draw with a fire extinguisher, much to her future mother-in-laws delight.

The family welcomes you back to this winter wonderland and Bill knocking on a door. Who’s door you ask?

This house is also from the gallery and created by Deligracy.

Why Fleur Delacour’s door of course. These two get to know eachother making a snow pal together.

I downloaded Fleur from the gallery by DKG_Dari then I generated her parents in CAS.

Bill introduces himself to Fleur’s parents which she looks very pleased by.

These two quickly progress in their relationship, as you do in the sims, and are now boyfriend/girlfriend and promised to eachother.

Back at home we get a notification that Frederick and his wife Ava are expecting. Frederick got remarried after first wife Christina passed away.

And with Pearl’s signature we finally have enough signatures to repel that dreaded Foodies unite N.A.P. Pearl is also the only ghost who signs the petition.

Fred completed his aspiration. There is like a week left and I could have given him another aspiration, but I had just completed a challenge where I had to do all 4 aspiration and I’m kind of burnt out with the children’s aspirations. When will Maxis come out with more children aspirations? Anyway Fred is going to focus on his scouting career.

Right after I get the notification that Caleb Harwood has died Vex decided that is was as good of a time as any to lay down and flash into a ball of light leaving this plane of existence and devastating Darcy, the only witness to her death, and leaving him in tears.

Elliot, Vex’s youngest son, felt her presence leave this world and came over. Darcy welcomes him with a bro hug though neither of them is a bro.

Harry had come home with Ginny when school was over but then she had to go to Drama Club, but Harry waited for her to come home so they could make a snow pal.

Where Bill and Fleur’s snow pal was a hippy; Harry and Ginny’s snow pal turned out quite rock n roll, tongue sticking out and everything. I wonder what that means or says about each couple?

Scanlan and his wife Elizabeth had their second daughter, whom I later renamed Sherry as I have a naming them to stick to. Scanlan is Darcy’s uncle and he is a vampire.

Alison: Why hello there. You caught me knitting here in this lovely rocking chair in front of these big AF windows. Yes you are in the right place and no you aren’t imagining things.

I was getting tired of the other house so I decided to build them a new one. I’m not finished decorating as I ran out of steam but I am quite happy with the results. Though little George here thinks the decorations that we do have are rubbish if his negative moodlet is any thing to go by. I do admit his and Fred’s room is a bit bright but I don’t think it’s that bad.

George: It’s barf-tastic yellow!

You’re a mean little grinch!

George: Duh….

I imagine him saying Duh like Billie Ilish in her bad guy song.

The ghosts are out and George works on his Good Deeds badge. Percy wasn’t too impressed with the joke gift but George does get his badge.

It’s Winterfest and the family decorates the tree together. Lately I’ve been getting the pre decorated trees just cause I’m lazy but I do prefer this tree.

Ginny: Merry Winterfest Harry. I hope you’ll like your gift.

Harry: I love it!

Ginny: Great now look up!

Fleur came by as well and Bill gave her a gift though I missed the interaction.

Darcy reached level 10 of the Handiness skill thus completing his Nerd Brain aspiration. This also means I can insta upgrade objects!

George comes home with an A completing his aspiration and Alison completes a milestone.

Alison knitted a Forsaken sweater and I’m keeping it. I think it looks rather cute!

Ava has her daughter and again I’m going to have to rename her. I should be able to name all of the kids related to the main family but MCCC only letting me name some.

And then the fire alarm goes off and I think one of the teens set fire to the grill, but no the toilet bursts into flame catching Darcy on fire!

Luckily Ginny is to the rescue again and puts her dad out. Strangely though she gets the mortified moodlet for invading his privacy. I have the sprinkler system installed as well but it didn’t even go off till Ginny put him out. Also how many sims can fit into the WC.

A black cloud surrounds her and I think she is going to die! Which I think you can die of mortification, but thankfully she does not. I send her to bed to sleep it off.

As soon as I send Ginny to bed the toilet exploded on Alison. I guess she thought it looked like good fun and decided to try it out for herself.

Alison: I most certainly did not! This toilet is defective!

This time the sprinklers decided to work. Go figure.

After being woken up to the fire alarm a second time, cause apparently the toilet is trying to kill her parents, Ginny wanted to make out with Harry.

Harry, by the way, comes home with Ginny from school almost every day. I have only invited him over once.

And it’s a Happy New Year!

The only badge George needs is the outdoors badge! He flew through these badges. Bill still needs fitness and outdoors and Fred needs, well most of them.

It’s the twins birthday!

Fred rolled Self-Absorbed and Master Mixologist. George rolled Freegan and Eco Innovator. Where Ginny takes after Alison the twins take after Darcy.

These two are off to find their counterparts. George meets Angelina Johnson. And because Fred….well we all know what happens to Fred in the books I gave Angelina a twin named Alexis.

I downloaded Angelina from the gallery by ahhidh22. I generated her father and twin sister.

The twins are just as successful as their siblings in convincing their intended to enter a relationship then promise themselves immediately to a lifetime together upon first meeting eachother. But hey it’s love at first sight, right? I didn’t get a couples picture of George and Angelina cause Angelina was tired and went to bed.

Their third child is on its way. Scanlan is the only one from Generation 3 that is still alive. Part of me is surprised he waited this long to have more kids, but then again he and his wife are vampires.

Fred completes his first milestone of becoming a mixologist. Not he has to wait till he is an YA to finish the rest. Don’t worry he’s drinking water; we don’t have an alcoholic on our hands….yet.

I love the knitting pack! He’s so cute!

Alexis calls Fred and asks him out on a date! Not much happens as Fred is mortified from a phase he’s going through, plus he is tired.

I think I’ll end the chapter here and before we get to the heir poll I have a few family updates.

Family Update

Anne Harwood, Elliott’s one and only daughter with wife Leticia.

William Harwood is Frederick’s son with first wife Christina. And Walter Harwood is Frederick’s second son with second wife Ava.

And that’s it for family updates! On to the heir poll! Vote below and don’t forget to vote on boolprop!

