Chapter 2.7: Family

Last time Malcolm, the youngest of generation 2, aged up into a young adult and moved out. He also married Marion Bheeda. Percival and Malin aged up into children. Catarina gave birth to baby boy Scanlan. Catarina and Malone are expecting their third child. Malon completed his aspiration, finally! And the family had to say goodbye to Peyton Harwood.

12-13-17_10-03-52 AM.pngMalin: Hey Percy where are we?

Percy: We’re visiting my aunt Malia, your sister.

Malin: It’s so weird I have siblings I haven’t met yet.

12-13-17_10-04-42 AM.pngWhile Percy and Malin were visiting Malia and her husband Antony we learn that Malia had twins! One’s a boy named Dominic and the other is a girl named Annabeth.

After saying high to Malia’s part of the family Percy and Malin go to the park to work on their aspirations. Percy met his great aunt, Garnet, and uncle, Kunzite. I think now he needs a BFF and then he’ll be on his last tier.

12-13-17_10-17-26 AM.pngGarnet helps Malin out with her aspiration.

Garnet: You know your father is my twin.

Malin: What was he like, I didn’t really get to know him

Garnet: Well there was this one time an experiment blew up in his face….

You know, I just realized that Malin has the same child aspiration has her father.

12-13-17_10-41-40 AM.pngPercy: Hey Cat you’re a good friend.

Cleo: Ya know their is a real cat right here needing some attention!

12-13-17_10-41-21 AM.pngCleo: Yo kid is your arm supposed to go like that? Doesn’t look too comfortable.

12-13-17_11-18-27 AM.pngMalone invites his siblings Mallory and Mallon and his new sister in law Marion out to the flea market. And Kunzite also shows up!

Malcolm leaves right away but he does chat with Mallory for a while before haggling with the vendor.  Malone finds a snowglobe in the box ‘O’ junk on the sidewalk. Malone also purchases a chair.

12-13-17_11-33-35 AM.pngAfter an afternoon of haggling Malone plays basketball with Mallory and Marion. Actually he did this before he bought the chair, but I wanted this picture to be on it’s own.

12-13-17_12-14-19 PM.pngMalone wanted to paint a sad picture and it was cute so I kept it. I of course have NOT enabled the emotion aura.

12-13-17_12-18-47 PM.pngMalin makes a mess, but at least it’s outside.

12-13-17_12-27-11 PM.pngAutonomous kisses are super cute! And Catarina is getting huge!

12-13-17_12-28-00 PM.pngI got a notification saying that Cleo was running away, but not to worry cause she’ll be back soon. Well game, guess what? I was worried!

12-13-17_12-33-59 PM.pngPretty much right after I get the notification that Cleo ran away Catarina went into labor!

12-13-17_12-34-54 PM.pngOff to the hospital with you! And of course the obligatory pre-parental freak out.

12-13-17_12-35-41 PM.pngMalone: Okay I’m much calmer now I think I can do this!

Catarina: *heavy sigh* You think YOU can do this! I’m the one in labor!

12-13-17_12-37-45 PM.pngMalone: You know what on second thought….I’m outta here!

12-13-17_12-39-55 PM.pngMalone: Yeah, I feel much more comfortable at this distance!

12-13-17_12-39-25 PM.pngWhile Malone was having an epic freak out Catarina gave birth to twins!

12-13-17_12-39-41 PM.pngCatarina: You know little one your father is actually a cool dad…just not today apparently!

12-13-17_12-44-48 PM.pngSo welcome baby boy Vax’ildan (left), and baby girl Vex’ahlia (right). Vex and Vax are named after the twins Vex’ahlia, a half-elf ranger, and Vax’ildan, a half-elf rogue, on Critical Role.

Catarina took some vacation time form her regular job to work in the family vet clinic, which is doing pretty good so far! We even spent some money training Supriya to let her know we value her as an employee and her continuing education as a vet.

12-14-17_10-59-55 AM.png The business is now a three and a 1/4? stars. I also put the chair Malone got at the flea market in the waiting room ( I recolored it as well). The bookshelf and refrigerator are new as well.

12-14-17_11-06-00 AM.pngWe found Chloe as well!

12-14-17_11-10-31 AM.pngHomework corner! And everything is breaking!

12-14-17_11-10-54 AM.png Percy did NOT like having new siblings. He got over it of course.

12-14-17_11-11-08 AM.png Malin completed tier two of the Whiz Kid aspiration and is now on the last tier!

12-14-17_11-13-33 AM.pngPercival: Hey Malin, do you want to be best friends?

Malin: Sure why not? Being bestfriends with your nephew is totally normal.

12-14-17_11-16-27 AM.pngSee Percy got over his dislike of having new siblings. He even wants to help out!

12-14-17_11-20-08 AM.pngMalin is busy working on emotion potions. The poor gal is sick to boot!.

12-14-17_11-21-25 AM.pngPaolo! We haven’t seen you in a while!

12-14-17_11-24-18 AM.pngScanlan is still here and he is still cute.

12-14-17_11-28-29 AM.pngCatarina: I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday!

Malone: Thanks babe!

We threw a little party for Malone. Marion was so excited she decided to do push ups. Malone looks the same.

12-14-17_12-08-29 PM.png Malin is now an A student. I mean she is a whiz kid, was there ever any doubt?

12-15-17_9-18-16 AM.pngMalia also met the twins! So generation one and three have twins.

12-15-17_9-27-31 AM.pngCatarina: Ohhhhhh what are those pretty lights?

12-15-17_9-27-39 AM.pngNo! Catarina! No! Don’t go into the light!

12-15-17_9-27-56 AM.pngCatarina: But it’s so pretty!

12-15-17_9-28-07 AM.pngWell it’s too late now!

12-15-17_9-48-48 AM.png While Catarina is abducted by aliens, Malone hires a gardener to help him garden. The plants were overrun by bugs!

12-15-17_10-16-22 AM.png Malin created the three emotion potions she needed for her final tier of her aspiration. Now she just needs to get to level 10 of the mental skill.

12-15-17_10-42-21 AM.pngAnd the twins make duplicates of themselves!?

12-15-17_10-53-11 AM.png Vax’ildan got Catarina’s green eyes! He is also inquisitive.

12-15-17_10-53-38 AM.pngAnd Vex’ahlia is the third child this generation to get Catarina’s red hair! All the toddlers look alike so I’m REALLY hoping it’s just due to being toddlers and once they become children we will see more differences. Vex is a charmer.

Extra Bits:

12-14-17_12-14-46 PM Dominic Blankenship, Malia and Antony’s son.

12-14-17_12-16-14 PMAnd Annabeth Blankenship, twin to Dominic.

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