Chapter 4.5:Hello Again

The Harwoods are back! It’s been May since I’ve last played them! Last chapter Jane moved out. Darcy completed his aspiration and Alison was getting close to completing hers. Bill, Fred and George had their birthdays. Let’s catch up with the family and see what they’ve been up to…

Alison and Darcy are still madly in love despite Alison’s earlier flirtation with his Uncle Vax like two chapters ago. Since then Alison has not autonomously flirted with anyone other than her husband. Darcy and Alison are back to being best friends.

Darcy is on the part of his aspiration where he has to upgrade or explore space in his rocket.

Cousin Frederick dropped by to say hello and little Fred was all about the hugs. Frederick got remarried last chapter and I believe is expecting his second child.

Alison has mastered the Charisma skill and completed her aspiration and is now Beloved. Her friendships will not decay.

Fred doesn’t look like he is having fun.

Ginny is quickly going through her second aspiration and is on her last milestone.

Too cute! Though the twins are giving me some anxiety however once we get out of the toddler stage I’m sure it’ll get better.

The garden was getting a little unruly so I enlisted Alison and Vex’s help.

Darcy has built his rocket and is now ready for space travel.

Alison contemplates what to wish for then blows out her candles and enters Adulthood.

Darcy is promoted to Courageous Capitan! Is it wrong that I have a bit of a crush on my sim?

Alison: Yes! It’s wrong! Totally wrong! Because he is MINE!

It’s finally the twins birthday!

Fred is on the right and George is on the left and it’s official they are identical though Fred’s face might be slightly longer. Fred rolled Neat and Rambunctious Scamp while George rolled Mean and Whiz Kid. I really considered rolling again for George cause George in the books is kind, but I’m not trying to make them like their namesakes, not completely.

Darcy now has a daily task to give orders to sims. He ordered his wife to go spar with his sister and then ordered his aunt to give him a salut.

Just a friendly spar between sisters-in-law.

So our neighborhood has the Foodies Unite N.A.P and it is rather annoying. The ghosts and any guests that come over make cakes upon cakes upon cakes. Then every once in a blue moon someone will make a fruit cobbler .

Why so far away George?

Killing two birds with one stone here. Alison needs to read to her child for her new aspiration and George needs to have an adult read to him for his aspiration.

Bill still needs to master his mental skill so invites his younger brother to spend some quality chess time together. George looks a little unimpressed though.

Spooky day rolled around and candy was eaten and costumes donned.

Ginny completed her 2nd aspiration then wanted to record a video so here we are. I think her birthday is 2 days away at this point.

And with that Bill has completed his aspiration! I don’t think I will have him start a new one even though his birthday is like 6 days away or something like that. I’m going to focus on his scout badges.

Nothing much happens in the next couple of days till Ginny’s birthday. Pearl even came by to celebrate!

She is super gorgeous! She mostly takes after Alison but she has Darcy’s face shape. She rolled Vegetarian like her mom and brother Bill. She aspires to be a Master Actress.

Here is a serendipitous comparison picture. Ginny has her mom’s mouth but hers is wider and her face isn’t as long as Alison’s face.

I sent Fred out to play on the pirate ship and George decided to follow.

George also cheats at chess though I don’t know how much that is going to help him against his Dad’s level 7 logic, but then again George is level 6 mental. That term just makes George sound well….mental.

Ginny decides to visit this house that I downloaded from the gallery created by Deligracy.

She then makes introductions to this boy a boy named Harry Potter. I decided to have the kids marry their book counterparts spouses. I downloaded Harry’s parents from the gallery, created by Ghips123, then genetically rolled for Harry.

Then tragedy almost struck the family but Ginny is to the rescue!

These two hit it off spectacularly well. They quickly go from acquaintances to friends to flirting to first kiss then to boyfriend/girlfriend status.

Just look at these two lovebirds! Harry is a spellcaster and is Active and Outgoing.

The next day Harry comes over after school and meets the ‘rents for the first time.

Fred now has the high score in Keyboard Commander. He just needs to master motor to complete his aspiration.

Bill works on his sociability badge and chats up grandpa Percival.

Alison helping her kids secure those As. She just needs one of her kids to get an A to complete her milestone.

I’m getting tired of all the cakes I have to throw out so Darcy is going around asking for signatures to repel the Foodies Unite action plan. So far the ghosts want to keep cooking cakes and don’t sign the petition but Vex and Alison do.

Bill’s birthday is next and Fred is rather excited for his older brother.

Bill initially rolled Child of the Island but I figured it was a pretty useless trait as they aren’t living on Sulani, then he rolled Outgoing but I didn’t want two vegetarian and outgoing sims in the family so rolled again and finally settled on Bro. He aspires to be Fabulously wealthy.

This is where I leave you ladies and gents. In the next chapter will Bill meet his Fleur?

Chapter 4.4: Family and Friends

Recap Time! Last update the Harwoods moved into a new house. Jane got a new hairstyle. Bill was born. Ginny is now a child and the Harwoods added twins to the family. The twins were originally named Charlie and Percy but I have since decided to name them Fred and George as it was too serendipitous to pass up!

04-13-20_4-24-53 PM.pngAlison: There once was a farmer who had a dog………………….

04-13-20_4-26-08 PM.pngPercy…..uh….I mean Darcy looking buff!

04-13-20_4-36-55 PM.pngVex: Frederick dear we would like you to have the key to the house. Visit anytime you like. Your old mom would like to see more of you.

Frederick: Thanks mom!

04-13-20_4-47-41 PM.pngGeorgiana also came over to meet her new nephews!

Also no matter which way I went with the twins names they have a relative with the same/similar name. If I went with Charlie and Percy one of  the twins would have the same name as their grandfather Percival. But now we have Fred (Frederick) and George (Georgiana).

04-13-20_4-56-34 PM.pngGreat-Grandpa Malone also comes for a visti!

04-13-20_5-06-22 PM.pngWe met Fredericks wife a couple of chapters ago but I had forgotten her name. Her name is Christina and she is quite a bit older than her husband.

04-13-20_8-32-59 PM.pngThese aliens can’t get enough of Vex!

04-13-20_8-51-13 PM.pngIt’s not only Bill’s birthday but the twins as well!

Bill is a Vegetarian Whiz Kid while Fred (top Right) is a Charmer like sister Ginny was and George (bottom) is Independent. The twins, I believe, are identical as far as I can tell.

04-13-20_9-37-21 PM.pngThe house came with a walk in closet off the master bathroom and while a nice decoration feature to the house, not very useful so I made it into the twins room.

04-13-20_9-43-56 PM.pngDarcy tired from a long hard days work comes home with a promotion to Fourth Lieutenant.

04-13-20_9-54-16 PM.pngAunt Georgiana came for another visit and Bill ropes her into a game of chess working on his first milestion.

At this point Georgiana got married to a sim named Gabriel Srivastava.

04-13-20_10-01-43 PM.pngHis mother on the other hand doesn’t play fair.

Alison: Life isn’t fair the sooner he learns this lesson the better prepared he will be.

04-13-20_10-06-28 PM.pngI found this really funny. Percy came in to play on the computer then his father and Grandmother Catrina came for a visit and it looks like Darcy is having a business meeting with them.

04-13-20_10-13-58 PM.png

Darcy completed his aspiration! He is now working on Nerd Brain.

04-13-20_10-18-54 PM.pngIt’s a potty party! Also I need more lights in this room.

04-13-20_10-26-07 PM.pngFrederick came by for a visit and ended up fixing one of the shower stall broken by one of the ghosts. Also his wife Christina just died.

05-07-20_1-26-17 PM.pngWoooooooo Jane’s birthday! I love her but the full house is driving me up a wall!

05-07-20_2-13-17 PM.pngJane added Creative to her traits. Her other traits are Outgoing and Geek. She finished her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. I gave her Painter Extraordinaire before she left.

05-07-20_2-43-07 PM.pngAlison: You can do it George! I believe in you!

George is level 2 potty. Also Alison got a makeover.

05-07-20_3-02-05 PM.png

Ginny completed her aspiration and still has 8 days till she is a teen so I gave her the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

The twins work on their movement skill, at different times of course, but both times were during a thunderstorm.

05-07-20_4-08-56 PM.pngThis man looks really good in a uniform!

05-07-20_4-15-16 PM.pngLooks like Alison agrees.

05-07-20_4-16-11 PM.pngThese two decide to have some sexy fun times. Risky is on so hopefully I don’t regret it.

05-07-20_4-20-33 PM.pngGinny completes her first milestone for her second aspiration.

05-07-20_5-12-21 PM.pngDarcy: Your move Frederick.

Frederick: You can’t rush genius Darcy.

05-07-20_10-55-11 AM.pngIt has been a while since I played with the Vet clinic so I decided to sell it.

05-07-20_10-59-05 AM.pngAlison needs 20 friends and before she went to the library she had 15/20. With a few Cheerful intros she easily got the rest. Now she just needs a BFF, which she is best friends with Darcy but it’s not retroactively counting him :(, and level 10 charisma.

05-07-20_11-42-22 AM.pngShe does however become best friends with Bill. Which knocks Darcy out but maybe I will have them become besties again.

I will end the chapter here but there is a few family updates if you want to stick around.

04-13-20_5-26-15 PM.pngAnne Harwood, Vex’s granddaughter and Elliot’s daughter with wife Leticha.

04-13-20_6-03-21 PM.png

William Harwood, Frederics’ son with wife Christina.

04-13-20_5-49-32 PM.pngGilmore Harwood, Vax’ildan’s son with wife Flora.

04-13-20_7-57-19 PM.png

Gabriel Srivastava, Georgiana’s husband. He’s also a vampire.


Chapter 4.3: It’s Been Awhile

Hey all! I know it’s been a while…..since June….

Well let’s get to it shall we?!

09-29-19_10-55-47 AM.pngWe first check in with Darcy and Jane. Jane just turned into a teen last chapter so she will be with us for a while.

09-29-19_11-06-12 AM.pngIt looks like it’s New Years in the Harwood household and Ali is singing Auld Lang Syne and Moira doesn’t look impressed.

09-29-19_11-35-28 AM.pngVex imparts some workout wisdom onto Jane. Jane is still working for her scout badges.

09-29-19_11-39-19 AM.pngSince Ginny mastered communication last chapter she is working on her movement skill.

09-29-19_5-59-28 PM.pngAnd Harmony is chatting up Elizabeth she is Scanlan’s daughter. Scanlan is Darcy’s uncle.

09-29-19_11-38-31 AM.pngAnd now it’s go time. Baby # 2 will soon make its appearance.

09-29-19_11-48-05 AM.pngMeet Bill Harwood. Named after Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I think you know where I’m going for this generations name theme.

09-29-19_7-10-03 PM.pngJane is off to work her lifeguard gig. And her hair is glitching so will have to change that soon.

09-29-19_7-20-36 PM.pngAli is working on Friend of the world now as her Aspiration.

09-29-19_7-28-40 PM.pngThey are too cute as Ginny works on her imagination skill.

09-29-19_7-53-40 PM.pngAli went to the gym to make more friends and ended up fangirling over Orange Baily-Moon. His name strangely sounds like a cocktail or liquor or some type of alcoholic spirit.

09-29-19_8-12-10 PM.pngBack at home it’s Bill’s birthday. I haven’t been taking a tone of pictures.

09-29-19_8-18-03 PM.pngAnother cutie with red hair and purple eyes. Bill is Angelic.

09-29-19_8-36-05 PM.pngJane looks rather unimpressed by her new hair do.

09-29-19_8-47-05 PM.pngDarcy needs to spar with some one for one of his work tasks but for some reason it’s not marking it being complete no matter how many time I have Darcy spar with someone. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

01-06-20_10-43-07 AM.pngPaolo dropped in for a visit!

02-15-20_4-06-11 PM.pngAnother promotion for Darcy!

02-15-20_4-06-23 PM.pngAnd he came home pooped! At this point I moved the Harwoods into a different house as their previous one wasn’t really suiting me. I downloaded the house from the gallery its by LindsayHSims. I did make some additions to it.

02-15-20_4-10-13 PM.pngI’m not going to bother with a house tour as I figure you will see most of the house as I document the lives of the Harwoods.

02-15-20_4-24-23 PM.pngIt’s been a while since the Harwoods had the use of the floral station and their garden.

02-15-20_4-28-47 PM.pngThe beautiful bouquet that Harmony so lovingly crafted.

02-15-20_4-26-14 PM.pngGeorgiana came over for a visit and Vex gave her the keys to the house.

02-15-20_4-44-35 PM.pngDarcy: Oh yeah! This is how you move!

I forgot that I had Darcy purchase one of those conspiracy theory hats. I think it completes the outfit quite nicely.

02-15-20_4-50-52 PM.pngAli: So were pregnant again!

Darcy: That’s nice honey……

02-15-20_4-50-56 PM.pngDarcy: Wait….WHAT?

Ali: Come on, don’t look so surprised you know we at least have to have 3.

02-15-20_4-52-51 PM.pngGrandma Harmony helping out with Bill’s imagination skill.

02-15-20_6-58-56 PM.pngI broke down and got the Moschino Stuff Pack which I really like so far, mostly for these frames.

Darcy is getting rather buff. For a while I avoided having Darcy work on the weight machine as I didn’t want him to look too similar to Percy, but I caved.

02-15-20_7-45-09 PM.pngAnd after a long life, Harmony joins her “husband” in eternal rest. Though it leaver her family distraught at her loss. Even Jester came by to welcome Harmony to the after life.

02-15-20_7-46-28 PM.pngAnd here she is joining her “husband” in the family mausoleum. I air quote husband as the game never allowed Percival and Harmony to get married due to some glitch.

02-15-20_8-07-19 PM.pngBill looks very uncertain about this whole slide thing.

02-15-20_8-12-14 PM.pngHe’s much happier with the dollhouse.

The kids get comforting hugs which reduces their sad moods quite a bit.

02-15-20_8-16-33 PM.pngThen it’s time to get down to business.

02-15-20_8-23-13 PM.pngIt’s been awhile but the aliens abduct Vex again.

It’s Ginny’s Birthday. Here are the last pictures of her as a toddler, drink them in and enjoy.

02-15-20_8-49-09 PM.pngHere’s the birthday girl! She is an outgoing Rambunctious Scamp.

Then it’s Darcy’s turn to blow out the candles. He looks rather shocked but the same.

02-15-20_8-52-36 PM.pngAnd quite handsome!

02-15-20_8-56-03 PM.pngOh no! RUNFORSHEHASBEENPOSSESD!

02-15-20_9-13-46 PM.pngLook at this gorgeous garden!

02-15-20_10-03-40 PM.pngGinny: Ahoy me maties!

02-15-20_10-18-43 PM.pngThis is the face of  a woman in labor.

02-15-20_10-20-19 PM.pngThe quintessential sim photograph of a male sim in panic.

02-15-20_10-35-47 PM.pngSo I didn’t take a picture of it but Ali had twin boys. Now I’m going in order, as much as possible, to from the oldest Weasley to the youngest so the twins names are Charlie and Percy. However, I’m thinking of changing their names to Fred and George, what do you think?

Anyways I will leave it here for now.

Chapter 4.2: Familial Bonds

Hey, it’s been a while, sorry about that. I was moving between states then setting up house and getting into a routine. While I still don’t have a routine down I’m mostly settled in and decided to write the next instalment to the Harwood Legacy. So let’s get on with it!

03-01-19_9-07-57 PM.pngAlison gathers up her club for another rousing adventure of reading books. I also added friendly interactions, being funny, and others to the approved club activities.

Club goer: So I hear congratulations are in order. You and your husband are expecting your first! Let’s celebrate together as I am expecting as well!

Alison: Oh, congratulations! Not to sound rude or anything, but didn’t your husband die?

Club goer: Yeah, but I got a new beau!

Vax: Oh hey guys! What’s new?

03-01-19_9-10-30 PM.pngLike mother like daughter. One sounds better than the other; I’ll let you guess who’s who.


Alison: Jane, would you like to join the Page Turners? I’ve made some improvements.

Jane: Yeah, sure, whatever I’ll join your musty book club it’d be good for school.

Harmony: Don’t be rude Jane.

* Jane was happy to join the club, but afterwards she insulted Alison for some reason.

03-01-19_9-20-14 PM.pngJane is on the last milestone for the whiz kid aspiration.


Darcy finished his aspiration and got promoted to Project Manager!

03-01-19_9-23-08 PM.pngWhich put him in a frisky mood.

Alison: You’re the sexyest nerd ever!

Harmony: Ya know we really should have gotten one of these sooner! They’re so relaxing!

Alison: I know what you mean! It’s really nice to feel nearly weightless considering I’m growing bigger by the day.

03-01-19_9-28-39 PM.pngJane working hard to get her mental skill up.

03-01-19_9-31-09 PM.pngI had forgotten to get Elliot’s picture taken before he left, but I made up for it.

03-03-19_12-59-15 PM.pngPercy! I miss you! Also Vex’s new aspiration is bestselling author though I don’t expect to complete it.

Happy Birthday Harmony!

Harmony: Getting old is no fun.

03-03-19_1-12-31 PM.pngAnother member of Alison’s club got knocked up.

03-03-19_1-13-39 PM.pngAlison: Hey honey, I see you’re reading. Would you like to join my club?

Darcy: Sure. I love a good book.

Vex, the youngest of generation 3 is now an elder. And she decides to retire to focus on her writing.


03-03-19_2-36-36 PM.pngDarcy changes careers to the Military.

03-03-19_2-46-19 PM.pngDarcy: Hey kiddo, can’t wait to meet you.

03-03-19_2-51-04 PM.pngDarcy picks up the archeology skill to help with his aspiration.

03-03-19_3-30-49 PM.pngJane get’s extra help with her school project.

03-03-19_3-43-39 PM.pngAlison completes her aspiration then goes into labor!

03-03-19_3-48-49 PM.pngDarcy: Oh dear what am I to do!

03-03-19_3-49-42 PM.pngAnnabeth: Don’t worry cousin I got this!

Darcy: Eye, eye ma’am. That does make me feel better!

03-03-19_3-51-25 PM.pngDarcy: Ya know, this isn’t so bad.

Alison: Speak for yourself darling!

Alison: Well….I guess we’ll meet the baby at home. I’m outta here!

When they get home a blizzard strikes!

Darcy: Make a run for it!

Alison: I don’t think I should be running so soon after labor!

03-03-19_3-55-45 PM.pngWell everyone, meet Ginevra Harwood. Named after Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series.

03-03-19_4-39-19 PM.pngAlison is now working on Friend of the World aspiration. So she goes into San Myshuno to meet some new friends.

03-03-19_4-47-02 PM.pngAlison here autonomously flirts with Vax, but he shuts her down hard.

Darcy was asleep in the room and he wakes up none to happy. 03-03-19_5-50-26 PM.png

Darcy went to confront her about it but I had him go do something else and then immediately regretted it cause it would have been interesting to see how it would have affected their relationship.

Winterfest rolls around so it’s time to deck the halls, give copious amounts of presents to loved ones, and stuff your faces with way too much food.

Darcy and Alison get their couple photo taken and Alison also gets her solo picture added to the wall.

03-03-19_6-21-13 PM.pngAnd then they celebrate; just the two of them.

03-03-19_6-25-45 PM.pngWhich leads to the joyous news that the couple is expecting their second child.

Georgiana, Frederick, and Elliott also joined in the festivities.

03-03-19_6-55-57 PM.pngI love this picture. Percy and Malone came by for a visit. Generations 2, 3, and 4 heirs in one picture.

03-03-19_7-12-12 PM.pngJane completes her Whiz Kid aspiration then blows out her candles. Poor kid is sick but she soon cures it with medicine.

03-03-19_7-14-53 PM.pngAlso flying baby! Ginny’s birthday as well!

03-03-19_7-47-32 PM.pngFirst up Jane looking adorable with her gap tooth. She gets the Creative trait to go with Outgoing, and Geek. She wishes to be Fabulously Wealthy.

03-03-19_7-29-10 PM.pngLittle Ginny is a charmer. And she has purple eyes!

03-03-19_8-07-44 PM.pngGinny’s room gets a little makeover.

03-03-19_8-14-06 PM.pngDarcy gets promoted to Sargent Minor and mentors Jane.

Although his mom has to show him who really is the boss around here.

03-03-19_8-58-50 PM.pngMaxed communication skill achieved!

03-03-19_9-21-43 PM.pngAlison was not impressed by the residents of Strangerville.

03-03-19_9-19-34 PM.pngI mean this is rather creepy!

03-03-19_9-35-34 PM.pngIn other news Cousin Moira is pregnant.

So before I end the chapter here I do have some family updates.

Elliot got married to Letisha (don’t know her maiden name) and they had a daughter Anne.

Remember Pink Hair lady? Well her new husband is Frederick and they have a son named Craig.

Chapter 4.1: Occupying One’s Time

Last time Darcy and Frederick went to Selvadorada to explore a different culture. There Darcy met Alison Delgado, no relation to the Brendleton Bay Delgados, and became very smitten with her eventually asking her to move in. Percival Harwood joined his ancestors in the great beyond and his remains moved into the family mausoleum under the house.

02-28-19_6-25-40 PM.pngWe start off the update with Harmony completing another aspiration. Now she is working on Successful Lineage.

02-28-19_6-41-42 PM-2.pngBefore Georgiana moves out she gets her picture added to the wall.

Alison makes herself useful by cleaning and repairing items. I believe the cleaning was autonomous and the repairing was directed.

Alison: Thanks for inviting me out so soon after I joined the page turners. What is it exactly that this club does?

Science lady: I’m sorry but I’m not part of this club, but it looks like the sims you came in with are reading books…so maybe…read a book.

I think Alison was expecting a little more out of her club.

02-28-19_6-55-41 PM.pngVex: What a weird light…I wonder where it comes from?

02-28-19_6-56-09 PM.pngIt’s Elliot’s birthday into Young Adulthood.

02-28-19_10-52-56 PM-2.pngElliot pretty much looks the same except maybe a little more filled out if possible. Elliot’s last trait is Geek.

02-28-19_10-55-55 PM.pngElliot gets a little makeover and he, Georgiana, and his brother Frederick move out to an apartment in San Myshuno. Frederick doesn’t look too happy with this development.

02-28-19_11-05-40 PM.pngAlison finds the newest work out machine. I find it a little interesting that sims don’t change into their work out clothes when interacting with this machine.

02-28-19_11-09-03 PM.pngVex: Okay I’m back from that terrible experience. Elliot are you ready for your birthday?

Yep Elliot had his birthday and moved out before his mom got back from outer space. And Vex was really angry about the abduction too.

03-01-19_7-46-10 AM.pngHarmony wanted to start a new career so I had her join the music career, but it didn’t count as new because she was employed in the music career previously. However, I feel like this job suits her the most so she says.

While Alison is working on her Leader of the Pack aspiration she’s not going to have a job, so to fill the time when she’s not having a club gathering she does odd jobs around the house.

03-01-19_7-55-25 AM.pngVax: How are you holding up Harmony?

Harmony: Um…I’m doing okay. Although I worry for Jane. She spent the least amount of time with him.

Vax came over when Alison was holding a club meeting, so she invited him to join and he accepted.

Alison: Hey Masato, I think this club is great but it could be better! How’s about you step down….temporarily of course…to let me see if I can improve upon your success?

Masato: Shure I could use some new ideas to infuse this club with.

And thus Alison became leader of the Page Turners.

Frederick: Don’t mind me. I thought I’d just stop by and take care of a few things.

Me thinks Frederick is a little homesick.

Darcy, being in love with his fiancee wanted to spends some quality time with her. While Alison, said fiance wanted to flirt with her former club leader…..maybe this is where she got a bad reputation.

Alison has completed her second milestone and now is working on tier 3.

However Darcy’s wish gets fulfilled. I will say once I catch up I will fulfill more of my sims wishes, especially the ones that aren’t necessarily what I want just to make things more interesting.

03-01-19_8-42-53 AM.pngHarvestfest rolls around and Vex is still sad, but life goes on and they have a holiday to celebrate.

03-01-19_8-42-26 AM.pngJane plays on the piano and completes her aspiration!03-01-19_8-45-51 AM.pngAfter unchaining herself from the piano she gives an offering to one of the Gnomes. Which it happily accepts.

03-01-19_8-48-01 AM.pngEveryone eats the grand meal at their own pace. It would have been nice to get a family picture of them dining together, but they were hungry at different times so this is what we get.

The rest of the holiday passes uneventfully. Darcy helps Jane with her new aspiration as a Whiz Kid then runs on the treadmill. Harmony decided she wanted to edit a video, but had to create one first. 03-01-19_7-49-07 PM.pngAfter the holiday the family decided it was time to upgrade their house. I downloaded this house created by Deligracy from the gallery.

Jane continues to get help from her family so she can complete her second aspiration.

03-01-19_8-03-26 PM.pngPearl, the founder, was the first ghost to visit the family in their new house.

It’s been awhile since someone has visited the family Vet Clinic so I sent Alison their to check up on it. While she was their an elder pet died, the second one to die in the clinic, so after Grimm left Alison decided it was time to go herself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That night Darcy and Alison pledged their love for one another in front of the Harwood family. There was food, drink, dancing, cake, and naps for everyone. Jane spent most of the party napping and Alison took a bath before cutting the cake.

The next morning Alison tells Darcy the exciting news that he his going to be a father. At first he isn’t sure what to think, but then is elated.

This is where I end the chapter, join the Harwoods next time to see the new bundle of joy. And will Alison’s bad reputation get her into trouble?

Chapter 4.0: A Single Man of Good Fortune and All That

Darcy was announced last chapter as the heir to generation four and now his job is to raise generation five! But first we still have Frederick, Georgiana, and Elliot in the house. Frederick will move out with Georgiana and Elliot when they become teens.

Darcy calls up the travel agency and books a trip to Selvadorada for himself and his cousin Frederick. Darcy wants to get out of the house and experience the world before he has to settle down and raise kids.

He meets some interesting locals and learns about the local culture.

02-01-19_2-26-29 PM.pngDarcy notices the stars are particularly bright in Selvadorada compared to his home in Brindleton Bay, or maybe he never took the time to appreciate them until now.

Frederick took advantage of the swimming pool before heading out to the local market place. He bought some souvenirs to remember his trip and got to chatting up the locals about the area and what he could expect to see and experience in Selvadorada.

Darcy: Hey Alison, it’s me, Darcy….from the bar last night.

Alison: Yes, I remember you. Practically the only other redhead here in Selvadorada. What can I do for you?

Darcy: Oh man, all this food looks so good….I don’t suppose, I mean, would it be too much to ask if I get a discount on your lovely food. Especially if I take you out later?

Alison: Well….I don’t know….this food is already at a good price….but you drive a hard bargain…Sure! Just don’t forget out date!

02-01-19_2-45-16 PM.pngDarcy: Wow! I wasn’t expecting it to be so spicy, but it’s really good!

Alison: I’m glad I can make your trip to Selvadorada a pleasurable one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After eating he local cuisine Darcy purchased some supplies and headed out to explore the rich history that is Selvadorada.

The jungles of Selvadorada can be and exciting but dangerous place. While Darcy was fishing and admiring the runes of a civilization long past he was startled to see an alligator….or was it a crocodile….Either way he booked it out of their quickly and stubbled his way into a temple.

He was able to uncover some of the temples secrets before it was time to head home.

02-01-19_3-35-36 PM.pngBack at home he didn’t forget his promise to Alison and invited her to a Windenburg bonfire.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Darcy and Alison spent the majority of their night talking and dancing.They learned they  both shared a passion to dance. Before the night was over they exchanged contact information so they could get to know eachother better.

02-01-19_3-33-51 PM.pngWhile Darcy and Frederick were out adventuring Vex was promoted to Minor Leaguer.

02-01-19_4-35-45 PM.pngPoor Frederick was exhausted buy his trip he didn’t make it to his bed, though he was so close!

02-01-19_4-50-58 PM.pngGeorgiana: Thanks dad for helping me with this project.

Percy: Anything to spend some time with my baby girl.

Georgiana: Daaaaddddddddd I’m not so little anymore and Jane is your baby girl now.

Percy: You both are my baby girls….that never changes.

02-01-19_6-11-01 PM.pngDarcy: And so the dinosaurs lived happily ever after. The End. *whispers under breath* You are going to be so disappointed when you learn the truth about dinosaurs.

02-01-19_6-12-02 PM.pngWhile Darcy got a job in the Tech career Frederick got a job in the gardening career.

02-01-19_6-33-57 PM.pngHappy birthday Jane!

02-01-19_6-45-29 PM.pngJane rolled Outgoing just like her dad and big brother. She is also and Artistic Prodigy.

I can’t remember if it’s neighborhood brawl day or Vex just challenged Percy to a spar but Vex won.

02-01-19_7-03-41 PM.pngPercy: I honor the Harwood founders Pearl and Paolo may you continue to grace us with your ghostly presence.

02-01-19_7-31-01 PMDarcy: Thanks for coming Ali, even though it’s raining like crazy.

Ali: Oh the rain doesn’t bother me, and I like spending time with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Darcy: I like spending time with you too!*smooch* I hope that was ok.

Ali: More than ok it was the best first kiss ever!

Darcy: I know you said you don’t mind the rain, but how about we move our date to a cafe?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the way of sims the couple goes from their first kiss, to going steady, and finally to a proposal.

02-01-19_7-50-46 PM.pngAfter Darcy gets home from his date with Ali he reaches level 10 in the Programming skill. He still needs a couple of more hours on the computer and to reach level 5 in the Tech Guru career.

02-01-19_8-17-45 PM.pngPoor Georgiana was just coming out of the telescope after admiring the cosmos to get a shock from the sky.

02-25-19_9-04-32 PM.pngDarcy: Hey dad I just proposed to Ali and she said yes!

Percy: Congratulations son! Hopefully the universe will actually let you two lovebirds get married and not decide that you can’t say your vows for some non-existent reason.

Darcy: Um…..I’m not sure I understand

Frederick: Are you talking about why you and Aunt Harmony never got married? What did the universe have to do with it?

Percy: The universe works in mysterious ways….is all I’m saying.

02-25-19_9-08-16 PM.pngVex is still pretty badass!

02-25-19_9-19-28 PM.pngFrederick got a promotion!

02-25-19_9-18-54 PM.pngVax is a daily visitor. I thought I gave Scanlan a key to the house as well, but he doesn’t come over so maybe I didn’t? Next time I open up the game I’ll have to visit him.

Elliot: Hey Nicola you wanna hear a joke.

Nicola: Sure, I love a good joke!

Elliot: Ok so If you’re an American going into the bathroom, and an American coming out of the bathroom what are you in the bathroom?

Nicola: Um…………

Elliot: European!

Nicola: Um………….OH………hahaha I get it! That was a pretty bad joke, but it was kind of funny in how bad it was.

02-25-19_9-32-58 PM.pngVex was more productive in her day than her son Elliot while he was telling bad jokes she achieved a promotion.

02-25-19_9-53-36 PM.pngPercy: Honey, I want to support you in your creative endeavors, but you really need to stop painting the floors.

Jane: But dad, the floor is my canvas. It was calling to me!

Percy: We have an art table for when the creative muses come calling.

Jane: You don’t understand. The artist doesn’t pick the art, the art picks the artist!

Percy: Just clean it up and don’t do it again.

Harmony: After all of these years you still make my heart flutter.

Percy: Same for me.

Harmony: You sure that’s not you just getting older, maybe you should get that check out.

Percy: Ouch! Nothing like the love of your life calling you old.

02-25-19_10-36-45 PM.pngDarcy is getting close to completing his aspiration. He is a level 4 in his career, but he is getting close!

02-28-19_10-03-15 AM.pngPercy: Son, I’m so excited that you’re getting married. I’m sorry if I didn’t properly express that earlier. Sharing my life with your mom was the most amazing thing that I was able to experience, outside of having you and your sisters of course!

Darcy:  I know dad, but thanks for saying it.

02-28-19_10-06-12 AM.pngPercy completes a milestone then gets a couple of achievements.

02-28-19_10-07-02 AM.png

The most interesting sim in the world being one of them. The first time I got this achievement in the game!

02-28-19_10-16-59 AM.pngDarcy: Dad, are you ok?

Percy: I suddenly don’t feel very good.

02-28-19_10-17-28 AM.pngPercy: I think I’ll lay down here….

02-28-19_10-17-42 AM.pngDarcy: Dad no!

02-28-19_10-18-08 AM.pngGrimm: Ah jeez, another big family. It’s so much easier when I don’t have to deal with the water works. Whelp work calls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Darcy: Please Grimm, don’t take him yet. It can’t be his time, it just can’t!

Grimm: Sorry kid, he’s lived a good and long life. Don’t worry though if you keep this urn around, like I know you legacy sims like to, you’ll still get to see him from time to time.

Harmony: *bawling her eyes out* It is SO NOT the same!

02-28-19_10-24-14 AM.pngGoodby Percival, you were one buff sim, maybe even buffer than your great-grandfather Paolo. Percy leaves behind his wife (In my eyes, but apparently not the games), three kids Darcy, Georgiana, and Jane. All of his siblings are currently alive; Scanlan is a vampire so will probably never die. And he has many nieces and nephews.

Darcy takes his official Portrait as heir to the legacy.

02-28-19_10-38-21 AM.pngVex: Take that, and that! How dare I be sleeping! I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my brother!

A couple of sim hours later Vex got the notification that Hector died as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jane: Yay! Nothing like forced happiness to get over the death of a parent! At least it’s not Winterfest….or Harvestfest.

02-28-19_11-03-55 AM.pngI had to get Fredrick into a good mood, I think he’s in a playful mood, so that he wouldn’t cry while taking his portrait. It took several tries to get enough happy/playful emotions to out ride the sad.

02-28-19_11-10-49 AM.pngAli: So sorry about your dad.

Darcy: Thanks babe, in fact I was wondering if you’d like to move in. I know it seems too soon, but I know having you here will lift the spirits of the house!

Ali: How can I say no to that?

It also is Georgiana’s birthday! Rolles Self-Assured to go along with her Goofball and Vegetarian traits.

I’ll end this chapter introducing you to Darcy’s fiancee Alison Delgado, no relation to the Brindleton Bay Delgados.

She also came with a little bit of a bad reputation. I don’t know what for, but we’ll find out together.

Some Extras before you go!

02-01-19_7-17-19 PM.pngHere is Vax’s youngest daughter Vilya, also named after a Critical Role character.

02-01-19_7-18-56 PM.pngSean Blankenship is the grandson to Malia Harwood, generation 2 spare. His dad is Malia’s son Dominic Blankenship.

02-28-19_10-14-22 AM.pngThis is Kima Blankenship another grandchild of Malia. Daughter to Annabeth Blankenship.

02-28-19_10-14-32 AM.pngThis is Kima’s little brother Victor.


So I have a few more screenshots before we can move on to the next generation! The heir will be announced at the end of the chapter.

01-25-19_8-30-47 PM.pngVex helps the maid clean the bathroom it was getty very grody in there.

01-25-19_8-31-10 PM.pngElliot decided to make use of the workout room in the basement. I think he and Frederick have a hidden athletic trait.

I forget what phase Georgiana is going through, but she looks like she is done with life. 01-25-19_8-59-07 PM.png

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Percy, the first born of generation 3, is now and elder.

Percy: Damn! I still look hot! 01-25-19_9-14-19 PM.pngPoor Vex came home exhausted.

Happy birthday Jane! She is an Inquisitive toddler. In the first picture it looks like Percy is using telekinesis on Jane.

It’s Love Day and Percy gives his wife a rose, though it looks like they are individually smelling flowers. However when Harmony gives Percy a tulip it looks way more natural.

01-26-19_8-08-47 AM.pngJane works on her communication with her friend Uni. Both looking very adorable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vex invites Hector over for Love Day as well. They end up having a gold date so I ended the date early and they both spend the evening at the other ends of the house.

01-26-19_8-25-42 AM.pngVex by making drinks for what seems like the whole family. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it but the bar was covered with drinks by the end of the night.

01-26-19_8-41-09 AM.pngAnd Hector ends up spending the time he is here in the teens room and I ended up giving him a makeover.

01-26-19_8-52-46 AM.pngMalone is not a mean sim, but he was angry then destroyed the doll house and now he is happy. That is not right Malone, not right at all.

01-26-19_9-01-42 AM.pngFrederick is getting close to getting the Outdoors badge. In the meantime he gets to enjoy the lovely vista.

So Vex makes a drink for a Celebrity to endorse. The Celebrity cheats her out of the money and Vex loses her job, but she gets a great reputation and is now a notable newcomer. 01-26-19_9-25-53 AM.pngVex gets a job in the athletic career and behind her Darcy and Frederick merge into one person.

01-26-19_9-31-08 AM.pngGeorgiana takes up creating videos in order to get famous however it’s really slow going as I’m doing this kind of thing in my other challenges. Also I really want Frederick to get the scouting badge before he’s a young adult.

01-26-19_9-33-30 AM.pngPercival reaches level 10 in parenting. I really need to start having my teens work on parenting so that by the time they are parents they can get all of the benefits.

01-26-19_9-38-25 AM.png

Vex completed her second aspiration. I don’t know if I’m going to have her pick another one.

Darcy: Mom, I need some advice. *gasp*

Harmony: First piece of advice……knock!

She looks really mad too!

Darcy: Hey, Elliot up top!

Elliot: Sure thing! *zap*

That was all autonomous. Darcy went in for a secret hand shake and Elliot zapped him! It also happens to be Prank Day.

01-26-19_10-15-26 AM.pngFrederick has gotten his outdoor badge and now only needs his good deeds badge so he’s trying to make his family members laugh, but it’s so slow going.

01-26-19_10-22-32 AM.pngIt’s pouring rain and a thunderstorm. What are you doing out there?!

01-26-19_10-22-26 AM.pngApparently he was asking himself the same question. There is a perfectly good table in the kitchen not to mention bar stools and my sims still choose to eat their food out in a thunderstorm! At this rate you deserve to get electrocuted.

01-26-19_10-22-53 AM.pngPercy: What was that?!

You too Percy?

01-26-19_10-28-53 AM.pngAt least Frederick has more sense. Also he’s telling jokes to Jane to get that good deeds badge, so there’s that.

01-26-19_10-31-34 AM.pngVex: That doesn’t sound good.

Vex was promoted to Team Captain.

01-26-19_10-32-08 AM.pngCute cousins. I’m not sure if playing with toddlers counts towards a good deeds badge.

01-26-19_10-45-37 AM.pngI sometimes forget that Elliot and Georgiana are in the Drama Club. Elliot I believe is a Practical Performer and Georgiana is a Line Learner.

01-26-19_1-20-29 PM.pngI think this is when Frederick get’s his good deeds badge. Teaching toddlers and helping with homework is a much better way to get this badge than making sims laugh.

01-26-19_1-24-24 PM.png

Yep, Frederick is now a proud member of the Llamacorn Scouts! Darcy and Frederick are my first sims to achieve the scouting badge!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just in the nick of time too! For it’s Darcy and Frederick’s birthday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They both look the same Darcy still looks like a teenager and Frederick looks rather surprised to be a Young adult.

Darcy’s YA trait is Dance Machine like his dad, and Frederick rolled Cat Lover like grandma Catarina.

And now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Darcy is the heir! He received 3 votes and Georgiana received 1 vote. I do have some extra up dates.


01-26-19_1-51-39 PM.pngHere is Allura Blankenship. She is the daughter of Annabeth Blankenship and the granddaughter to generation 2 spare Malia.

01-26-19_1-54-46 PM.pngAnd this is her sister Kima.

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And here we have Korrin, Drake and Kynan sons to Malin Harwood Greene.

01-26-19_2-06-00 PM.pngHere is Vax’s daughter Keyleth.

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And finally we have Cullen, Jacklyn, and Chase. Cullen and Chase are sons of Cian and Julie Kennedy (I’ve been miss calling her Juliette). And Jacklyn is Cian and Martina’s daughter.

01-26-19_2-20-27 PM.pngThis is Martina MCC has her married to someone else. Story progression had her and Julie get pregnant with Cian’s kids before it had Cian and Julie marry.

Chapter 3.12: The Heirs

01-15-19_3-22-05 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with Darcy working on his Outdoor badge for scouts. Winter is almost over and spring will soon come judging by the amount of snow left on the ground.

01-15-19_3-24-19 PM.pngVex takes a nice jog in the Cool winter air.

01-15-19_3-31-35 PM.pngThe Gnomes have taken over the garden. I eventually sell them but not till later.

01-15-19_3-39-45 PM.pngNicola, not Nicole, gets an unwanted/unintentional lesson in anatomy. This is why humans invented knocking, saves us from overly embarrassing moments like this one.

Elliot and Georgiana come home with a promotion from their Drama Club.

Percy wanted to Woohoo with Harmony and the rocket gets underused so….

01-15-19_4-10-10 PM.pngOh hey Malone! How’s the after life treating you?

Malone: It’s like I never left.